Flying During the COVID Crisis … Practical Ways to Minimize Risks

May 26, 2020

We’ve had 4 different people request advice on how to minimize COVID-19 risks when flying,    So, we did a bit of research about what scientific reports report on how to best reduce risks … including studies of which seats get the worst exposures to upper respiratory virus infections… focusing on SARS and Coronavirus infections.

1. Our biggest risk is inhaling highly-infectious fine aerosols from fellow passengers or Flight Attendants talking.   For that reason, we advise taking 2 superb medical grade masks on any the trip … in case you misplace one.

… See for details on superb medical grade masks.

2. Plan to sit in the middle of the plane … at a window seat … at the point farthest from the bathrooms.

Every single Public Health study, that measured viral exposures for upper respiratory viruses … (and even Tuberculosis by inhaling contaminated fine aerosols) … show that those window seats … middle of the plane …    farthest from the bathroom    get as much as 7X times lower exposures than the aisle seats close to the bathrooms.

Any aisle seat is undesirable, because of people walking by … leaining above you … spraying, breathing …. where lots of people keep walking to the bathrooms… WITHOUT MASKS… as the airlines ONLY require masks to get on the planes.

Yes… the airlines fear angry passengers getting violent with stewardesses on the planes if the Flight Attendants even asked politely that stressed passengers to put their mask back on… … SO EXPECT SOME PASSENGERS TO HAVE NO MASKS during the flight … per the latest official airline policies.

3. BE THE LAST PERSON ON THE PLANE … Sit in the gate area … 10 ft away from other people … 10 ft is the actual safe distance for being protected from plumes of the nastiest COVID infected aerosols.

… If you doubt this 10 ft rule, REMEMBER back to some smoker’s burning cigarette in the ashtray … the smoke moves out as a slow swirling plume … The nastiest fine COVID aerosols (from people talking) swirl slowly away from the talker … in plumes… over the next 3 hours after the infected-person talked … just like that old cigarette smoke swirls out slowly,  in plumes…

Weirdly … the CDC has assumed that the infectious COVID aerosols from talking … magically… move out from the infected-speaker … as a uniform mist… Strangely, by announcing just a 6 ft “Social Distancing” standard …  the CDC guys did not consider plumes of the nastiest COVID-contaminated aerosols swirling out at plumes,  from COVID-infected person talking.

Also, notice that the first person boarding onto the plane, sitting in a 1’st class aisle seat … where they have to experience EVERY SINGLE other entering passenger’s gunk … is the worst seat … at the worst time.

So… insist on that scientifically-proven-most-safe window seat far from the bathrooms … plus getting on the plane LAST … … and then sitting quietly till everyone else leaves …. truly does limit your exposures best.

4. Next consider the coughed-spit-sneezed- Ssss’s, T’ssss, popped Psss and Ch’s  by people standing over you (as you sit, trapped in your airline seat or restaurant seat  )… Those big droplets that we can see (not the fine invisible 1 um swirling ones) …. those big droplets spray out of everyone’s mouth when talking, coughing or sneezing … and they fall quickly in a curved downward path landing between 3 ft to 6 ft of the messy-speaker-cougher

That’s why Doctors & Nurses wear face shields for the big droplets plus a good medical grade filter-mask (for the invisible swirling highly*infectious mist inhaled aerosols)…. So … consider either a decent pair of safety glasses (I have two, designed especially for surgeons & EMTs … to stop the spray hazard) … or consider a face shield.

Then note that official lab safety glasses (with side shields) + mask are as good as mask + cheap face shield … and you only look ½ as geeky.

5. So… we really do not want a flight attendant or any passenger standing over us… talking (spitting) directly down onto us… which is the second reason for the WINDOW seat … where no one even climbs over you. as even the best glasses or face shield do not stop everything.

and next…

6. HYDRATE, HYDRATE HYDRATE … because thin runny mucous is your best defense at your body (nose-throat-lung) mucous membranes catching & sweeping away any inhaled particulates or aerosols (drink enough till you urine is light straw colored in the bowl)…

7. Also …  take vitamin C at least 3 times a day … 125 mg per dose … because we pee out the morning Vitamin C pill by 12:00 noon … Vitamin C acts as a bodyguard molecule, to protect your key immune system compounds in your mucous membrane keeping them in top fighting condition.

