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Time to Arrive Early for International Flights ~ Merida, Mexico

Merida Airport News Updates for International Flyers: March 10, 2018 Time to arrive at Merida’s airport (MID) ~ MORE ~ than an hour before flight departure times !   Due to US HOMELAND SECURITY ~ TSA REQUIREMENTS … our Merida … Continue reading

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Jan. 2018 Update to Mexico’s Naturalized Citizenship Exam Requirements

Jan 29, 2018 Update Note … New exam questions are listed in the current updated version of this post at: As reported by Yucalandia on Jan 12, ( ) …  SRE has changed their requirements & policies for … Continue reading

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Mexican Justice System in Transition

January 6, 2018 Mexican Justice System in Transition. There appear to be some unexpected consequences to Mexico’s recent US-backed attempts to apply US protections of criminals “rights” … to the 19’th century Mexican justice system. Under the US-based system: “… … Continue reading

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Patches & Fixes for Intel, AMD & ARM Apple & Microsoft Devices

January 5, 2018 Computer security teams have discovered two separate vulnerabilities in Intel, AMD & ARM brand chips that exploit weaknesses in an essential CPU chip process when pretty much all modern computers try to anticipate what functions the user … Continue reading

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The Christmas Story … revisited.

Tis the Season … For people who enjoy scratching the surface of traditional stories, there are some interesting (yet traditional) translations & understandings of the Jesus-Mary-Joseph birth narrative that don’t necessarily fit our nostalgic memories of “The Christmas Story” … … Continue reading

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Dec. 19 Merida-INM’s Last Open Day for 2017 … Plan Ahead

December 5, 2017 It’s that time of year again ! Our INM visa-issuing offices close every year for the weeks spanning Christmas & New Years: A supervisor at our Merida INM office confirmed that December 19, 2017 is INM’s last … Continue reading

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Merida’s Next Mosquito Control “Junk Day”

November 22, 2017 Descacharrización ! Bring out your junk ! For newbies, this means you can put out your junk, crockery, plastic trash on your Merida street corner for FREE disposal … Put out your trash for pickup before Saturday … Continue reading

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