Mexico’s National Baseball Team into the Olympics !

Nov. 16, 2019

Mexico beats the USA in extra innings … to advance … as just 1 of 6 teams … into the 2020 OLYMPICS !!

Mexico Baseball into Olympics

Before we go to the official MLB recap … note that the USA was   ahead   the whole game … Going up 1:0  in the top of the 2’nd  …  then… finally Mexico tied,  1:1 in the bottom of the 6’th  … then  top of the 7’th …  Vaughn sped around third and made it home just ahead of the throw ….  2:1 …  staying @ 2:1 through the bottom of the ninth …

Bottom of the ninth … with their Olympic bid   slipping away 

Mexico’s Matthew Clark  (a Mexican-American professional of the Bravos de Leon)
CRUSHED ~ a   solo   HOME RUN … to  tie  the game.

I’ll leave it to the official MLB Recap to describe the ending … 😉

” … In the Bronze Medal Game of the Premier12 tournament in Tokyo, Mexico defeated USA, 3-2, in 10 innings to earn a spot in the 2020 Olympic Games.

The WBSC rules for the event called for runners on first and second to begin each extra inning. Red Sox prospect Bobby Dalbec, who drove in a run earlier in the game for the United States, opened the inning with a perfect sacrifice bunt, which was followed by an intentional walk. Mexico’s Carlos Bustamante, a 25-year-old pitcher who spent some time in the D-backs’ system, came up clutch with a strikeout and a popout to end the inning tied at 2-2 despite entering with a pair of runners on and no one out.

Mexico would not falter  with the same advantage presented to it in the bottom half of the frame, as a sacrifice bunt and an intentional walk were followed by a broken-bat single to center by former Angel Efren Navarro to plate the game-winning run to earn Mexico a spot at Tokyo 2020. ” **

A broken-bat bloop single    WINS THE GAME !!!

Here’s an official video of the highlights:

**The Rest of the Story …
The United States will have another chance to qualify for the Olympics via the Americas Qualifier, held in Arizona in March 2020, where the winner will advance to the Tokyo Games, and the second- and third-place nations will be placed into the Final Qualifying Tournament for … one last chance  … to earn a berth in the Olympics.


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Gas Stove Problems … Not able to simmer or braise ??

Nov. 14, 2019
Roughly every 2 months, there’s a post on expat forums complaining that their gas stove doesn’t all them to get low-low flames for simmering things slowly.

It’s NOT a  “regulator”  problem … It’s NOT a  “propane vs Natural Gas ”  problem … It’s NOT a  “Call a plumber”  problem  … It’s not a  “Buy a new stove with lower BTU burners”  problem … It’s not a “Use an electric hot-plate to do low simmer”  problem. … 😉

… The real real problem is just in   how you adjust   the burner dial. 😉

If the burners light fine and run well on normal higher settings … then you have the correct regulator & correct orafices (in the burners), and correct gas … because the stove lights & operates.

Want to avoid this? 

The problem is that there’s no low “simmer” normal setting on your burner control dial … Instead, you simply needs to use a little trick to get the low low “simmer” flames:

Low flame trick:
Light the burner … Turn the dial clock-wise to the High Flame “stop” position (burner on FULL – High) … Next… Push in the dial slightly, and ~continue~ turning the dial clockwise to get a low low flame.

Note: Don’t use a fan anywhere near the stove when using this trick to get the super low flames, … Don’t blow out the weak low flame. 😉

Enjoy cooking … simmering … braising … by using this simple ~safe~ low-flame special-setting trick . 😉

and yes, Virginia … Over 80% of the stoves in North America are made by Mabe (regardless of the name-plate brand) … so this nice trick works on basically all  Mabe, GE, Acros* etc brand stoves in the Americas. 😉

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British Museum’s Maya Collection now On-Line!

October 24, 2019

The British Museum has digitized a big part of their extensive Maya collection, and put ~some~ of it on-line for us to look at.

Here are some LINKS to click, to check out some of it:

Guatemalan Maya Masks & Stelae:
(They get especially cool about 7 slides into the show)

Maya Collection Image

Untangling Maya Glyphs & Maya Codices … Learning to read dates, names & events:

A Brief History of the British Museums Maya Collection:

Maya Collection Image2

The British Museums official Maya Collection Website:

Enjoy !!
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Dengue Cases Increasing … Practical Protection Actions ?

October 19, 2019
Curiously, we got an anxious PM (FB chat) message & phone call from an expat here in Merida, from Clinica de Merida, whose daughter was admitted just last night for a 40.6ºC (105ºF) fever … needing a transfusion of platelets … aka plaquetes …**

So … Dengue Fever infections are being transmitted ~now~ in Merida. … Take precautions …

This is the Worst Dengue Year in Nearly a Decade. It May Get Worse from Here.

Educate yourself on how to protect your families from Dengue risks … See the ~”How To Avoid Dengue”~ articles listed below.

**FORTUNATELY, she was not bleeding from nose, eyes, gums or stomach (GI system), and she had no DSS symptoms (no fluid in the lungs, no shock symptoms) … If a family member has Dengue symptoms (high fever, plus possibly achy joints) ~Pay special attention~ to their symptoms on Days #4 – #6, because that’s when the real health risks happen.

Education … and actions … are the keys to staying safe. 😉

= = = = = = = =
~ If someone in your household (or neighbors) gets Dengue … SPRAY YOUR HOME carefully to eliminate mosquitoes that may (likely) be infected with Dengue virus to protect your family & friends.

… Past studies show up to 95% of household members get subsequent Dengue infections, when one member is bitten by a Dengue-infected mosquito. … Those Dengue-infected female mosquitoes can easily live ANOTHER 10 to 30 more days – biting other household members & biting neighbors (because the females go back outside to lay their eggs).

