Useful Mexican Websites:

List of Aduana Locations across Mexico:

May 22, 2018 Update:
The basic principles of Mexican labor law are described here:

Jan. 5, 2018 Update
Here’s the link to SAT to get an RFC online:

Users are cautioned that this SAT webpage can only be used ONCE to get an RFC for each applicant – so once you sign in,  be sure to complete the process and print out your copy of the RFC during THAT one internet session,  or you will have to go to a SAT office to get an official copy.  Our choice?   Print the RFC value to a file, and save 2 copies of that file (e.g. save one file copy on your computer’s HDD, and one copy on a USB memory stick).

SAT also offers tax information in English on these pages:   General
& for sale of a home:

RFC Notes: 
~ The RFC’s issued by banks et al are generally NOT legitimate – as the Mexican banks just select random values. … Ignore bank created RFCs,  and get your official legitimate one from SAT.
~  You must have a valid CURP to apply for the RFC.  Generally, foreigners can find their CURP number on their visa card (Residente Temporal or Permanente).

Banjercito Link to get your TIP Online

Shipping Drugs or Medical Equipment
Shipping drugs, medications, medical equipment etc require an import permit from COFEPRIS (Federal Commission for Protection Against Health Risks). A copy of the COFEPRIS approved permit must be in the package with the device when it arrives at Aduana. This is true for any device that arrives by itself, not in the company of its owner or someone else when entering Mexico. In the past COFEPRIS has taken 6-8 weeks to process import permit applications .

Start at the COFEPRIS link  “Permiso sanitario de importación de dispositivos médicos para uso personal ”  (“Medical Import Permit for Medical Devices for Personal Use”)

Bringing Medicines, Medical Supplies & Medical Equipment into Mexico:
When flying or driving into Mexico, only some medicines are allowed, while others are prohibited.**  Consult the following websites for lists of controlled substances in Mexico: … Specifically, check the “Lista Amarilla,” “Lista Verde,” and “Lista Roja”.
Lista Amarilla:

Lista Verde:

Lista Roja:

and .

For COFEPRIS allowed medications, we must have a current written prescription from a Doctor when entering Mexico with prescription medicines.

**It is illegal to bring even some common over-the-counter medicines into Mexico. The prohibited medications include inhalers, some allergy and sinus medications. Products that contain stimulants are prohibited. specifically medicines that contain pseudoephedrine, (such as Actifed, Sudafed, and Vicks inhalers), or codeine are prohibited.


April 10, 2017 Update
Since Jan. 1, 2017, Mexican Customs (Aduana) has been enforcing the ‘antiparasite treatment’ requirements for importing pets into Mexico.
(See this Yucalandia link for more details: )

Here’s the USDA APHIS official weblink for information on this. Consider ‘Option B’ …

Dec. 7, 2016 Update
In addition to all the good past website links below,  Here’s a fresh link to the SAT / Aduana website for checking the status of your temporarily imported car permit status (aka TIP, aka Permiso de Importación de Vehiculo Temporal):

Route Planner website for Mexico, with   TOLL PRICES,  estimated times,  distances and costs: rollerUI?action=cmdEscogeRuta

Sept. 14, 2015 Update
No explanations needed…

~ Seguro Popular 2012 Universal Catalogue of Health Services:

~ Labor law on firing employees:
~ Need an RFC? (to meet the new Sept. 1, 2014 CURP and RFC requirements for buying or selling Mexican real estate) …
If you  have a  CURP (from INM),   then use this SAT website:

Other types~categories of RFCs (like “RFC DE TRABAJADORES” … or “RFC DE PERSONAS FÍSICAS.”

If you want to  check   your CURP and your INM NUE (the number from the back of your INM residency visa card), go here:

and here’s a second link for looking up CURPs:

If you have a CURP, then go to this SAT webpage for Official Instructions on using your CURP to get a real (not-the-bank’s) RFC issued to you:  …

You can then go directly to  your final SAT page destination:

or go to this SAT webpage:

Select “RFC” ,  then select “Inscripción”  and then click “Con CURP
All of that takes you to your final SAT page destination:
where you enter your data and get your RFC.

Why did I describe all the steps of clicking different pages to get to the RFC destination page?   Because the Mexican Government keeps moving our cheese – killing off the final destination webpages – causing our ultimate-destination links to break – but if you know the major (unchanging) SAT webpages, then you can find where SAT moved the cheese to.

~ Items prohibited for shipping into Mexico and items prohibited for shipping inside Mexico:

~ Lost your Curp? ~ Not sure you have a CURP?
~  or

~ Check your CURP number:
and print an official copy.

~ Aduana VIN and Pedimento Checker (to see if a car was successfully imported): CONSULTA RÁPIDA DE PEDIMENTO ESPECÍFICO

~ SEGOB’s auto / vehicle permit ID checker (to see if your’s is still valid – or if it is a fake or clone of someone else’s vehicle):

~ SAT’s website VIN checker:

~ SRE’s webpage for applying for naturalized citizenship:>

~ SRE’s webpage for the 100 question pool used for the citizenship exam:

~ Need help with TIP problems, Aduana DF: Lic. Karen Villaseñor 01-55-5802-0000 x46889 Administracion Central — 01-55-5802-2069

~  Aduana/SAT’s “Reference Values” for used cars:

~ Mexican Govt’s official VIN Checker with import duties:

~ SAT information for importing Classic Cars:

~ The Banjercito website for checking deposit costs for Temporarily Imported Permits for cars.

~  Want a point to point route planner for traveling Mexican highways? This site gives a good start, but be sure to check these government-programmed routes against another map (Guia Roji), as this site has a few errors:

~ SAT/Aduana Operations Manual for Temporarily Imported Vehicles, page 45, Sec. 17-17.4 “Manual Importacion de Vehiculos”

~   SAT Vehicle TIP Permit Checker

~   Aduana and SAT Rules to Carry In the Car If Your TIP was Issued before June 11, 2011, Ley Aduanera Article 106 and SAT Manual de Operación para la Importación Temporal de Vehículos Sec. 17

~ Retorno Seguro Permits: “Safely Returning Autos to the USA”

~ Ley Aduanera: Dec. 9, 2013

~ Aduana/SAT website for Permanent auto imports: Importaciones definitivas de automóvilies usuados

~ Aduana/SAT website for Temporary auto imports: Importación temporal de vehículos

~  What Happens if Your Foreign Plated Car is Stolen? … …. SURPRISE ! @#%&***!!

~  Unexpected Effects of Having a Trailer with Your Car’s Temporary Import Permit (TIP)

~   SAT -Directory of Banjercito Locations for Importing Cars

~ Aduanas del Pais to get current contact information for ALL Aduana offices across Mexico.

…. and that’s all for today.

*     *     *    *

Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
© Steven M. Fry
Read-on MacDuff . . .


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