Economic IQ & Political Ideology

Econ Journal Watch reports some interesting findings from a 2008 survey of 4,835 American adults:    Economic Enlightenment …

The surveyors asked randomly selected adults a series of 8 questions to  determine correlations between economic knowledge and:

  • * 2008 presidential vote,
    * party affiliation,
    * voting participation,
    * race or ethnic group,
    * urban vs. rural,
    * religious affiliation,
    * religious participation,
    * union membership,
    * marital status,
    * membership in armed forces,
    * NASCAR fandom,
    * membership in the “investor class,”
    * patronage at Wal-Mart,
    * household income, and
    * gender.

Economic “enlightenment” (basic knowledge) was found to have no correlation with going to college.**

In contrast, economic “enlightenment” (basic knowledge) was highly correlated with the participant’s self-identified political ideology. Progressives and Liberals scored very differently than Conservatives and Libertarians.

How did you rank on the questions?***

How did you characterize your political ideology?
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Full text of article can be read at: or access under Pesos, Politics & Propaganda (see header)
Economic IQ & Political Ideology
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