Change in Progreso-Aduana Policy ~ Now Approving Residente Temporal TIP Extensions

APRIL 23, 2013

Good News for Residente Temporal-es with Temporarily Import Permit (TIP) foreign-plated vehicles:   Aduana de Progreso now has a procedure in place to extend the expiration dates of the TIP to match your shiny new Residente Temporal cards!  (as long as you do not have permission to work in Mexico)

A good reader offers the following report:

Hello.. We have just completed the re-approval process for the TIP in Progreso and it has changed from last year. We entered the country on September 23rd, 2011. Last year, with renewed FMs we went to Aduana Progreso to renew our vehicle permit. We used the letter Steve so graciously provided indicating, in Spanish, that we were seeking permission to extend our TIP. As Steve advised, we attached all the requisite copies: Two separate packages including the letter, copy of my husband’s passport as he is the registered owner, copy of his new FM3 and,of course, a copy of our CFE bill. One trip out to have both copies reviewed and stamped, leaving one with Aduana officials. Two days later, trip back out to retrieve the package which now also included a letter from SAT indicating our TIP had been extended for one year. DONE

This year we did the same except that we had to include a mailing address on the letter as Mexico City now decides and will send the answer by mail in 3 weeks. So to save readers an extra trip, I thought I should let you know to include either your mailing address if you have a mail box plus the address of the postal station, or a mailing address for whoever in your life has mail delivery. Remember, if you use a post office box address you must also include the address of the Post Office.

For example, we have a mail box in Progreso so we included the information as follows: Calle XX, No. XXX por XX y XX, Col. Centro, Correos de Mexico, Apartado Postal #38, CP 97320, Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico.
Hope this is helpful.

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24 Responses to Change in Progreso-Aduana Policy ~ Now Approving Residente Temporal TIP Extensions

  1. Sarah says:

    Am not sure how this is a change- last April, after renewing my FM3, I went to the local Aduana office in PV, filled out a form for TIP extension and couriered it, along with all the required copies to Aduana D.F. They also asked for a mailing address and said I would get paperwork back confirming the extension in a couple of weeks. I never got anything back from Aduana. Called them twice, once a month after sending the paperwork, and again 3 months later. They kept telling me it was “in process”. Wasn’t too worried, as I had a stamped copy of the Aviso de Prorroga on my TIP (the paper I sent to DF), that I had filled out in PV.
    However, I did want to make sure the deposit I had made at the border had been held, so I finally emailed Banjercito to see if they had a record of my TIP being extended- they emailed me back the next day confirming that they had received notification from Aduana to hold my deposit. Never did receive anything back from Aduana, so don’t hold your breath on hearing back from them in 3 weeks.

  2. Sarah says:

    On a further note, it is only recently, on all the posts re the current vehicle mess, that I read that a temporary resident with “lucrativa” status supposedly cannot drive a foreign-plated vehicle. I have had temporary lucrativa status for 9 years (altho I just had to go to permanente) and had no issue importing my Canadian-plated vehicle on a TIP, or extending the permit (it said clearly in my old FM3 book and the back of my noinmigrante card, “lucrativa”) . Obviously Aduana didn’t pay any attention to what has been posted about not being able to do that. So instead of worrying all these years that I was doing something illegal- ignorance was bliss!. Now if they’d just take the same “ni modo’ attitude with the permanentes….

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Sarah,
      I think you are confusing Inmigrante (FM2) lucrativa with No Inmigrante (FM3) lucrativa with the new Residente Temporal. There is no single equivalency between them.

      When the Camara de Diputados issued the May 2011 INM law, they condensed 38 categories down to just 9 – which means none of the new INM categories are the same as the previous ones.

      The new Residente Temporal is a blending of the old Inmigrante (FM2) and No Inmigrante (FM3) categories – both being temporary residency permits – with different/incompatible characteristics. Only a very narrow segment of the old Inmigrantes (FM2s) qualified to have foreign plated TIP vehicles (the rentista subcategory), while all of the different working FM2 categories were prohibited from having TIP vehicles, so Aduana has decided that those old working FM2 Inmigrantes still cannot have vehicles. Since Inmigrante (FM2) got bundled with No Inmigrante (FM3), there was no perfect way to harmonize the Aduana rules with the new INM Residente Temporal catch-all category.

      By maintaining the continuity of FM2 lucrativos being prohibited from having TIP vehicles, the old FM3 (No Inmigrante Lucrativos) get caught in the change….? Unfortunately, the “temporary” in Temporary Import Permit, really is … temporary. You do have options for your vehicle: for Foreign-Plated “TIP” Car Owners in Mexico, esp for Permanent Residents .

      Consider contacting Sr. Gerard Uc.

      Hope it works out for you,

      • fred says:


      • Bonita says:

        I will be coming to my home in Mezcales in a few days. I need to renew my FM3 card as it expires June 14. I was thinking about getting the next 3 years when I renew. However, after reading these replies I am thinking maybe I should only get 1 year. I have a car in Mezcales that I brought down last Fall. It is covered and parked in a gated community. I will need to drive it when I arrive. So I am assuming my car is illegal at this point because it had a sticker good for 6 months which has now expired. As long as I have a valid FM3 will that make it legal for me to have this vehicle there? What do I need to do if anything to update the sticker. When I drove the car down last fall I did not have my FM3 with me.
        (It had been misplaced). Any information would be greatly appreciated.

