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Aduana Foreign Plated Car TIP and Pedimento Systems Updates

APRIL 30, 2013 From across Mexico, there have been reliable but curious reports this past week about Aduana offices telling expats who have foreign-plated cars that they should take the car out of Mexico… through the same Aduana port-of-entry where … Continue reading

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Article 27 Changes Proposed Allowing Foreigners to Own Land in the 50 km Zone

APRIL 24, 2013 The Camara de Diputados has passed changes to Article 27 of the Mexican Constitution affecting fideicomisos, but only parts of the text have been released. This Constitutional amendment still needs approval from the Senate and a majority … Continue reading

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Aduana DF Publishes Rule Prohibiting Residente Permanente from Operating TIP Vehicles

APRIL 24, 2013 A helpful and very reliable reader (Lic. Spencer McMullen of Chapala Law) offered the news that their firm has received the first written notice from Aduana DF ruling that Residente Permanentes are not allowed to have or operate … Continue reading

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Change in Progreso-Aduana Policy ~ Now Approving Residente Temporal TIP Extensions

APRIL 23, 2013 Good News for Residente Temporal-es with Temporarily Import Permit (TIP) foreign-plated vehicles:   Aduana de Progreso now has a procedure in place to extend the expiration dates of the TIP to match your shiny new Residente Temporal cards!  … Continue reading

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Mexican Legistature Plans a Vote this Week on the Fideicomiso Issue

APRIL 21, 2013   Por Esto (not our favorite news source) offers some interesting updates on the Mexican Legislature’s actions on Fideicomisos: version off an El Universal report. Google Translate Version: “Beaches to the highest bidder Foreigners can buy land … Continue reading

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Common Mexican Immigration Questions … as Answered by a Popular Mexican Lawyer

While reading the expat forums from around Mexico last week, I came across this item unanswered set of questions on Yolisto: “Need Immigration Lawyer:   I contacted (Lawyer) Rodrigo and here is the responses I got from him. A permenat … Continue reading

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TioCorp’s Offers to Import Cars Appears to be In Question – Amparo Cancelled?

APRIL 17, 2013 UPDATE: It looks like the TioCorp offer to import TIP cars may be in deep trouble.    TioCorp has not been answering emails for weeks since an April 2, 2014 new Mexican law may have legally closed the … Continue reading

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3 Residente Permanente’s Temporary Import Permit Cars Confiscated

Public Service Announcement from Mazatlan 4/9/2013 Three (3) Temporary Import Permit (TIP) cars owned by Residente Permanentes are reported to be confiscated by the police in Mazatlan. We here at Yucalandia follow reports from numerous expat web forums from around … Continue reading

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