Technical Details Here:

8.   In addition to consuming sources of 125 mg of Vitamin C at least 3 – 4 times a day, consider sucking on Zinc lozenges while in the airports and during the flight.   There is some decent evidence that Zn bathing our throats can be effective at inhibiting the upper respiratory viruses reproduction .. (like SARS * COVID-19’s virus) .

9.   Have a good strong flow of HEPA cleaned air flowing past your face, when in your seat on the plane… Turn on your air flow jet, at your seat … to get a constant flow of fresh purified air … blowing away any of your neighbor’s swirling invisible COVID infected fine aerosols, so you do not contact them …. as the airlines now have HEPA filtered air on their HVAC systems…. So again … the constant breeze… blows any of the neighbors infected aerosols away from your face.

With the airlines running HEPA filters … and you getting on the airplane last … and you wearing a superb medical-grade mask that outperforms the N95 masks … and you sitting in a window seat (not being spit on)  … and you wearing professional medical eye protection … and you sitting far from the bathrooms …. and you having both your mucous membranes in top performance & immune system in top performance (hydrating, Vitamin C and Zinc)  ….

and yes… Wash your hands & use hand sanitizer … (worth doing to STOP BACTERIAL infections …  because touching things is the lowest source of COVID risks on airplanes) …

then …. If you have done all of that…. You’ve done your best to minimize your risks from flying.

Dr. Steven Michael Fry
Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Aerosol Science, Medical Laboratory – Measurement Science, Public Health & Environment ..

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COVID-19 … The Hidden Risks … aka: Why We need Superb Medical-Grade Masks.

May 13, 2020

COVID-19 Public Health Notice:
A few thoughts for all the people using ordinary cloth masks … and even N95 masks.**

Remember … The bacteria & fungi have a big banquet, feasting on the dead skin, greasy gunky sebum, etc. trapped in ordinary cloth masks …

–  as so many people keep putting that bacteria & sebum-contaminated cloth … back onto their lips.

woman in face mask

Why mention this?
Some people have asked if modern, high-tech surgical barrier cloth masks might be a significant disease transmitters, like other cloth masks ?? … They imagined a medical-grade, teflon-treated surgical barrier cloth mask …. might require extreme special handling – of supposedly never touching the inside surface of the mask with your fingers .. never touching the inside part of the mask … that we put our lips on …

They also asked if they supposedly needed to use sterile procedures to handle … & carefully store masks in a sterile bag between uses.

Fortunately … They are thinking of normal cloth that absorbs & holds lots of gunk … and they’re forgetting that high-tech modern surgical barrier-cloth masks have a special hospital-proven ~teflon~ coating. (Hospitals reliably wash & rewash surgical barrier cloth scrubs & masks over 40 times.)

medical workers in masks

= = = =
Notice that in contrast to modern, medical-grade, teflon-coated masks … all the other ordinary cloth masks get wet & nasty from our breath … nasty from all the 10,000’s of embedded dead skin cells … nasty & funky from all the bacteria & fungi growing in the cloth from the greasy sebum from our pores.

Bacteria & fungi multiply on dirty cloth, paper & N95 masks … while on a teflon-coated high-tech medical-grade mask … they die.

Sadly … Ordinary cloth masks hold lots of both dead skin & oily sebum, plus 10’s of millions of nasty microbes, even after washing, unless you bleach the crap out of them How many people soak their  ordinary cloth … for over 10 minutes in 1 part bleach in 2 parts water to make it fit to touch our mouths ?

Sadly .. 5 decades of testing prove that all the N95, paper, & cloth masks HOLD microscopic DIRT, 10,000’s of dead skin cells and lots of gunky sebum from our pores, regardless of how we wash them. … That’s why the official rule is:
Use them once, and throw them away … **

In contrast … the modern teflon-treated professional medical-grade … high tech … surgical barrier cloth masks are specifically designed to easily & completely release all that dirt, oil, sebum & dead skin (from wearing them) … They easily come clean, when we wash them in simple dish soap … and … High-tech, teflon-coated surgical barrier cloth masks are intentionally designed to be fully bleachable with normal ordinary disinfection protocols for slick materials …   Gently handwash up to 70 times in dish soap …  Then soak for 10 minutes in ½ tsp of bleach in ½ cup of water for disinfection.

