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US Healthcare Insurance Requirements for US Expats

Many expats have been discussing the likely impacts of the recently passed US health-care legislation on people who live and work outside the USA. The law now requires that US Citizens meet several requirements to be exempt from getting health … Continue reading

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Economic IQ & Political Ideology

Econ Journal Watch reports some interesting findings from a 2008 survey of 4,835 American adults:    Economic Enlightenment … The surveyors asked randomly selected adults a series of 8 questions to  determine correlations between economic knowledge and: * 2008 presidential vote, … Continue reading

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Satellite TV Information June 2 Update

Update: The changeover from Echostar 7 to Echostar 14 at the 119W satellite position has continued to whack some US Dish Network clients with a big stick, eliminating access to many channels across much of Mexico, and now shifting local … Continue reading

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