Mexican Government Website to Register to Get the COVID Vaccine

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January 13, 2021

We’ve had many people in FB expat groups asking how & when they can get “The Vaccine” here in Yucatan – as they hoped to maybe get it in January or February.

Merida just received our first 9,750 doses of COVID … as a part of 94,000 new vaccinations nationally today. This brings Mexico’s total of (partly) vaccinated people to 197,000 – so with our finally receiving 435,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine earlier this week (in Mexico City), our COVID vaccination program is getting underway.

Note that those 435,000 doses will go to the highest priority places in Mexico with the worst COVID-19 problems: Mexico City & Coahuila.

In the meantime, if you want to try to get registered into the Mex. Gob. Vaccination Registration system, you can use your CURP to fill out a web-form to sign up for a future appointment to get vaccinated. … Right now, the registration system is only issuing appointments for private hospital front-line medical personnel – but is expected to soon(?) start issuing appointments for people over age 79, in the areas worst hit by COVID.

The official Govt. Website describes:

¿Cómo registrarse para la vacunación?
Para el registro de vacunación contra el Covid-19 es necesario acceder con tu CURP al sitio Cabe recalcar que por ahora el registro solo está disponible para el personal de salud y personas de la tercera edad.

Dónde me toca ponerme la vacuna?
Al realizar el registro se enviará un correo electrónico el cual contiene los datos de fecha, lugar y horario el cual se debe asistir para la aplicación de la vacuna.

In English:
How to register for vaccination?
To register the vaccination against Covid-19 it is necessary to access the site using your CURP. It should be noted that for now the registry is only available to health personnel and the elderly (above age 80). “

Where do I get the vaccine?
When registering, the website will send you an email will be sent containing the date, place and time for you to go get your vaccination.”

Many fields in the Vaccination Registration website are clear… CURP, Your Name, Your Address, etc … Still … Because there are number of fields to fill out and options to ~click~, we suggest you have someone who reads & understands Spanish to help you fill it out. … For example, you have to identify what category you are in, for prioritization – … where for example, you would not want to register as “a private physican”.

You also ~click~ choose options-items that describe your current pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease etc – that play a role in assigning your prioritization.

Please note that we only just now watched tonight’s Federal Govt’s official PPT presentation on using the Vaccination Registrations system – and have not yet tried the system – as we are not over age 79. 😉

Official Prioritization Schedule:

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Finally please note that our previous report on COVID Vaccine Availablity in Mexico
contains lots of details about which COVID vaccines will likely become available during the next 4 months.

For details, see:

As a part of our last 10 months of up-to-date COVID information coverage, we will continue to provide updates as they come up.

Dr. Steven M. Fry
Ph.D. in Measurement & Laboratory Science, Chemistry, Public Health, and Aerosol Science

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4 Responses to Mexican Government Website to Register to Get the COVID Vaccine

  1. Jerry Moomaw says:

    Thanks for the great info.

  2. tojoeinps says:

    Another Gracias to you, Dr. Fry. Please continue to keep us so well posted.

    Joe Tompkins

  3. ph1tx says:

    wearjet has a chart for many cities where it flies …where to get tested

  4. Eric Chaffee says:

    Hi Steve,
    A clarification, please:
    I’ve always thought of a CURP as something like a Mexican social security number. Do non-citizens (eg: residentes permanantes) have a CURP?
    MeridaGOround dot com
    Latest: MEL’s COOKBOOK

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