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Yucatán: Bombas, Beisbol, y Beauty

Just kidding… Actually, there’s a bunch of questions rattling around the around the internet that either seem to go unanswered, partially answered, or require winnowing through 5-10 pages of search results or tons of unrelated posts to find all the necessary tasty bits. I’m a scientist/handy-man/teacher with bit of time on my hands who likes researching things and assembling answers. I’ve enjoyed living here and look forward to offering a bit of what I’ve seen in the Sur Este of Mexico on and off for the last 25 years.

Let’s Declare Open Season on:
House/Car/Appliance Issues in the Tropics
Importing Stuff / Doing Stuff / Official Stuff in Mexico
Bugs/Bunnies/Creepy-Crawlies in Yucatan & the Tropics
Economics & Other Political BS
Maya Culture & Language, and General Tom-Foolery.

If this site’s various posts and ramblings don’t currently cover your interests, give a shout (leave a message), and your question might turn into a dialogue (aka free-for-all) that ultimately touches all the bases. steve

* * * *

” Tu eres buena repostera, nadie lo puede negar.
Lo afirmo por la papaya, que ya me diste a probar. “

* * * *

Somos novios, Pues, los dos sentimos mutuo amor profundo.
Y con eso, Ya ganamos lo más grande de este mundo.

Nos amamos, nos besamos, Como novios, nos deseamos,
Y hasta veces sin motivos, sin razón. Nos enojamos.

“Somos novios . . .”

It amazes me to realize that in another part of the world, Armando would likely have been just another albañil de pueblo.

* * * *
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  • Completed Articles:
    Getting Stopped by the Mexican Police:
    “Give me my Ticket . . . Please ” (“Dame mi multa, por favor.)
    Capital Gains Taxes on Mexican Properties
    Spanish Phrases to Use in an Emergency
    Emergency Numbers for Merida and Yucatan
    Mexican FMMs, FM2s, FM3s: DIY?
    Dengue Fever Information: What to Do?
    A Tale of Three Families: Dengue in Cuba and Mexico
    Dengue Fact Sheet
    Driving in Mexico (cruising?)
    Mexico Driving: What would you do?
    DEET Causes Problems in Humans
    “How to”/Fix-it Tropical Style
    Test Your Toad
    INM’s New Visa Application Procedure
    Mexican Oil: Past, Present, Future
    Prepare Your House for an Extended Absence
    Killer Whale Genetics – Who’s Tastiest?
    Genetic Changes In People with PTSD
    Spanish – English False Cognates
    US – Mexico – China Oil Policies and the Peso
    Salmonella Salmonella & Parasite Food Contamination in Mexico
    Food Contamination in Mexico
    Satellite TV Information
    Satellite TV Information June 2 Update
    New INM FM2 FM3 Procedures June 2’nd Update

    * * * *

    Feel free to copy with proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
    © Steven M. Fry

    Read-on MacDuff . . .

    Bring on the Questions  &  Comments!

    Let the Games   (ooops:  Dialogue)   Begin . . .

    12 Responses to Site Purpose

    1. Pingback: Nope, It’s Not Another Blog on “My Life in Mexico” | Surviving Yucatan

    2. Susan says:

      Hi “Wiz” – You’ve been missed! You’re such a great resource, and I’m so glad to see that you’ve started your own site. In the past, I seem to recall that you’ve offered information on where people can take their water to get it tested. Maybe you could do a post on this topic? We are “moving” in next month, and I’m concerned about the water quality in the tinaco and our well. Thanks!

    3. calliope101 says:

      Hi, Steve,

      So glad to see you’ve started your own blog, where I can come to find your well-researched and detailed information. I am driving to the Yucatan from Canada with my common-law husband, and I am wondering if we should get the vehicle registered in both our names, or if common-law marriages are recognized in Mexico, re the registered owner of the vehicle or their spouse may legally drive said vehicle in Mexico. Any information you could give me on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

      • yucalandia says:

        Glad you enjoy our stuff here.
        Good Questions! Mexico does and does not recognize common-law husbands: I know of Notario controlled real estate transactions where the Mexican (home owner) common law husband was not listed on any of the property ownership documents, but the Notarios were careful to separately list both hers and his portions of the sale proceeds, and to direct his percentage of the sale proceeds to his bank account. Since the application of Mexican Law on less than clear-cut things like this (property ownership of jointly-held common-law marriage property), can be a bit chaotic / erratic, I hesitate to offer any final absolute advice on something like this that may have one set of official rules, and yet a second set of actual applications in real life.

        Off the top of my head, I cannot see how it would be a problem if you have the car titled and registered in both of your names, especially if he is with you at the border crossing into Mexico. Mexico Aduanas has been known to require written permission from all owners (and lien-holders too) listed on a title of vehicles that are brought into Mexico. If your common law husband is listed on the title as an owner, and he approves of bringing the vehicle into Mexico, then he is also clearly legally allowed to drive your foreign plated car that has been brought into Mexico under an FM3 or FM2. If he is not listed on the title and registration, then the Mexican authorities/police could claim that he is not an immediate family member and is hence not permitted to drive a vehicle imported under an FM3 or FM2. The issue of him being permitted to drive the car under your FM3 or FM2 would seem to tilt the scales in favor of listing him on the registration & title (???)

        I am confident that a number of other readers, like Jonna & Mimi have very good experience on how to make this issue work, as they have been bringing-in and driving vehicles in Mexico for decades as a couple with less than full legal marriage status. You might send them a personal message at: .

        Clear as mud?

        • calliope101 says:


          Clear as a bell, actually, as always! I appreciate getting your take on this, and thanks for the referral to Jonna and Mimi. I shall drop them a line. You have touched on the potential problem I was considering, i.e., how to actually even prove a common-law relationship in that scenario.


          Linda 🙂

    4. Ben says:

      Hi Steve,

      I was hoping to get some information on how to obtain an Entry Permit. I have a friend who would like to get a Tourist visa to Mexico, but was informed by the Mexican Embassy that a “Permiso De Internacion” is required for approval of Tourist Visa. I couldnt find any information regarding the process online (searched in English).


    5. Ben says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for taking your time and getting me some information regarding the Mexican Embassy in DR. However, my friend had already contacted them and she was informed that in order for her to receive a Tourist Visa, she would need to get an Entry Permit (“Permiso De Internacion”). I believe it means that a Mexican citizen will be financially reliable for her for the duration of her visit to Mexico, and insuring that she will leave once her visa expires.This is actually what i was hoping to get more information on. How to obtain the Entry Permit, requirements for applicants, documents needed, time of processing, cost, etc…
      I have tried calling different Mexican Embassy’s myself, but I have found it impossible to get a hold of anyone that can answer my questions.


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