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A Foto Tour of Mexican Currency

July 17, 2017 We’d like to share a quick foto-tour of Mexico, where photographer Arturo Ortiz matches the images on our currency to the actual locations … paired with Yucalandia’s thumbnail descriptions of the places & people. ¡ Mil Gracias … Continue reading

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Just another day of … Life in Mexico …

June 21, 2017 Life in Mexico Mexican electricity is it’s own special thing, working reliably for years, and then getting flakey as all-get-out, as some ground on the CFE transformers goes bad, or the transformers go bad, or the tap … Continue reading

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June 2017 Updates to INM Visa Policies

June 13, 2017 Updates ~ INM has changed their policy on Residente Temporal visas with permission to work for a company who have changed to being self employed, as INM now denies renewals when someone changes to self-employment.   INM … Continue reading

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Ancient Bacteria and Viruses Re-Appearing as Global Warming Thaws Frozen Regions

June 13, 2017 In addition to resurrecting deadly Spanish Flu viruses from human bodies …  frozen in the Arctic a mere 100 years ago, plus nasty anthrax from frozen caribou carcasses in the Arctic …  there are some additional interesting … Continue reading

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Yucatec Maya Language … Names of Common Birds & Animals

June 12, 2017 Be sure to turn ON your sound … to hear the Maya pronunciations. . Common Birds of Yucatan Animals of Yucatan  (Quintana Roo) Enjoy ! *       *       *       * … Continue reading

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Life in Yucatan

Want an antidote to all the negative stuff that’s flying around ? …  Life in Yucatan Happy Trails, steve *     *     *     * Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan. © … Continue reading

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Yucatan Peninsula loses power due to rolling blackouts

May 25, 2017 Here’s a video of the initial source~cause of yesterday’s Yucatan Peninsula blackout. Those explosions & fires then triggered lots of other subsequent fires & explosions downstream at local substations across Yucatan. .  

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