Aduana Temporary Import Permit (TIP) Renewal Form (Nov. 2013)

Nov. 15, 2013
Aduana now accepts an official request form and instructions for foreigners to report changes or expiration date renewals ~ by mail ~ . We thank Ric Hoffman for supplying this very useful information, for people who don’t have an Aduana office “down the block” – (and for those whose Aduana offices are less than friendly/helpful).  Readers who want to renew/extend the expiration dates on their vehicle’s Temporary Import Permits can use this form and mail it in directly to Aduana DF, to get their permission letter.

You have 2 options: Ric created a good .pdf file if you want to use it : New Aduana Aviso for TIP or cut and paste the form listed below. The pdf file is set up to be completed by cut and paste operations. This pdf version is also set-up to default print 4 copies of only Page 1. In both forms, the second page has the instructions in Spanish and it is fairly easy for non-speakers to figure out. (If not, cut the instructions from the text below, and copy them into Google Translate.)

Filing Instructions: Articulo 19, Manual for Importación temporal vehículos 2012, instructs us to mail these forms directly to the address listed without a local Aduana Stamp, if you do not live near an Aduana office. Ric added this formation as the last paragraph on the instruction page. The other paragraphs, (referring to the “Aduana Stamp”, on the page), are from the Aduana office in Lázaro Cardenas. If you notice, even after you have the Aduana Stamp, you are instructed to mail a copy to DF. Once received in DF, they will send you a confirmation letter. Readers interested in seeing an example of a redacted confirmation letter (to carry in the car) can check out (a 3 Mb file which may load slowly): Aduana Permiso Approved Letter_Redacted

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Form for copy and paste:

Aviso de Prórroga, ampliación, refrendo o cambio de Calidad Migratoria

Fecha:                                           a        _de                               201     

 Administrador de la Aduana de                                          

De conformidad con el artículo 106 fracción IV, inciso a) de la Ley Aduanera y la Regla 4.2.7 de las Reglas de Carácter General en Materia de Comercio Exterior vigentes, me permito solicitar se actualice el registro de mi permiso de importación temporal de vehículos enseguida se menciona, en la base de datos del sistema importación temporal de vehículos, en virtud de que el Instituto Nacional de Migración me autorizó prórroga, ampliación, referido, canje a  mi Calidad Migratoria, de acuerdo a lo siguiente:


Forma Migratoria No.: ______________  Calidad Migratoria: _________________


Marca: _______________              Modelo: __________________________

No. de Serie: ________________ Permiso de Importación: ____________________

Temporal de Vehículos:____________:

Para tal efecto anexo la siguiente documentación: 

_____  Copia simple del documento otorgado por el Instituto Nacional de Migración

_____  Copia simple del permiso de Importación Temporal de Vehículos

_____  Copia simple del pasaporte


Nombre:  ______________________

Domicilio: ________________________________________________

Teléfono:  __________________________________

Firma:  _________________________________________

Correo Electrónico:  ____________________________________

Pagina 1 de 1


Instructions Page:


  1. Aviso firmado por el solicitante (3 copias).
  2. Copia de la Importación Temporal del vehículo.
  3. Copia de su nuevo estado migratorio (Tarjeta de Residente Temporal).
  4. Copia del pasaporte

El aviso sellado se envía a la siguiente dirección:

Administración Central de Planeación Aduanera

Av. Hidalgo No.77 Modulo IV primer piso

Col. Guerrero, Delegación Cuauhtémoc

Código Postal 06300, México D.F.


  1. Aviso (sellado por la autoridad aduanera)
  2. Copia de la Importación Temporal del vehículo.
  3. Copia de su nuevo estado migratorio (Tarjeta de Residencia).
  4. Copia del pasaporte


A efecto de que no se haga efectiva la garantía de conformidad con la Regla 4.2.7. de las RCGMCE, así como para ampliar la vigencia del permiso de importación temporal de vehículos y motocicletas, los importadores extranjeros que les hubiere sido otorgada la prórroga, ampliación, refrendo o cambio de calidad migratoria, deben presentar mediante escrito ante cualquier Aduana del país o ante la: Administración Central de Operación Aduanera con domicilio en Av. Hidalgo número 77, módulo IV, 1 o piso, Col. Guerrero, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, Código Postal 06300, México, Distrito Federal, un aviso dentro de los 15 días siguientes a aquél en que les hubiere sido otorgada, anexando la siguiente documentación:

  1. Copia simple de la foto credencial de la forma migratoria otorgada por INM al importador.
    1. Copia simple del pasaporte del importador.
    2. Copia simple del permiso de importación temporal de vehículos.

Dicho escrito se debe presentar al momento de efectuar el retorno definitivo.

*                     *                   *                    *
Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
© Steven M. Fry

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24 Responses to Aduana Temporary Import Permit (TIP) Renewal Form (Nov. 2013)

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  2. Spencer McMullen says:

    I would not mail the form unless you have absolutely no way to go personally. I have seen many people who have sent letters appearing properly addressed only to have them rejected. You can file them personally at the airport and I would always try to make the personal trip, especially as there is some money at stake.

