Salmonella & Parasite Food Contamination in Mexico

Montezuma’s Revenge?      Moctezuma’s Revenge?
Reasons to take antibiotics or OTC semi-annual parasite treatments?

Here are a few observations from nationwide studies conducted by the US CDC, NIH, Mexican hospitals, and Mexican Medical Schools suggest why both tourists and ex-pats NOB hygiene habits don’t work so well here in the Tropics.

Over 40% of Yucatecans have no bathroom / septic system facilities,   25% are basically illiterate, and across Mexico:

Figure 1.  . . . (cont) . . .
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Salmonella & Parasite Food Contamination in Mexico
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1 Response to Salmonella & Parasite Food Contamination in Mexico

  1. Y-K says:

    People could always move to Louisiana instead of Mexico. Louisiana’s high school graduation rate is all the way up to 64.8% now. Louisiana’s salmonella rate was 20 per 100K in 2007, while the avg. incidence in the U.S. was 14.92 per 100K. But – Look what may be increasing the rate! Louisiana has several large centers whose sole purpose is to investigate salmonella in order to keep seafood safe. By Louisiana law, all cases and even suspected cases must be reported within 24 hours. This leads to higher rates as a function of greater levels of reporting… as is the case, we suspect, with a number of higher rates of infection in Yucatan. I am very proud of the way Yucatan faces each health issue head on, and of the resolve of the people of Yucatan to be safest state in the country on all fronts.
    {Louisiana info given is from Louisiana Office of Public Health- Infectious Disease Epidemiology Section – Annual Report}

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