Satellite TV Information June 2 Update

The changeover from Echostar 7 to Echostar 14 at the 119W satellite position has continued to whack some US Dish Network clients with a big stick, eliminating access to many channels across much of Mexico, and now shifting local South Florida channels to spot beams.

Since Dish Network has shifted these local channels to spot beams, and the spot beam is so narrow (by design) that it is not received in Yucatan, then the only practical ways to get ABC, NBC, CBS, & Fox is to either set up a remote account for a motor home (required to provide a copy of current motor home registration) or shift your Dish Network account to the Chicago broadcast area or the Denver broadcast area to receive their CONUS beams, or get DirecTV service out of the LA area. New York also does have CONUS beams for their major local stations, but New York signals are weak in Yucatan, and takes a 2.4 m dish to get their weaker signals.

Dish Networks Denver and Chicago’s CONUS beams can be received with a much smaller dish (75 cm) at 110w satellite.

If those options don’t fit your needs, you might consider using Shaw Direct out of Canada.

For purely scientific reasons, we’d love for people from around North America report their locations, dish size, and 119W signal strengths by transponder number as things change over the next few weeks.

Reader feedback about Shaw Direct?

What a great hobby!
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