Yet More Mexican Immigration Info: Jan 6, 2012 Updates

More Immigration Issue Updates: Jan. 5, 2012

A lawyer posted the following updates on another Mexican expat forum:
“Immigration fees have gone up about $150 to $400 pesos depending on the type of application. Regular FM3 renewals are $1,451, FM2 are $3,139.

As far as the new law, early indications are that you will be able to change / renew for periods of one to four years with costs for temporary residents being $3,130 One year, $4,690 Two years, $5,940 Three years and $7,040 Four years. Residente permanente will be $3,815 pesos.

Looks like annual renewals will be a thing of the past with the approval of the prior fees. ”
“Chapala Board INM Update”

The multi-year visa proposals look tasty…

The author gave no references or citations as to where he got the information.


Fee Details from “2012 INM Fees for Immigrants”

Procedure:   2011 fee / 2012 fee in pesos
Changing from FMM to FM2/3  – $491 / 550
Prórroga for FM3  – $1294 / 1451
Refrendo for FM2 – $2801 / 3140
Declaration of Inmigrado – $3414 / 3828
Processing fee for Inmigrado  -$892 / 1000
Registro Nacional de Extranjeros  -$669 / 750

Thanks to Ric Hoffman: for identifying the six useful items for expats from the longer list, and for the format of presenting 2011 and 2012 INM fees.

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Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
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10 Responses to Yet More Mexican Immigration Info: Jan 6, 2012 Updates

  1. Mario Okunsky says:

    Please provide Mexican INM website reference where these changes have been noted by INM

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  3. Ric Hoffman says:

    Steve, it appears that you have cut-in-pasted the above information concerning INM fees and link address from my post on MexConnect forums:

    Please do the right thing and give credit when credit is due.

    • yucalandia says:

      Ooooh… I thought that I did reference where I got it. My error. I blended items from 4 different sources, and I found the specific fees on INM’s website (address previously listed above for the pdf I cited) , but I did list the same items & format you found helpful & useful.

  4. I was the one who posted the info on the other web board and my source was the Ley Federal de Derechos (rev. 12/15/2011), see page 8

  5. Rich says:

    My FM3 expires on 16 March 2013. I will start the renewal process on 16 February 2103. How many years can I renew it for, as I been told three (?) How do I convert it to permanent? I’m also hearing it takes 7 or 8 weeks to process the renewal, is that acccurate? I was also told that since I need to travel out of Mexico on 9 March 2013, I need gto get an authorization letter that states I must return to Mexico within 55 days. Hopefully, I can be finger printed before this date. During this time out of Mexico, I was also told that the entire process stops until I return, is this true?

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Rich,
      How many years will you have completed by March 16, 2013?

      For the extension of your current FM3 as a Residente Temporal, you can have up to 4 years total between the combination of both permits. e.g. If you will complete 2 years on your current FM3, then you could pay for 2 more years on the Residente Temporal.

      You cannot convert your FM3 to a Residente Permanente, instead you must apply for a fresh Residente Permanente. See the wording in the Example Letters at: click on the Example Letter #3: For applying for CHANGING from an FM3 to Residente Permanente topic button to jump down to that specific letter.

      Many regional INM offices are processing and approving ROUTINE renewal/extension applications in 1 to 2 weeks. Check with your local office as to their current status.

      Who told you that “the process stops” until you return? The final processes are currently stopped anyway because INM DF has not started printing and issuing the cards yet – so everyone’s process is actually “on hold” right now.
      Happy Holidays,

      • Rich says:

        Thanks for the rplt Steve, My FM3 was issued in March 2007, so this will be the 6th renewal. A local agent told me the process stops if I leave the country for no more thn 55 days.


      • yucalandia says:

        Hi Rich,
        It seems like your “local agent” may not know the current rules, since he led you to think that you can get 3 more years on a FM3 that ends in March 2013. Because you will have completed 5 years, you must apply for a new permit – no renewal or extension allowed after 5 total years.

        This means that you can pay for up to 4 years on a fresh Residente Temporal. It also means that as a new fresh application, you must also pay the one-time (first-time) extra $1,000 peso application fee.

        Re the 55 day limit and the process stopping: Since your “agent” seems to have some confusion on the other items, is it possible that they are applying “something they heard” that applied some other single individual? ??? (55 days seems like a really weird period, or did they mean 11 business weeks?)

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