So, just like our silverware washes clean in dish soap,
making silverware safe to put in your mouth… Instead, think of your ordinary cloth mask like the   dirty dish cloth … that becomes a funky funky microbe jungle … over even short times.

and YES… ordinary cloth holds so many dead skin cells & greasy bacterial-laden sebum … that when the ordinary cloth mask touches our lips & mouth … then that contaminated cloth seeds that our mouth with nasty bacteria & fungi …

Anyone who has a paper or cloth mask needs to bleach the living-crap out of them … after every use.

… 1 part bleach to 2 parts water is the accepted formula for killing virulent bacteria & fungi growing in organic materials on laboratory counters to make them fit to eat off of … as the WHO guidelines order 5,000 ppm bleach for cleaning an already clean lab bench that has had contact with organic contamination like saliva or sebum-oily dead skin residues …

** or …. just throw the ordinary cloth mask … away …

** just like hospitals … throw away all the nasty paper masks after every single use.

**and yes, N95 masks are supposed to be thrown away after every use, due to those same nasty contamination problems.

Dr. Steven Michael Fry
Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Aerosol Science, Medical Laboratory Science … Public Health & Environment

… Read-on, MacDuff …

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Latest COVID-19 Updates … Practical Solutions to Get our Lives Back on Track

May 10, 2020

One of the peculiar benefits of a crisis is that our very talented scientific community springs into action, doing fine research in very short times.

This report includes the best of recent research, blended with the last 17 yrs of superb scientific work on exactly how COVID-19 is spread … and how to protect ourselves & our loved ones.

There’s good summary article, published by a decent biologist, that’s a pretty quick read … but as you read it, notice that the biologist-author is missing 4 key pieces.

The author’s 4 critical missing pieces:
1.   Talking is the biggest generator of the highest-risk, most infectious COVID-19 fine aerosols.    Notice that just 5 minutes of talking   in an indoor space    contaminates the area with highly-contagious invisible mists of much higher levels of the nastiest COVID-contaminated fine aerosols    than the author reports as a problem.

Notice that just 5 minutes of normal talking emits 26 COVID-coughs worth of the nastiest COVID-aerosol … while loud talking emits    104 COVID-coughs worth    of the most-infectious,  highest-risk  fine aerosols* ….

sneezed droplets

*The nastiest COVID aerosols are less than 5 um diameter … with special focus on the 2.5 um size range aerosols that    evade   (get  around & through)   most masks  … smaller than 3 um aerosols … the most easily inhaled particles,   inspired with every breath  … including those nastiest  2.5 um COVID aerosols get stuck deep in out throats & lungs..

Infected people talking …  indoors … especially in public spaces … need to wear    superb medical grade masks    to protect others from their talking-emitted highly infectious COVID aerosols.

Mask Anne Marie

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The second critical piece that the author is missing

Those highest-risk, most-infectious COVID fine aerosols float & swirl & circulate for another 4 – 5 hours in the room … invisibly slowly spreading out to 20 ft from the talker. …. This sounds terrifying … but dilution & masks are our friends.**

Notice that when we combine the results & facts from the 1’st research article,  (see the Nature article above), combined with this article,    we see that just 7 minutes of a loud talker,   contaminates the indoor space around him   with over highly-infectious 10,000 fine aerosols    => equal to 104 COVID-coughs worth of the nastiest fine aerosols.

Then notice that the author   (of the summary article above)    points out that that it is believed that    inhaling just 1000 of these highly-infectious  aerosols    are estimated to be enough to infect even a healthy person.

Also notice that the CDC knows these things … and have been quietly ordering US doctors & hospitals:
“In general, only essential personnel should enter the room of patients with COVID-19. … in full PPE protection “

After discharge, terminal cleaning   (of patient rooms)   may be performed by only EVS personnel.

