2015 INM Immigration Fees for Mexico

Dec. 30, 2014
Jan. 2015 Update for INM Fees

Note that SEGOB/INM has announced new slightly higher fees for 2016:

Previous announcement:
INM has announced their 2015 fees, per the latest updates in the DOF:
Residente Temporal Visa Permit Fees:
–  1 year => $3,519 pesos
–  2 years => $5,272 pesos
–  3 years => $6,678 pesos
–  4 years => $7,914 pesos

Regularization Fee: (Plus fines) => $1,124 pesos

Change Fees:
~ Changing from Residente Temporal to Residente Permanent => $1,124 pesos
~ The fee for family members or spouses to change from Visitante (tourist) to Residente
=> $1,124 pesos
~ Work permission change fee (from non-working temporary resident) => $2,642 pesos

Residente Permanent:  Visa cost => $4,289 pesos

Lost / Stolen / Damaged Document Replacement Fee:  $1,083 pesos

Permission to leave while document in process: (Travel Letter) $360 pesos

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For more details on immigrating to or living in Mexico, see our main article on importing cars at:  ~ Current Rules and Procedures for Immigration, Visiting, and Staying in Mexico
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8 Responses to 2015 INM Immigration Fees for Mexico

  1. Rick B. says:

    Steve: This may be the wrong thread, but I cannot find an appropriate one. Can you tell please tell us if this is legal: Wondering if a Residente Visitante can purchase, own, register, and operate a Mexican car while in Mexico?

    Thank you for all that you do in managing all of this important information. You are loved and respected by thousands – maybe more.

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Rick,
      I don’t think there is a Residente Visitante visa (unless you are referring to the unusual 10 year Visitante visa).

      Foreigners with normal 180 day Visitante visas are allowed to purchase Mexican-plated vehicle, but they are NOT permitted to register them in all the Mexican states we know of.

      ~ So you anticipated correctly:
      Visitor/tourist Own => yes

      Visitor/tourist Operate a Mexican plated vehicle (in someone else’s name- as long as their insurance company approves**) => yes

      Visitor/tourist Register => Not that we know of.

      Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo,

      **We have read 4 accounts on this: 3 posters reported that their insurance companies only allowed family members to drive the Mexican plated car – prohibiting/denying-coverage for non-family members … while just 1 insurance company allowed non-family members to drive a Mexican plated vehicle.

  2. www1228tapa says:


    What’s the difference on changing to a permanante visa or just residente permanante? I see two different charges. One for $1124 mxn and the other $4289 mxn The way I understand is you have to have residente tempoarl for 4 yrs before the switch to permanent status??

    Jerry Schrader


    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Jerry,
      For Residente Temporales, there are 2 INM fees for getting the Residente Permanente visa:
      1. $1124 MXN to change your RT visa,
      2. A $4289 MXN fee to pay for processing the Residente Permanente application.

      Total fees paid to INM by a Residente Temporal for a Residente Permanente visa:
      $5,413 MXN.

      Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo,

  3. albriscoe says:

    Many thanks to the good Doctor, hope that you had a terrific Christmas and that the New Year holds lots of promise. Al

  4. Dianne Davis says:

    The Chapala INM only allows a 1-year temporal payment initially. Does anyone know whether I can pay for years 2-4 at the Chapala INM?

  5. wildbill1466 says:

    Help! In Aug. 2014 entered Mexico by air and received a single slip 180 day tourist visa (depart Feb 2015) with no further instructions.

    In the past I have paid the fee any time within the 180 days in cash at my local BanaMex and was given a bank receipt which I turned in with my tourist visa at departure.

    THIS TIME!(In Feb. 2015) BanaMex told me they could not accept the fee WITHOUT a form which they did not have. They said I could get the form on the Internet! I have searched the net and cant find a appropriate form. Can somebody give me the web address for the form? I suspect that what will be due is the 2015 fee.

    Do I have the option of just waiting until departure and paying the fee at the airport OR will this be more complicated and time consuming? I do not have a printer and need to travel some distance to use one. I can pay by cash or U.S. credit card. Thanks Bill wildbill1466@gmail.com

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