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Spencer,
      Good update on Aduana TIP renewals working at the GDL airport – a good option for people in Jalisco.

      Over in the sureste things work differently than Jalisco: The local Aduana offices (particularly the one at the puerto de Progreso) can be very difficult to work with on TIP renewals, and they have refused to process them (locally) since last February – at best forwarding some to Distrito Federal, at worst rejecting qualified applications out-of-hand. Our airport Aduana offices in Merida and Cancun completely refuse to handle them.

      This is another example of how important it is to have local knowledge (even on national matters): Savvy folk find out how the Federal systems work in their personal locale, and then do what works in for each area’s government offices.

  3. Spencer McMullen says:

    I have many people outside Jalisco who are in the process of renewal send me the signed forms and then we wait and they scan and email me their new temporal card and we file at the airport and send back the stamped forms and letter generated via Estafeta, we charge an extra 150 pesos, might be a good option, have people send to someone where they can verify receipt and when item is presented to know for sure.

  4. Michael M Selover says:

    I completed a copy of this form in May of 2013 and delivered it to Aduana at the airport in Puerto Vallarta. It was duely stamped and I was told it would be forwarded to Aduand DF for processing and that I could expect to receive a letter of approval or disapproval of the request in 2 to 3 weeks. I did not. I have called Aduanda DF monthly since June 2013 and am always told the same thing: We have received the document. An official number has been assigned to it. Aduana has requested a verification of my immigration status from INM and are waiting for their response. Call back next month. So, it has now been nearly a year that I’ve been pursuing this phase of TIP renewal with no end in sight. We actually began this process in January 2013… it is a long sordid story.

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Michael,
      You have our best hopes that your persistence and patience are rewarded.

      Did you have to make a cash deposit when you got your TIP?

      If you made the $$ deposit, then Banjercito’s computer officially can confiscate your deposit within 15 days after the expiration of your INM permit, unless you submitted your Aduana notification of an new/extended/renewed expiration date before the 15 day grace period ends. This may be the delay with your application, as Aduana tries to figure out an official policy on whether to credit those (previously confiscated?) deposits back to people’s accounts when they send in later formal notifications of their current INM permit expiration dates => messy.

      At least one lawyer we know has filed legal actions to try to recover TIP deposits confiscated by Banjercito for TIP holders who have kept their INM permits legal/legit/continuously-current since the June 2010 Aduana rule change – but we have not heard any results on whether their efforts were successful or not.

      Is your situation affected by this?

      If so, I could check in with that attorney to find out what has happened for his clients – to offer you a precedent for an Aduana ruling.

  5. TJ says:

    Does anyone know where I can find a list of aduana offices? I need to do this very thing (just got approved for a temporary resident visa and need to update my TIPS). I live near San Patricio, Jalisco.

  6. TJ says:

    Great, thank you Steve! You have a lot of great info here. Sorry I missed the list.

  7. Michael Selover says:

    In September 2014 we decided we would never hear back from Aduana regarding our TIP extension request. We have not. Even though our TIP was expired since Feb 2013, we took a chance and drove from Vallarta to Laredo without a Safe Return permit. We surrendered the expired permit at the border without incident and then visited friends in Texas for a week. Then we came back through Laredo and applied for and received a new TIP under my 4 year Residente Temporal Visa. The expiry date assigned to my TIP was March 2017 (the date my visa expires). So, our car is now unquestionably legal. We lost our original deposit since we never returned the car to the border based on the original TIP requirements. Due to the changes in the INM laws, it was not possible to maintain an uninterrupted Visa status. In order to apply for the new Residente Temporal, I had to let my No Inmigrante expire (and it had to be expired for at least 2 days) before I could apply for the new Visa. This didn’t work very well when Aduana needed proof of renewed Visa in order to obtain a TIP extension and thus preserve our bond. The cost of driving to the border to preserve the bond was significantly greater than just letting the bond go.

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Michael,
      Sounds like you did things well.

      Those were difficult times, as local INM offices took 8 months to finally settle into workable consistent policies, after the Nov. 2012 INM rule changes.

      Well done!
      and good report that helps the rest of us.

  8. First, thank you so much for the PDF document, it made things much easier.
    I applied for this in person at the Cancun airport Aduana office. The only hard part was finding the place. It is very close to terminal two, that is where you will end up parking, but there is no sign. It is a very large pair of grey steel gates across from the cargo parking lot.

    The only rub was that they wanted 4 copies of everything! The form, the TIP paper, my registration (we have no title in Canada), my “FM3” card, my picture passport page, my driver’s licence and the piece of paper that IMN gave me when I got my new card this year.

    The best part was that they took all my papers, then after about 30 minutes, gave me my copy back with a folio number and a “received” stamp. They told me that is all I need. No need to wait for an “official” paper from MX City. This was it.

    We were dumfounded, but very happy to walk out with what we wanted in one visit.

