Yucatan Announces Renew Your Vehicle ‘Tarjeta de Circulacion’ at any Time

Feb. 5 Update:
The Av. Itzaes “old jail” Parque de Paz site has the shortest lines and quickest turn-arounds for renewing a Yucatan Tarjeta de Circulación for our vehicles.

There is a mobile trailer in front of the old jail that has only about 30 people in plastic chairs on a typical 8:00 opening – for a 30 min wait.  They only request the old Registration Certificate and some ID.  They check your documents, and give you ticket to take to the cashiers.  …  In at 7:55 & out by 8:40 =>  45 minutes.

Jan 28 UPDATE:
Rather than all the documentation described by Merida Expat Services’ recent helpful instructions … Here’s a report from someone who just renewed their Yucatan vehicle’s annual ‘tarjeta de circulacion‘:
We just renewed our car plates and all that was needed was last year’s paper work (Tarjeta de Circulacion) and ID.

“(At Siglo XXI) It took about three hours of waiting in line because there were so many people.  Once we were with the clerk it only took a minute or so plus another minute or so at the pay counter.  …. Received the renewal document at the pay counter and were on our way. 

… Inquired if we could do multiple years and were told no.  … The cost for our 2006 Nissan Murano was 307 pesos.  … There were plenty of chairs for those waiting in line, we were in an air conditioned room and baños were close by. “

Jan. 22, 2016 Initial Post
It is now official:
~  We can renew our 2016 Yucatan vehicle annual ‘tarjeta de circulation‘ cards at any time (NOT dependent on license plate number).

~  There will be NO license plate renewals,  as we just get a new 2016 Tarjeta de Circulacion  (registration card).

~  The 2016 Tarjetas de Circulacion will be good for 1 year.

~ There are no tenencias (ownership taxes) owed after 2015, as long as all prior tenencias have been paid. …
As always, Mex. Gob. electronic records may not be up-to-date:  So take in your 2015 tenencia receipt to show them when you go in for 2016 vehicle ‘tarjeta’ renewals.*    If you were exempt from prior tenencias (due to having a cheaper vehicle),  some people are saying we may still need to show the receipt for the last year you paid – though my wife was not required to do this.

*If they request it, and you no longer have the old tenencia receipt, you can go to any of the 3 Yucatan “DMV” locations, and use the “PRESUPUESTAS” window.  Give them your current Tarjeta de circulacion   and they will check for any outstanding tenencias, fines, tickets owed …  and give you a printout of your records.  (per Merida Expat Services)

*** NOTE THAT BASED ON THE MOST RECENT FIRST-PERSON Experience,  We DO NOT NEED the old tenencia receipt … ***
~ There are three locations in Merida to get your 2016 renewed tarjeta:
– …  SIGLO XXI (in South side), or
– … nearby the Kukulkan baseball field in South Merida, or
– … In front of the old city jail, Parque la Paz, on Av. Itzaes

~ Bring your old tarjeta and your ID.
One old report described a number of documents that are not currently required:
Old: Original Factura for your vehicle (dealer invoice), your passport and Mexican visa card, a CURRENT comprabante  from CFE or Japay …. as originals and a copy of each.  (Note that the original factura or title … nor the comprabante, may not be needed based on recent experiences at the Yucatan DMV offices.)

~ If you buy a vehicle and need to register it, go to the “modular vehicular” location west of Costco.

~ If you want to check to make sure the vehicle has no liens, tickets or tenencias owed,  the “modular vehicular” location west of Costco handles these requests.

Note that the first 3 locations described above have had only modest lines and modest wait-times.   The location behind COSTCO has however been inundated with applicants.

Thanks to Merida Expat Services for confirming these updates.

*                 *                 *                 *

Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
© Steven M. Fry

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13 Responses to Yucatan Announces Renew Your Vehicle ‘Tarjeta de Circulacion’ at any Time

  1. Alinde says:

    Yes, I can confirm that the location behind Costco was INUNDATED! I spent 2 hours there. (UNfortunately, I have a license plate that was to be processed in January.) I recently read that it might be now possible to process it on line as well, with a delivery of the final ¨sticker¨ for the car to one´s home. I sure would have preferred that, but I guess sometimes it does not pay to be an “early bird.” But I should add, my interpretation of the on-line method Diario De Yucatan article might be incorrect, for my Spanish is far from perfect.

  2. princesanancy2012 says:

    I got my tarjeta this week. I went to Siglo XXI about 10 am. There were a couple of hundred people all seated in this much larger than before area which is entered by going through the whole building and out the big glass doors south and to the left, east. Walk that way and you can see a white tent and you enter the building there, Proceed to the end of the line and then play musical chairs until finally you are in the main room where the action takes place. Yes, it took a good time but was very well organized. There was no standing involved. Plenty of seating. All I needed was last times tarjeta which for me was ending Dec 2014 since we didn’t have to have one last year. I showed that and my permanent resident card and that was all. Even though I brought all that other stuff. Take a book or get to know your neighbors.

  3. Leroy Osmon says:

    I was told Saturday 23 January 2016 that the ONLY place open is Siglo XXI. I referred them to this article and they said they went to the one at off Itzaes and they sent him to Siglo XXI. Any idea what is going on?

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Leroy,
      Do you know exactly what transaction the person needed to do with the Yucatan ‘DMV’ ?

      Who told you that Siglo XX1 is the only office open to do renewals?

      Is it possible that there was some outstanding ticket, or tenencia owed or other piece of information missing?

      I definitely know multiple people who have personally done simple renewals of their ‘tarjeta de circulacion‘, all successfully completed at either the old prison/jail or behind Costco in the past 2 weeks.

      Notice, for example, that ‘Alinde’ writes above on Jan. 22, 2016 about successfully getting their renewal at the busy office behind Costco.

      Something seems to be missing(?)

      • Leroy Osmon says:

        Hola Steve! My friend Bill has been here a long time and his Spanish is excellent. I will try to get more details from him. He said it was for the renewal but there could have been more involved. I need to get this done and really do not have several hours to “waste” so I hope he is wrong. Thanks for the reply. If and when I find out more info I’ll let you know.


  4. Valerie Pickles says:

    I went there last week and was done in 10 mins…. but I thought the licence plates have to be renewed according to the letters on the plate..by month . Please anyone got advice on this

  5. kim leslie says:

    i was stopped near Tulum and arrested for driving a friends truck with Michigan plate, i was on my way to the airport to pick him up. agreed it was illegal i know now. they kept the truck and then i received a letter from SAT staeing that i owed 111,000p. we found a lawyer who said that the legal timeframe was not followed by them. so we were told that the case was closed. i now live in Jalisco and they came calling. they say i owe 130,000p or jail time. any suggesstions, as i dont have any money to pay them

  6. Dave Grundy says:

    I easily renewed my tarjeta at the Progreso office a week ago. It took about five minutes and 307 pesos. Easiest beurocratic interaction I have ever had in Mexico!!!

  7. Nancy says:

    Hi Steve, how often do you need to change licence plates, and how do you know when you have to do this?

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Nancy,
      We only change license plates when the Yucatan government decides it’s a year to change plates.

      They previously announced that plates would be changed each of the last few years, but those plans got cancelled each time when it was time to make the change. … *grin*


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