…. They should    ~delay entry~    into the room   ~ until a sufficient time has elapsed for enough air changes ~  (strong ventilation) ~  to remove infectious airborne particles. ~

We need EFFECTIVE useful approaches… NOW…

Note … Ordinary cloth masks are proven to  NOT work … Home-made cheap masks … and other non-medical masks do NOT work … because they can leak over ~100 COVID-coughs ~ worth of the highest risk, most-infectious aerosols… with every breath we inhale.

We & our loved ones need superb medical-grade masks now… with N99 to N100 filtering protection …

Check out ( )  for details on some superb … washable 70 times .. teflon-treated … special surgical barrier cloth … medical-grade masks …

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The last  missing  points?
The quality of your mask makes a huge difference … Think medical grade masks … versus flat masks (modestly sealing)   …   versus homemade masks.

Notice that most masks leak 35% – 40% of those nastiest fine aerosols … while the home-made masks typically leak 70%.

This gives the non-medical grade masked people    standing just outside the 6 ft “Social Distancing” radius of the COVID infected loud talker … get a dose of 1 full COVID cough of the nastiest fine aerosols   from just 5 minutes of breathing in  the loud talker’s invisible highly-infectious aerosols.

and yes… This can happen in  every Uber,   every grocery store line,   every bank line with every breath inhaling a COVID-cough aerosol equivalent contaminated air, through cheap masks.

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
**Time, Dilution and superb medical-grade MASKS are our friends …

When we step into the space where the infected-talker was talking, (like in the Uber) … or his spot in the tienda … we start inhaling his 10,000 most-infectious fine aerosols …

but his invisible mists of 10,000 of the most-infectious COVID fine aerosol linger indoors & only-slowly swirl-circulate out (indoors)… filling that “Social Distancing” 1.5 m distance … leaving an invisible cloud that can give us a 5 minute inhaled dose of 2 full COVID-coughs (due to uneven distributions).

But … as his infected  invisible  mists slowly swirl out even further … our inhaled doses of COVID’s nastiest aerosols  fall dramatically.

Fortunately … even after 7 minutes of the loud-infected talker spewing the nastiest COVID-contaminated aerosols …   when we increase the distance … increasing from Social Distance’s 1.5 m,     instead to   3 m (10 ft) … then our inhaled dose   falls dramatically to just   0.1   COVID-cough’s worth of  highly-infectious aerosols inhaled by us …

Why is inhaling just 0.1 COVID-cough worth of aerosols important?
The gold standard of virology is a 1,000 fold reduction of significant risks.
Notice that following a 10 ft rule for distance, reduces that risk by 1,000 fold versus inhaling all the most infectious fine aerosols of a single cough.

= = = =
Why wear a superb mask?
Because we cannot see the nastiest invisible mists, left behind for hours, by the COVID-infected talker…. notice that a good superbly-sealing medical grade mask … reduces that inhaled dose of the nastiest COVID aerosols … to a harmless 0.02 COVID-cough dose of fine aerosols.

medical workers in masks

= = = =
Inside vs Outside … and   the Benefits of SPRING-TIME !
Now do we see why New Yorkers … cooped-up inside over-crowded buildings … 10 – 15 people sharing a bathroom …  crowded New Yorkers,  stuck INSIDE, breathing all the bad re-circulated air … due to wintertime …

Do we now understand why New Yorkers have  had the absolute WORST COVID-19 problems?

Now that it’s slowly becoming SPRING … we can all get OUTSIDE … We can get out of the immune-system compromising … dry-dry heated air … or get-out of the dry dry heavily air-conditioned air …

GET OUTSIDE, where even the slightest breezes rapidly dilute-out ALL COVID-aerosols.

GET OUTSIDE … where where  Nature’s  higher natural humidity    keeps our critical first-defense mucous membranes nicely runny … because thin-runny mucous traps the nastiest most-infectious COVID fine aerosols, and our cilia ~ sweeper-cells ~ covering our lung & throat lining cells … are able to sweep the COVID-19 contaminated aerosols up out of our throat & lungs, to fall into the epiglottis … to be destroyed by our stomach acid.