    Thank you Yucalandia!

    • Lourdes y Dylan says:

      Hello everyone! First of all, we are so excited to now be reading all of your posts from this side of the world!

      My husband and I arrived last week to Tulum, we made the move from New York and are slowly working and figuring out all of the paperwork fun that now needs to happen.

      The information here is very helpful, but I have a question. My husband got his temporary visa permit given in the Mexican consulate in the US and we were told he had 30 days upon entering Mexico to get his “tarjeta”. We went to the Migración office in Playa del Carmen three days ago to begin his “canje”, they took his papers and told him he would receive an email with an update and notification as to when to go back to the office to then get an appointment to then go back to get his visa. During this whole process, it is very likely that the 30 day mark for our car TIP will expire. I just called the Banjercito aduana in Cancun and they told me to email them instead, she did not seem to either know the answers or care about explaining to me what the procedure is. Basically, all I want to know is, do we just wait for the visa to be given and then go to the aduana office in Cancún or is there a way to notify them that we are in the process to get the visa but it will take a while?

      Thanks for all your time, info and help! Could not have done it without reading all the amazing information you all have shared!

      Lourdes y Dylan

      • yucalandia says:

        Hi Lourdes,
        As described in our main article on cars in Mexico ( ), your best option is to deliver a formal letter to Aduana, describing your situation, that you have initiated the process of getting your RT card with INM, provide Aduana with a copy of the paper that INM gave you with your official NUT and contraseña, and any other proof of the residency process.|

        Request that they extend your TIP for another year, based on the expected expiration date of your new RT card.

        If you want to guarantee preserving your $$ deposit with Banjercito, then make a quick run down to the Aduana/Banjercito office outside Chetumal before the 14 day grace period expires (on your 30 day TIP), going to the Santa Elena/Free Zone of Corazol border crossing, and surrender your TIP and collect your deposit.

        As foreigners, you can drive your foreign plated car as much as you like INSIDE Q. Roo, because it is a free zone, just like Baja California.

        Then when you have your new shiny RT card, you can make another border run (to the Belize border), and use your RT card to get another TIP.

        … or just give Aduana the letter now requesting that they extend your TIP expiration date, with the INM documentation and HOPE they don’t confiscate the deposit before you get your card.

        Fingerprinting at INM helps, as that date generally becomes your expiration date (1 year out).

  9. Lourdes y Dylan says:

    Thank you so much for the information, Steve! As usual, great resource to the new transplants. 🙂 I am sure we will back with more questions.

    Lourdes y Dylan

  10. Carlo Pericolo says:

    Hello -can someone provide some advice? I’ve read some information but not sure. My situation below:
    I crossed border and purchased the TIP for my car in march of 2014. It has since expired and the car is still located in mexico. I am planning on returning to retrieve shortly. I have been in mexico since but not do drive the car with no issues at customs or immigration.
    1. can i renew the TIP?
    2. Can i get the original bond back?
    3. Can i get a new TIP without referencing my earlier TIP(expired) and forfeit bond?
    4. WOuld there be any foreseeable issues crossing with border with
    4a. no TIP, assuming i get car and begin driving back with no new TIP or renewing old TIP?
    4b. a new TIP, assuming i can get a new TIP with the old one still in system??

    Any information appreciated.


    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Carlo,
      These things are covered in our main article on Importing Cars & Driving in Mexico at:

      Since 2010, we must send a letter to Aduana every year, every time you renew your INM residency visa, notifying Aduana of the INM visa’s new expiration date.

      When you got your TIP, you signed a contract with Banjercito to follow the rules or take the vehicle out of Mexico before the expiration date of the TIP. Since you broke the terms of the contract, you forfeited your cash bond.

      You should still go to the border and surrender the TIP … which they do not penalize. That allows you to get a new TIP, and clear the old TIP out of their system.

      Some Consulates check our TIP records when we re-apply for future visas, and if they find the old moldy TIP, they refuse to issue a new visa. ??? (Doesn’t happen frequently)

      Happy Trails,

  11. Carlo Pericolo says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the information. Do you think I can mail the TIP(red sticker in windshield) to the Aduana and clear from the system? I am not in the border area any longer.
    Is it possible to get a new TIP via mail or email rather than processing at the border when I cross? I would like to do this before I get back to the border.

    Thank you!

  12. Steve Wellen says:

    My wife and I are on the 180 day tourist cards. We also have brought down our car via the TIP. Our cards expire on the 12th along with our TIP. We had been planning on heading to Laredo from Cuernavaca on the 10th so we can do the “180 day tango” bit. With what is going on with the “gas wars” and the blockades, do you know if there is a way to either extend these without losing our deposit without going to the border? I am hoping that they are allowing for the fact that many are having difficulty getting around with all these issues.

    • yucalandia says:

      The only way to extend a visitante visa is with a medical problem certified by a doctor.

      Hopefully, the gas problems resolve in the next 2 weeks.

      Happy trails,

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