INM 2016 Visa Fees for Mexico

2016 Update for INM Visa Fees
SEGOB – INM has announced their 2016 fees:

Residente Temporal Visa Permit Fees:

–  1 year => $3,596 pesos
–  2 years => $5,389 pesos
–  3 years => $6,825 pesos
–  4 years => $8,089 pesos

Regularization Fee: (Plus fines) => $1,149 pesos

Change Fees:
~ Changing from Residente Temporal to Residente Permanent => $1,149 pesos
~ The fee for family members or spouses to change from Visitante (tourist) to Residente
=> $1,149 pesos
~ Work permission change fee (from non-working temporary resident) => $2,700 pesos

Residente Permanent:  Visa cost => $4,383 pesos

Lost / Stolen / Damaged Document Replacement Fee:  $1,083 pesos

Permission to leave while document in process: (Travel Letter) $368 pesos

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For more details on immigrating to or living in Mexico, see our main article on importing cars at:  ~ Current Rules and Procedures for Immigration, Visiting, and Staying in Mexico
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13 Responses to INM 2016 Visa Fees for Mexico

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  2. Sharl nCharlie says:

    FYI—Sharl is doing a little better. Hopefully, she is on the mend at long last.

    Take care,


    On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 6:14 PM, Surviving Yucatan wrote:

    > yucalandia posted: “2016 Update for INM Visa Fees SEGOB – INM has > announced their 2016 fees: > > Residente Temporal Visa Permit Fees: – 1 year => $3,596 pesos – 2 years > => $5,389 pesos – 3 years” >

  3. Wow! That is way higher than when I had to do it over a decade ago. Better to become a citizen and be done with it.

    • yucalandia says:

      Are the fees that much higher now?

      Ten years ago, the peso was at $10:1… which means we divide current INM prices by 1.8 to compare those old prior INM prices to today’s rates.

      That means an FM2/FM3 would have to cost just $200 USD or $2,000 MXN pesos to compare to today’s prices.
      (I’ve forgotten what an FM2 cost in 2005…??)

      Visitor’s visas are cheaper now, than a decade ago…

      Happy Trails,

  4. Mary Lou Halbach says:

    Thanks so very much, Steve, for taking the time to post all of this wonderful information. My hubby just arrived home to Morelia with a sticker in his passport for a Permanent Resident card. It is so much easier for this Mexican gal to sift through your site than to stumble through the INM site in Spanish. After living here 3 years, my Spanish has greatly improved, but reading legal info knocks me over. Yep, I had to start all over with Spanish since we retired down here after spending my entire life in the U.S.A. Happiness to you, and all who follow your site!

    maria luz

  5. Chance says:

    I have a unique situation. How would I go about keeping my resident green card, which expires in nov.? I will be getting a divorce with my mexican wife. We were married in the US. I did none of the process in the US and completed all the process here, contradictory to what many websites say about having to leave and re-enter the country.

    I was accepted for the 1 year resident card and filled out all the paperwork on the basis of changing status due to family member, wife, now soon to be ex-wife. What should I do in order to retain my gree card status and continue living and working here?

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Chance,
      There is no such thing as a ‘resident green card’.

      Ironically, the PERMANENT Resident card is green.

      but… you also add that your residency card expires in November, which means you do not have a green card … but that you likely have a Residente Temporal visa.

      Re advice on immigration advice websites:
      Typical (98%?) RT & RP applicants use normal channels that require leaving Mexico to start an application.

      Foreigners who apply for RT or RP as family members (or spouses) of a Mexican citizen use a special type of application, under Vinculo Familiar … Unidad de Familias … rules – which can be done either inside Mexico, or at a Mexican Consulate outside Mexico.

      In the strictest terms, your wife vouched to care for you financially, so you do not become a burden on Mexico.

      In the strictest legal terms, when you get divorced, she no longer vouches to be personally fiscally responsible for you.

      INM can interpret that to mean you must now personally meet their ‘Personal Fiscal Solvency’ requirements with your own fiscal statements/documents. … but the local INM offices have the discretion to waive or modify those requirements …

      So, talk with your local INM office to find out their policies on what you must do to be able to renew your RT visa.

      Your local work status & income may be sufficient to meet your local INM offices standards.

      Happy Trails,

  6. Kristi Draper says:

    What happens if my PR card is lost or stolen? Would that it would be easy to visit your local INM office, pay the $1,083MX and get a new card. Not so! Last month my neighbor lost her PR card. INM required her to go through the whole PR application process again, beginning with the Mexican consulate in her home country, then the initial visit to the local INM office to turn in the application and paperwork, then another visit to make an appointment to be fingerprinted, then another trip to INM to actually get fingerprinted, and finally a last trip (4 in all) to pick up her new card — WITH THE SAME ID NUMBER AS HER OLD CARD! The only thing she didn’t have to do again was provide proof of income.


  7. Kristi Draper says:

    Another caution about PR (or TR) cards, from painful experience…Because it is such a huge and expensive hassle to have a new PR card replaced if your old one is lost or stolen, I decided to make a copy of mine and my husband’s PR cards and have them laminated. The copies are obviously copies to the observant eye. The original cards we kept safely stored at home. This may work fine to show an inexperienced clerk at a grocery store when she asks for ID for a debit card purchase, but don’t try to get past INM at the airport with it when you fly out of the country. We learned the hard what yesterday that INM requires the ORIGINAL PR card in order to issue the FMM for travel out of the country. Yesterday I had to make a fast dash to the airport to bring my husband his original card so he could make his flight.

  8. Ed says:

    My TR visa expires in 5 weeks (it’s my first year here living in MX). I know it is $6825 for 3 years, but besides having the $$, what is the process to renew my TR card for the next 3 years?

  9. Hi,
    I want to make sure I have my info. regarding dates correct. My RT expires Nov. 13 along with my TIP for my US plated car. I want to renew both by driving out of Mx. and going to the Mex. Embassy in Phoenix. I need to leave Mex. by Nov. 12 and I can then go to the Embassy and begin my RT process again on Nov. 14. I’ll then follow the steps to make sure my TIP is aligned with the expiration date on my new RT.
    Do I have it right? Anything to add?

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