Official Mexican Government Website for Checking License Plates

May 12, 2013
In the latest round of pitfalls facing people who nationalize their foreign plated TIP cars, there are reports out of Chapala that some lawyers and brokers are issuing fake pediments and giving out plates that are off stolen cars. Lic. Spencer McMullin reports that this becomes a big headache for the driver if you are pulled over, and the police find you are driving a car that shows up as being stolen. Police take car theft seriously, and he points out that they may approach the driver with guns drawn…

If you suspect there might be a problems with your plates, you can check them at this Mexican Federal Govt. website:

You enter your Plate Number, VIN, or Folio ID.

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11 Responses to Official Mexican Government Website for Checking License Plates

  1. Julie Hensley & Wayne Criner says:

    Yup got this about a week ago.

    Julie & Wayne Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

  2. Rob Hoare says:

    Interesting site Steve, thanks for mentioning it. My car is OK. 🙂 Just one correction: you only need the plate, OR the VIN, OR one of the other numbers, not “and”.

  3. Ric Hoffman says:

    You can also check the actual pedimento on this site:

  4. Traci Bruner says:

    Why would a plate come back as “PLACA no encontrada, intente con el Número de Identificación Vehicular (NIV)”? Are all Mexico plates entered in this database, or are there some States of Mexico that don’t enter this data?

    • yucalandia says:


      Between 6 years ago and 2 years ago, there were a ton of “facilitators” doing “paper only” imports of 1,000’s of vehicles … buying & creating basically illegal pedimentos … and getting basically illegal license plates & registrations by illegally paying-off govt. officials.

      Was your vehicle originally sold in Mexico … or is it a US or Canadian vehicle, brought into Mexico.

      Sadly, “Sonia” and a number of other well-meaning ‘expert’ ‘facilitators’ made beaucoup $bucks$ processing & selling fake pedimentos and skeezy-shady Mexican plates & registrations.

      Years of Edo de Mexico plates were some of the worst – marketed & sold as “permanent registrations” & “permanent plates” at big profits by these ‘well-intentioned’ facilitators.

      What plates? … What pedimento (or original Mexican dealer factura-invoice) and what state tenencia do you have ?

  5. Stephen says:

    Doesnt work in mexico so it not a mexican item

    • yucalandia says:

      Really ??

      Both links work GREAT

      and I live in Mexico … and just tested it in Mexico (on a Telmex 50 gBps connection) so … IT DOES WORK … and IT IS A MEXICAN item.

      Maybe your computer has a problem.
      Maybe your browser has a problem.
      Maybe your ISP has a problem.
      Happy Trails,

  6. john zimmer says:

    I need a quick way to see if my Jalisco Drivers License is fake. Any searchable database for that?

  7. Manuel Herrera says:

    Buying a 1981 Chevy Truck in Arizona with license plate with Sonora plate # VE-68-028
    How do I know the real owners and if it’s not stolen or damaged

    • yucalandia says:

      There are 2 documents you want to see to verify the ownership and ;egal legitimacy.

      First, a Mexican truck has no title.
      We use the original bill of sale (aka the “factura”) as the documentation of who bought the truck originally.

      Then, people handwrite on the back of that factura, every subsequent sale of the vehicle, listing the name of each successive buyer, and the date of sale. … So, the name of the person selling it to you, should either have their name on the back of the factura recorded as the most recent purchaser, OR the current seller should have an official Mexican Notarized Carta de Poder, in Spanish, signed by the current owner … authorizing the current seller to sell the vehicle (identifying the current seller as the official legal agent for the current owner).

      NEXT … The truck should have a current Sonoran tenencia, or Sonoran tarjeta de circulacion or whatever document the Sonoran state govt issues as the current (annual?) registration document for the vehicle, that goes with issuing the license plate … in the name of the current owner (from the back of the factura).

      NEXT … Check the vehicle’s VIN number against the factura and the tenencia/Tarjeta de Circulacion … to confirm that the paperwork matches the vehicle.

      I think that’s about it… Cheers, Steve

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