Eating Enough Vitamin C to Keep Your Immune System at Peak Efficiency
During times of stress … and during Coronavirus spreading .. We need a daily consumption of 500 mg – 1000 mg. total of vitamin C … split into at least four (4) … 125 mg doses …. each about 4 hours apart.

Taking a single Vitamin C supplement pill in the morning just doesn’t work, because we   pee out   the breakfast Vitamin C dose, just 4 hrs after eating it.

500 mg – 1,000 Vit. C a day is necessary during stressful times to protect our already stress compromised immune system,  intentionally eating  higher levels of Vit. C throughout the day … to protect our highly-important immune compounds ~ our body’s best responses that fight Coronaviruses …

By taking enough Vit. C throughout the day,  the Vitamin C acts as  “body-guard” molecules   throughout your body   to protect critical   antibodies & lymphokines, +plus protecting our Immune System defense cells: Macrophages,   Killer-T Cells (T-Lymphocytes),    Dendritic Cells,    White Blood Cells (Basophils & Eosinophiles)

Vitamin C  “body-guards” protect  our key defensive immune-system components … freeing them to attack and destroy the Coronaviruses trapped in our mucous   …

See this article to read    what to eat … and how much … to get superb doses of Vitamin C.

= = = =
Now do we see how so many people on Cruse Ships … and on Aircraft Carriers .. get infected. .. and on airplanes … where the air is recirculated & pumped around us, over and over and over … ?

USS Roosevelt

Yet … WITH a superb well-sealing medical-grade mask .. we inhale a harmless dose of just 0.002 COVID coughs by inhaling 5 minutes of contaminated-air when 10 ft from the infected loud-talker.

SO…. to reduce your risks to just 0.002 COVID coughs … for even 5 minutes of breathing in infected-indoor spaces

GET A GOOD medical-grade mask … that protects you on every inhalation.

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

Dr. Steven Michael Fry
Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Aerosol Science, Medical Laboratory – Measurement Science, Public Health & Environment

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Read on,    MacDuff ! … 

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Don’t Mark Your Calendars … Don’t Look to the Heavens …. You ~Won’t~ see a Truly Occult Event …

April 18, 2020

SATURDAY … in the park …

MAY 16 … 2020

Mark your calendars for a really fun event … to  enjoy … as millions of people will be out looking into  sky..    trying to see … ~this~ … faux News … imagined image.

Fun hoaxers are claiming that on May 16, 2020 … Venus, Jupiter and a crescent Moon will   ~ magically~   align and look like a smiling face looking down on us,  it’s supposed to be a “quite a rare astronomical phenomenon”   … and that it’s even hoak-ily called an occultation .

Can you say …  “Fake News” ?

Why?  …. Venus, Jupiter and the Moon will be in entirely different parts of the night sky on May 16, 2020.

= = = =
The worst lies are embroidered with lots of details … to suck people in.
It did not happen in 2008 … nor is it an occultation.   (Occultations are defined as when one celestial object is hidden by another.)

REAL Occultations
   are a fun kind of celestial event … like when the moon is positioned between Earth and Venus –   with Jupiter lurking in the background …

If it does happen at some point…
you might see  one eye being  …  more twinkly …   than the other.**
= = = =
Real Science…

** ~ Why   could  ~ “one eye   be    more twinkly    than the other ~  ???

It’s due to regular    “wavy” … rhythmic … partial-thermal lensing effects    in our sky’s atmosphere,   ( not due to the inherently-random “turbulence” that Lucy’s & Physicists incorrectly insist on ) …

Instead …. Think   wavy    rhythmic    atmospheric air molecules,    dancing,     waving … between you & far-off dim Jupiter.

Yes … Physicists & other theoretical    Know-it All’s … love parrot the old saw:

Only stars twinkle …

= = = =

Lucy bossing people
Just like Lucy …  older brothers… and older sisters …  & physicists …
abusing   their perpetually-younger brothers   … like Linus  …

= = = =
All the   Lucy’s   of the world …  love to   ~proudly ~ announce:
“Planets do not twinkle … ”

and  then,   they opine …

… THAT’s how you can tell the difference between a planet and a star …

= = = =
But just like   bossy-Lucy   …   insisting that everybody   must believe    what she imagines …

Instead …
In the real world …  (versus  artificial  Physics-land ) …
People who actually look at the sky,

…. Know     that some planets    twinkle   

despite what years of Know-It-Alls  have told us about “Stars twinkle … Planets don’t

= = = =


Why look for Jupiter “winking” at us … on May 16’th  ??

