Striking New COVID News, Including COVID’s Affects on the Young

August 5, 2021

The latest COVID vaccine results out of the UK are striking:

~ Young people (13 – 24 yrs) now have 9X times higher rates of getting COVID than people over age 75, based on PCR testing of 98,233 patients.

Why? … Young people’s much 9X higher rates of COVID are most likely due to young people’s risky behaviors versus older people who take more precautions. … This means that the argument

“I’m young & healthy, so I don’t need a vaccine.”

… is wrong, by 9X fold …
Which means we need to keep wearing tight-fitting medical grade masks & socially distancing, even when vaccinated.

~ COVID’s highest infection rates are now found in young people aged 13 to 24 years (1.56% with positive PCR tests), while the lowest were in people aged above 75 years… down at 0.17% with positive PCR tests for old people.

~ An unvaccinated person is now 3X times more likely to get COVID than a person getting the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine:   Only 0.40% of those fully vaccinated by AZ were found to be COVID-positive, compared to 1.21% of unvaccinated people.


~ AstraZeneca** fully-vaccinated people were just half as likely to test positive ( 3.84% ) after coming into contact with someone who had COVID-19 than unvaccinated people ( 7.23% )…

3.84% per cent of 98,233 PCR tests, compared to 7.23% is pretty striking … but these results are for the more-poorly performing Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. … AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine gives just 56% protection from COVID when the 2 vaccine doses are given 30 days apart.**

~ Finally, fully vaccinated people’s results show that they are much less likely to transmit COVID to others, because vaccinated people having a smaller viral load (on average) and therefore vaccinated people are likely shedding less virus.

**AstraZeneca announced in February, 2021 that AZ jabbed patients need to wait at least 84 days between injections, to get the 76% protection. … and yes, the 56% protection by normal AZ doses given just 30 days apart, is far far lower than Pfizer, Sinovac, or Moderna – whose protection has been measured up at roughly 93%.

So, YES, get vaccinated … because even the lowest-performing vaccines are giving 3X better protection, than no vaccine … and … getting a superb Pfizer or Moderna vaccine gives 5X better protection than being unvaccinated.

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