USA and Europe: Especially Nasty 2015 Winter Weather ?

Feb. 11, 2015
What’s with the freakish snow storms in the northeastern USA?
They are attributable to climate change.

Seems counter-intuitive?
Global warming causing harsher winter weather for the USA and Europe?

2015 Boston Blizzard Bloomberg We just finished the hottest year yet on modern record, on top of the hottest decade. So why all of the New England snow?

Answer:  The oceans and Great Lakes got significantly warmer.     This evaporates more moisture for the winter storms to dump as snow in the northeastern USA.

With climate change, wet climates get wetter and dry climates get even drier.   Abrupt, catastrophic rise in sea level from polar ice collapse threatens further down the pike.

For the highest-impact solutions to reverse climate change problems, see

This bulletin is courtesy of  Dr. Robert C. Fry  of Climate Restore.

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Yucalandia Notes:
Record low amounts of summer Arctic Sea polar ice ~ due to climate change ~ are also driving record low weak and wobbly polar vortex winds in winter. The circling polar vortex winds used to trap cold winter Arctic air up around the North Pole.

With excessive summer warming destroying polar ice fields, winter’s Arctic cold now regularly escapes the polar region, descending onto the USA and Europe – driving wicked winter storms.
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Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution:
YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan. ©Steven M. Fry

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2 Responses to USA and Europe: Especially Nasty 2015 Winter Weather ?

  1. flagamik says:

    Here’s another interesting contributor (typhoon Nuri, also climate-change related):

  2. norm says:

    I was in Belize City today, it looked like the ocean was higher than when the lots were first developed. It is out on a sand spit, much of the access road had water up against it. I think you and I will live to see if theory holds true.

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