When   Jupiter   & Saturn    lie lower in our skies … nearer the horizon …      rhythmic partial-thermal lensing   (NOT random-turbulence)  … rhythmic partial-lensing   from rising warm air   in our atmosphere … briefly   deflects   (re-directs)    the dim light rays from Jupiter & Saturn     off to other angles    …  for the person next to you see …

Heat rippling over asphalt road
Rhythmic partial thermal lensing (due to rising heated air)   moving the light beams

…  is  exactly  the same as watching the “heat waves”  ripple in the air … above a hot asphalt road …   that bends & distorts … and ripples what we see ….

So  yes,     Charlie Brown …
It is sometimes  best    to ignore     the loud-bossy  Lucy’s  of the world …

because what think you see … might actually be real …

regardless of what Lucy is telling you.

…  Because  rhythmic    partial-thermal-lensing    … by hot rising air …

… doesn’t even need a hot-asphalt road …    to create a little wonder & mystery …

heat riplling bridge

and yes … Linus …

That   “twinkling”  effect     from warm air    rhythmically  gyrating  the light we see    is not       the random, swirling  “turbulence” that Physicists, Engineers & other Lucy’s  insist on    …

Instead,  there are many kinds of  various real wold events….    that real scientists enjoy … including    rhythmic  partial-thermal lensing ….   and         twinkly   PLANETS   !!

Dr.  Steven M. Fry
Ph.D.  Spectroscopy …   aka    The Science of Light … 

Read on, MacDuff …

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COVID-19 Risk Updates … and Solutions for Getting Back to Work

Here’s a fun graphic that shows just what scientists know…. versus so many people’s ~wonderfully creative~ imaginations:

Notice how VERY DIFFERENT our typical immune system responses CHANGE with age.

Notice  … whom we need to protect … and why.

Age effects on COVID

Science … versus creative adult imaginations … 😉

Immune system responses – and humans ability to fight disease & ability to STOP disease transmission … change dramatically with age.

Notice that young children have very little immunity and VERY LOW IMMUNE RESPONSES to new pathogens, new infections.

Notice that 64 very young children in New York are now very sick,  with bizarre symptoms… including heart failure…

Their young immune systems require literal YEARS of “training” … being exposed to a variety to pathogens … to develop . Notice how kids, and even teens get so many frickking colds… while us healthy adults go years without a cold.

Our immune system responses also varies widely by COUNTRY & region … Notice how as the world’s economic development increases, puberty occurs at younger ages, and this contributes to an increase in the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and hormone-related cancers – DRAMATICALLY AFFECTING immune system responses with age of the person…

= = = =
…. Then note the effects on the aged …

~ There are real   solid   factual reasons that the Govt. wants us to wear masks.
~ There are  real  solid  factual   reasons that some stores are   not   allowing elders over age 60   to enter … instead the stores have young store-employees that the oldster’s lists … and the young people do the grocery shopping … as the seniors    wait   patiently.

Consider  the data … based on actual   death counts …    combined with the person’s age    and  their pre-existing medical conditions (aka “co-morbidity”) …

COVID-19 Pooled probabilities  for Multiple Risk Factors
Between Age 60 – 69 yrs Combined Risk
( X Times Higher)
Comorbidity (% of deaths) Age Factor        (% of deaths)
Cardiovascular Disease 69 X
times higher
10.5 % 3.6 %
Diabetes 53  X
times higher 
7.3 % 3.6 %
Chronic Respiratory Disease 48 X  6.3 % 3.6%
Hypertension 47 X 6.0 % 3.6 %
Cancer 45 X 5.6 % 3.6 %
~ ~ ~ ~
Between Age 70 – 79 yrs
Cardiovascular Disease 88 X 10.5 % 8.0 %
Diabetes 74 X 7.3 % 8.0 %
Chronic Respiratory Disease 69 X 6.3 8.0
Hypertension 68 X 6.0 8.0
Cancer 66 X 5.6 8.0
~ ~ ~ ~
Over Age 80 yrs
Cardiovascular Disease 119 X 10.5 % 14.8 %
Diabetes 105 X 7.3 % 14.8 %
Chronic Respiratory Disease 101 X 6.3 % 14.8 %
Hypertension 100 X 6.0 14.8
Cancer 98 X 5.6 14.8

