Dry Channel of Loire River 2022

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Observatorio Maya El Caracol y la Gran Pirámide El Castillo más allá de  Chichen Itza, Sitio del Patrimonio Mundial de la UNESCO Yucatan México

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Oh MY !

Snow blowing

Dog and Cat language

Beware of dog.
Keith Richards

Kids Dying in US Camps

Uaymitun Beach House-3 Seaside patio

Uaymitun Beach House-2 Front walled area



Nitrogen fixing corn Oaxaca Mexico

Photo: Courtesy of Jean-Michel Ané





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Egyptian Weighing of the Soul

2017 Fed Real Wages

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Mexican Lightning








300,000 Strong NFOP

Hillary and Kissinger

Heavy Boyz

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Figure 3. Monthly January ice extent for 1979 to 2016 shows a decline of 3.2% per decade.Credit: National Snow and Ice Data Center
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Mexico US Map Old Imagedevil


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injector with Techron


clogged injectors

Rolly Brook FotoHow to Correctly Expose An Image

2015 Boston Blizzard Bloomberg US Oil Costs by Production Volumeimage: showing comparison between primary and seconcary infections               2014 Oil Production Costs clutch head deck screwOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAyeah, baby yeah, baby     Homer_Simpson_Birthday columbine-class-photo-1999-eric-harris-dylan-klebold-fake-shooting Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Service Dallas Ft Worth Target 2014 Tijuana Border Crossing2 Tijuana Border Crossing1 Tahmooressi Marine Arms Tijuana

Aedes Family Tree

Aedes Family Tree

Reinhard Heydrick Chicago Freedom Movement 1966 Professor Marco Rubio on Global Climate Change Moms Underwood Typewriter air conditioner mini split air conditioner electric meter air conditioner OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fiesta Mexicana Style CTIV Aduana SAT image blacks in california 1960s White Cliffs of Dover pCO2 and Henrys constant formula pCO2 and Henrys constant formula H+ and pCO2 formula H+ and pCO2 formula H+ and pCO2 formula FreakBrothers yeah, baby yeah, baby switch1switch2alligator in weeds alligator in weeds 2005 Dodge_Grand_Caravan tren immigrantes1 tren immigrantes2 Dog-the-Bounty-Hunter 2013 Constr Fotos001 2013 Constr Fotos002 2013 Constr Fotos003 2013 Constr Fotos004 2013 Constr Fotos005 2013 Constr Fotos006 2013 Constr Fotos007 2013 Constr Fotos008 2013 Constr Fotos009.. . Keep On t OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Effects of Latitude on Sun Position in the Sky

Effects of Latitude on Sun Position in the Sky

Kabah Chaac Mask Uxmal Chaac2 Uxmal Chaac1 Uxmal Chaac3 Older olmec head Chichen Chac Mool uxmal double jaguar throne uxmal loro carving Jaguar head statue Chichen Rey Pakal head statue Maya Jaguar Chichen maya jaguar Chiapas Various works by Michel Maugée: Figure 1. Percentage of human, retail meat, and food-animal samples positive for Salmonella spp. detected by an integrated food chain system in Mexico, 2002–2005. Numbers to the right of bars indicate average values, and numbers in parentheses indicate the frequency of positive samples in the states with the lowest and highest prevalence, respectively. The number of specimens examined from each source (n) is shown next to each source heading. knives001knives001knives001knives001knives001aknives001aAedes Aegypti Female w blood meal

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  1. Did I happen to mention that Michel Maugée is a little bit eccentric?

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