~ SPRAY every room carefully with typical mosquito killing ~indoor~ sprays … like H24 … Aedes aegyptii mosquitoes LOVE to hide underneath furniture … in with our clothes (lightly-stinky from our body-odor residues) … and up by the ceiling … So, FOCUS the spraying on those areas … briskly moving-disturbing the clothes when spraying them.

~ Check ALL screens & doors to find & block even small holes that mosquitoes can enter. …. You can cut little pieces of fiberglass screen material, to fold & fit … to block the gaps, openings, tears & spaces …

~ We personally have nylon sheer curtains over our exterior doorways … weighted at the bottom corners (to hold the curtain closed over the doorway) … because the mosquitoes LOVE to ride in on our backs, and fly-in in our wake … as we enter the house.

~ ELIMINATE or treat ALL water that stands more than 5 days. … fresh Aedes aegyptii hatch out & fly in just 7 days of only 1 tbsp of standing water here … Plus: Pay special attention to   flower-pot drip trays,   bits of old crockery,   bits of poly*styrene pkging   or even small pieces of plastic trash & plastic bags …

~ Treating water that stands for more than 7 days? … There are 2 good larvicides that kill all the mosquito larvae in standing water:   Copper Sulfate (-trihydrate or pentahydrate crystals)  ~ works permanently ~ … or Abate (lasts for 3 months) …  Note that after checking 12 different ag-chemical stores & pesticide vendors, there’s no Abate tablets~puck~pellets available in Merida … so use Copper Sulfate. … Just 1 or 2 crystals in a tire kills larvae for years. … AND   for swimming pools or fountains, your chlorine disinfectant is enough … AND for unused (drained) pools or fountains with standing water, Copper Sulfate (‎ CuSO4 – 5H2O ) works GREAT at just 3 ppm (3 mg/L) levels.

For both mosquito & algae control in pools and fountains, just 1½ tablespoons of the pretty blue crystals of ‎Copper Sulfate (… CuSO4-5H2O  or ‎CuSO4 – 3H2O … ) in 30,000L of pool water works great & is very safe   (per WHO, EPA & US State Health Depts).

See this good article for additional ways to protect yourself & your loved ones:…/dengue-fact-sheet/

= = = = = = =

Yes, I am available for PMs & chats on Facebook … Please read the “Dengue Fact Sheet” (see second link below) … first.

Plus … Two good sites:


Dengue Fact Sheet:

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Fall 2019 Time Change for Mexico !

October 17, 2019
Making travel plans? **
It’s time again to turn   ~back~  the clocks in Mexico 1 hour, in TWO WEEKS … Sunday AM Oct. 27, 2019.

The U.S. will wait another week (Nov 3)  … so TV schedules for people watching the World Series & other USA or Canadian TV will be screwed up for a week.

*Also note that CANCUN does not change it’s clocks … so if you are flying into or out of Cancun … or taking a bus to or from Cancun, then pay SPECIAL ATTENTION to the actual bus~flight times.

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One Way Ticket Problems for US Travel and Entering Mexico

October 17, 2019

The question of “open-jawed” ONE-WAY tickets for coming into Mexico, or traveling through USA airports … keeps cropping up on internet & travel forums.

Any airline clerk MIGHT & sometimes-do challenge your right to fly (or to continue flying) into Mexico, when you only have a 1 way ticket. … This is an especially BIG problem for foreigners traveling to Mexico on itineraries that include layovers or stops & plane changes in the USA.     It’s no fun when an airline clerk (or TSA scanner or Immigration agent) sends you back ‘home’, just because you don’t have a paid ticket for a return flight.

The USA, including USCIS immigration authorities & CBP also do sometimes seriously hassle, delay, and even detain some foreigners flying on just one-way tickets.  Sadly, the TSA screeners, CBP agents, ICE cops & Immigration agents even deny some onward-travel, and forcibly put people on flights back to their origination-airport.  …

Use a company that simply creates a temporary return ticket, that gives you valid proof of onward travel. …Example: consider They’re a travel agency that books you a 100% real flight ticket that is valid for 48 hours.

Instead of paying the full price for the ticket, you only pay a $12 service fee. 😉

If you get hung up at an airport,  or at a TSA screening post … or with USCIS-CBP … It takes less than 5 minutes to create a fully legal, legitimate “return ticket”. 😉

Happy Trails,


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US Border Patrol & ICE Cracking Down On CBD Oil & on Admissions of Past Pot Smoking

In the recent past, literal thousands of Canadians have been denied entry to the U.S. simply for admitting they’ve smoked a joint once in their lives, but US Homeland Security and their “officers” of the CPB & ICE … have RAISED THE BAR …

Just 4 days ago, U.S. border “protection” barred a young Canadian woman from crossing the border when they found medical CBD oil (cannabidiol) for her extreme scoliosis pain … in her backpack … BANNING HER FOR LIFE from ever entering the USA …

For people who don’t know, CBD oil is a medical product from Hemp … It is a nonpsychoactive natural product of the cannabis plant … used by the young Canadian lady to treat the great pains of scoliosis.

“… The woman, who has asked not to be identified by CBC News pending the outcome of an application for reentry, is the latest Canadian to face border troubles after Canada legalized cannabis last year.

Thousands of Canadians have been denied entry to the U.S. simply for admitting they’ve smoked a joint once in their lives. Others have been banned from entering the country for life for carrying cannabis products to the border — a punishment that this unsuspecting CBD oil user could now face as well, according to immigration experts. ”

The Consequences?
Many millions of ordinary Mexicans & Canadians … should now beware of entering … or even changing planes in the USA.

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