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Then note:
The CDC has finally, only recently, been reporting in their web pages that    fine respiratory aerosols   … primarily   from talking … are the   “primary cause of COVID-19 transmission” ..

The CDC has also reported that the fine respiratory aerosols from a COVID-19 infected patient,    should prevent  ALL medical personnel & clean-up personnel    from entering the room of a COVID-19 patient … until      the hospital air ventilation air-purification system    has removed ALL the fine aerosols    that remain for hours …     after the patient has been discharged …

medical workers in masks

As CDC politician-doctors are now telling Doctors & Hospitals:
“In general, only essential personnel should enter the room of patients with COVID-19. … in full PPE protection “

After discharge, terminal cleaning (on patient rooms) may be performed by EVS personnel. …. They should ~delay entry~ into the room   ~ until a sufficient time has elapsed for enough air changes ~  (strong ventilation) ~  to remove infectious airborne particles. ~ ”

We need EFFECTIVE useful approaches… NOW…

Note … Cloth masks do NOT work … Home-made cheap masks … and other non-medical masks do NOT work … because they leak over ~100 COVID-coughs ~ worth of the highest risk, most-infectious aerosols… with every breath we inhale.

We & our loved ones need superb medical-grade masks now… with N99 to N100 filtering protection …

For details email me at

= = = =

Read the latest CDC information here, about how the CDC is finally instructing Doctors & Hospitals that the COVID-19 problem is from the highest-risk, Highly-infectious fine aerosols from COVID-19 infected people … innocently talking… just 5 minutes with a medical-grade mask indoors.

Infecting the air in the entire room… for 4 – 5 hrs … with the nastiest form of COVID-19 aerosols, that are ONLY STOPPED by N99 & N100 rated filter materials…

Medical workers making a measurement= = = =
Read what the CDC is quietly saying to Doctors & Hospitals, hidden deep in the CDC webpages:


The CDC politician-doctors have finally, just now … COMPLETELY REVERSED themselves from their 3 months of nearly useless handwashing & “no mask” & “Social Distance” failed-advice…

CDC politician-doctors are now telling Doctors & Hospitals:
“In general, only essential personnel should enter the room of patients with COVID-19. … in full PPE protection ”

After discharge, terminal cleaning (on patient rooms) may be performed by EVS personnel. …. They should ~delay entry~ into the room    ~ until a sufficient time has elapsed for enough air changes  ~  (by strong hospital ventilation systems) ~  to remove infectious airborne particles. ~ ”

~ ~ ~ ~

We need EFFECTIVE useful approaches… NOW…

Cloth masks do NOT work … Home-made cheap masks… and other non-medical masks do NOT work … because they leak over ~100 COVID-coughs ~ worth of the highest risk, most-infectious aerosols… with every breath we inhale. 

We & our loved ones need superb  proven    medical-grade   masks now… with N100 or N99 level filtering protection … that is 168X times safer-better than N95’s … in a comfortable mask that is hand-washable up to 70 times….

Email me at … OR   check out our website at … 

… to get superb medical-grade masks

… for just $4 – $12 per each …

~ Read-on,  MacDuff ~


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COVID-19 Causing Serious Strokes in Young People with NO Prior Stroke Risk

April 29, 2020

In advance of a New England Journal of Medicine publication … NPR is reporting …  ~ 7X higher rates of stroke for young people between ages 30 – 40 ~ .

The doctors of NY CIty’s Cedars Sinai hospital are reporting that COVID-19 is causing young people to have serious strokes … even though none of the patients had any indicators of any prior stroke risks.

