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SAT Clarifies Mexican Income Taxes for Foreigners

Sept. 16, 2017 Update Taxes and death are the two things most people want to avoid, but here at Yucalandia we suffer from a peculiar malady of grimacing and facing-off with distasteful-but-necessary issues.  We recently addressed Death** ,  so, now … Continue reading

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Updates on Temporary Import Permits from Mexico’s Aduana

Sept. 10, 2017 Aduana agents at various US-Mexico border crossings are shifting their stance on whether the US state registration paper is sufficient to get a Temporary Import Permit for US-plated vehicles.  In the past, US state registration paperwork was … Continue reading

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143 Million Credit Information Accounts Hacked at Equifax – What to Do

Sept. 9, 2017 **See the end of the article, and the comments for new updates about a class action lawsuit and other new details on protecting our rights.  e.g.  The NY Atty General today asked Equifax to remove their buried … Continue reading

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INM Continues to Increase Enforcement of Restrictions on 6 Month “Tourist” Visas & Taxable Income

Sept. 7, 2017 Update For people who do not track multiple expat forums from around Mexico, there are some real-world updates  that are worth noting regarding both ~ taxes on Mexican sourced income~ and on “tourist” visas. Example:  An acquaintance … Continue reading

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Map of Flooding in Houston

August 27, 2017 Update** Public Service Announcement For anyone who is concerned about specific Houston areas with family~friends, check out this map of red, yellow & green locations and their bayou water levels. Now (9:40 pm Sat.): About 20 points … Continue reading

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Totality … Today’s Total Eclipse … A Wyoming Perspective of the Celestial Dance

August 21, 2017 Today’s eclipse was totality cool.   Scenic Bartlett Ranch NE of Torrington, Wyo had it all: (Fotos below) ~ Temperatures fell 7 degrees. ~ This spring’s calves & their cow-moms quietly got up as totality approached, started … Continue reading

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Requirements for Bringing Medical Supplies, Drugs or Medical Equipment into Mexico

July 27, 2017  Shipping Medical Items into Mexico: Shipping drugs, medications, medical equipment etc require an import permit from COFEPRIS (Federal Commission for Protection Against Health Risks). A copy of the COFEPRIS approved permit must be in the package with … Continue reading

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