Economic Knowledge (cont.)

Econ Journal Watch reports some interesting findings from a 2008 survey of 4,835 American adults:   Economic Enlightenment… as reported here on Surviving Yucatan as:   Economic IQ & Political Ideology

This article offers additional results for economic knowledge as correlated with political/religious/Nascar/Walmart affiliations from the same study.      The first article on Economic Knowledge describes the study’s questions and how self-described Progressives and Liberals scored the worse than 80 other groups on a simple 8 question quiz on basic Economics and Finance: where Progressives and Liberals scored far worse (typically 2X – 4X worse) than all 80 other groups, performing better than only Green Party members.

Almost all of these results had Standard Errors of less than +/- 1% (as a single percentage point) of actual variation.

The Average % wrong answers was 37% +/- 0.4% wrong, so, the reader can compare the numbers below, determining if individual %’s were better than (less than) the 37% Average or worse than (greater than) the 37% Average wrong.

Continuing from the first Surviving Yucatan article on Economic Knowledge (where % wrong shows a lack of economic and fiscal knowledge).

Suburban & Rural Participants (35% wrong) vs Large and Small City Dwellers (39% wrong).

2008 Presidential Voting Record:  Obama Voters (58% wrong),  Nader Voters (61% wrong), McCain voters (20% wrong)

Political Party:   Democrats (57% wrong), Republican (20% wrong), Independent (38% wrong), Libertarian (16% wrong), Green (74% wrong).

Self Identified Race:  White (37% wrong),  African American (53% wrong),  Asian / Pacific (32% wrong),  Arab American (39% wrong), Latino/Hispanic (41% wrong).

Self Identified Religion:  Catholic (34% wrong),  Protestant (30% wrong),  Jewish (44% wrong),  Muslim (41% wrong),  Atheist (24% wrong),  Other/No Affiliation (51% wrong)

Regular Attendance of Religious Worship:  At least once a week (29% wrong),  Rarely (39% wrong),  Never (48% wrong).

Union Membership in the Household:  Union Member in Household (45% wrong),   No/Not Sure (36% wrong)

Marital Status:  Married (34% wrong),   Single  (43% wrong),   Div/Wid/Separated (43% wrong),
Civic Union/Domestic Partnership (51% wrong)

Resident of:   “My City/Town” (36% wrong),  “America” (28% wrong),   “The Planet Earth”  (57% wrong)

Member of Armed Forces in Household:  Yes (33% wrong),   No  (38% wrong)

Nascar Fan:   Yes (30% wrong),   No (43% wrong)

Shop at Walmart:   Every Week (28% wrong),  Few Times per Month (31% wrong),  Few Times per Year (37% wrong),    Never (53% wrong)

Gender:   Male (33% wrong),   Female (45% wrong)

So,  it appears that Walmart Shopping, Rural, McCain voting Libertarian, White, Male, Atheist, Non-Union, Military Supporting, Married, Nascar Fans have the highest levels of economic and fiscal knowledge   and

City Living, Union Supporting, non-Military, Non-Religious, Unmarried African American Women who are Residents of the Planet Earth, who also avoid Walmart like the Plague   are the least economically and fiscally aware???

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