This is particularly troubling, because they found far too many young people (not just a trivial anectodal number of serious brain debilitated stroke victims) who are suffering 7X times more SERIOUS BRAIN DEBILITATING strokes … in HEALTHY young people who should not have any significant stroke risk at all.

They did not see it until now … because their findings are a look back at prior months of stroke cases in their hospital, happening since the onset of COVID-19 in NY City. … a look backwards at patients … which also reveals SERIOUS blood clots in the kidneys and lungs of young people.


(Note that the letter to the NEJM  was just a preliminary communication by the Cedars Sinai doctors.  Also note that the data we report above are more complete (per the authors)… and the information above is a part of an upcoming pending NE Journal of Medicine research article report.)

Because young people are now experiencing serious blood clots in major organs, the doctors believe that COVID-19 disease not only attacks nose, lung & throat lining cells … but that COVID-19 disease has ALSO been attacking the linings of our blood vessels … creating serious clots.

For further context:
Just last week,  a report in the British medical journal, the Lancet, also described how the cells lining our blood vessels are now being attacked by COVID-19 disease.

It is particularly troubling when we COMBINE these latest    very troubling facts    (facts that medical doctors are just now paying attention to )… with the further fact that very young people,  particularly teens are suffering from serious COVID-19 complications.

Apparently    teen vaping … teen huffing … and teen smoking are also causing serious COVID-19 health complications.

So… REMEMBER  that    COVID-19 is primarily transmitted by modes that
“Social Distancing”…   hand washing … and   “sanitizing everything”  have almost NO EFFECT on.

“Social Distancing” … hand washing … and   “sanitizing everything”    do not affect   the highest-risk, most-infectious, PRIMARY mode of catching COVID-19 …

The CDC has been quietly reporting to Doctors and hospital staff:

The highest-risk,  most-infectious way of catching COVID-19   is by breathing ~  inhaling invisible fine mists of highly-infectious fine aerosols from people talking indoors. “

After just one COVID-infected patient talks indoors for just 7 minutes,  they can emit – spew  over  167 COVID-coughs worth   of the nastiest, highest-risk, most-infectious invisible COVID-19 fine aerosols …  and that those fine aerosols persist, highly infectious,  indoors  … for the next 4 – 5 hours.

These nastiest invisible mists of COVID-19 aerosols then   swirl  and circulate out to 30 feet from where the infected person was talking… which means

Medical Doctors previous months of advice … don’t work.

“Social Distancing”  does nothing to protect us from the highest risks of catching COVID-19.

Hand Washing and “sanitize everything” … do nothing to protect us from the highest risks of catching COVID-19.

sneezed droplets

This means … no going out to ANY public indoor places
… for the next 6 months to a year…  (when-if we get a good vaccine) …. unless you wear a good medical-grade mask.

ONLY a GOOD  medical grade mask can protect you at the grocery store,   at the mini-mart or OXXO,   and even at work indoors…

Email us at steven.m.fry for details on how to get a good proven ultra-high efficiency medical-grade mask for between $4 ea  (large orders)  and $12 each (small orders).

medical workers in masks

and yes, these masks are comfortable,  made of soft surgical barrier cloth … and are gently hand-washable up to 70 times … for up to 7 months of light use.

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WHO Studies Show We get NO Significant Immunity to COVID-19

April 27, 2020

” The UN World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that there is currently   no evidence    that people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection. “

When getting an disease .. leaves us with no real immunity … no effective antibodies … then it’s like cutting your finger…

Just because you cut your finger once, does not mean you will ~magically~ never cut your finger again.

Consider how Dengue Virus … keeps re-infecting the same people, over & over & over … for decades…

as the Dengue Virus symptoms get much worse with every new re-infection.

THAT’s TERRIFYING news to us scientists – because it means that there is no “herd immunity” being formed …

and it means that all the people who took risks… and got COVID-19 … can go out across the USA … and get COVID-19 … AGAIN…. and spread it to yet more people

for months … and months … and months… until there are COVID-19 vaccines.

as the US States send people back into the public indoor areas … without effective medical-grade masks.

GET A superb medical grade mask… to protect yourself over the coming 6 – 12 months of continuing COVID-19.

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