      • yucalandia says:

        Hi Bonita,
        Did you get your TIP on the car with the same visa you have now? Did you change from a 6 month visitor visa to an FM3 with no breaks and no expirations? If so, then your TIP stayed valid, and if so, Aduana DF accepts requests for extensions of TIPs to match the expiration date for at least a year of your new Residente Temporal. Does that all make sense?

      • Bonita says:

        I have had my FM3 since June 2012. I did not have the FM3 with me when I drove the car down so I assume it did not come in under that FM3. My FM3 has not expired and I will renew it when I come down in a few days. Do I then need to go to the Aduana DF to extend the TIP? and make the date match up with my FM3 card?

        Do you suggest getting the FM3 renewed for one year or the remaining 3 all at once. If I got all 3 years wouldn’t that make it a bigger problem for me having a foreign-plated car there because I would be considered permanent? Do I have that right? This is so confusing. Thanks so much for your help.

  3. Lic. Spencer Richard McMullen says:

    Well the car issue has been a hot topic for many people. Just right now we received a response to the vehicle notifications we do for residente permanente where they rejected the persons right to keep their vehicle and said as it was equivalent to inmigrado before and it is for being permanently in Mexico and the vehicle importation is temporary that the person cannot have their vehicle here and must use the retorno seguro to remove it. I have scanned the relevant page we received today. I would advise all residente permanente people to immediately NOT drive their vehicles due to Aduanas oral policy now being in writing, even though it remains a gray area of law to prevent impounding of vehicles in the event of a traffic stop or accident where it may be a hassle to get the vehicle back.

    Click to access SAT%20Permanente.pdf

    • yucalandia says:

      Good point.

      This has been the official ruling out of Aduana DF since Feb. 28, 2013, so, it is nice to see it in writing.

      I am making a post based on this information, so it pops up as a notice for Yucalandia subscribers.

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  5. Michael M Selover says:

    As of 23 April 2013, SAT(Aduana) in Vallarta is not approving my TIP issued under my no inmigrante visa now that I have transitioned to a Residente Temporal. I was told by the person I met with at SAT that they have no authority to issue such an extension and that I need to remove the car from Mexico under a Safe Return Permit. He would not guarantee that I could obtain a new TIP at the border under my current Residente Temporal visa.

    • yucalandia says:

      Friends who entered at Nuevo Laredo in early April using their shiny new Residente Temporal cards, were given a 1 year TIP on their US plated car. It’s only one person, one car, one border crossing – which makes me write “should”. The current local variations on Aduana policies are a huge mess, where there are reports every week of how some local Aduana offices has just changed their policies, again.

      That’s why I write “should”.

  6. Sarah says:

    In reply to Michael Selover- do not deal with PV SAT office on this- Aduana at the airport should have forms to fill out and send off to Aduana central. You are allowed to keep your vehicle here on a temporal. A friend just had her lawyer get her an extension- good until her temporal runs out in Jan. 2016.

    • yucalandia says:

      Correct. Or send in the information yourself with a simple solicitud letter – sent to the Aduana office in DF.

    • Barb Bremner says:

      I have sent all my paperwork to Aduana central on February 7/2013. It is still “in process”. The latest is that they cannot process it because immigration told them my temporal residente card is valid to December 2016. Aduana is claiming this is not possible because the only way it could be valid to December 7/2016 is if it is issued December 7/2013. Apparently they don’t believe I can have a four year card. It’s a struggle to find someone who can help and who understands.

      • Barb Bremner says:

        Well it took from Feb 7 to this past week but my car has been extended to December 2016 to match my temporal residente non lucrative. Hallelujah! I was able to call and speak to an English speaking person who after some discussion was able to tell me that my car had indeed been extended. Based on the fact she provided the same date my resident card was valid to as the extension date I am pretty comfortable it is accurate. (Although I did get a Spanish speaking person to follow up and he also confirmed it ). Bad part is she explained to me they had been sending letters but too many were returned so they would not give me a letter. Sigh.

      • yucalandia says:

        GREAT !

        We are tickled pink that these things are working out for us expats. There was so much negative, grumpy, or down-right angry speculation about these things over the past 8 months, in contrast, it is REALLY GOOD to hear that things are working now.

  7. Sarah says:

    I think some people are confusing SAT with Aduana- as far as I am aware, SAT is the tax office- they deal with forms and payments for different governmental areas, including, but not limited to Aduana, i.e. I go to the SAT office every 2 months to submit my business receipts, they calculate the taxes I have to pay and give me a form to take to the bank and pay. This has nothing to do with Aduana.

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Sarah,
      SAT is the parent organization of Aduana.

      Aduana and Hacienda are smaller divisions within SAT.
      Hacienda is in charge of monies, collections, taxes, etc. Aduana is in charge of customs, and import – export control. If you want the final word on an Aduana issue, check with SAT. e.g. The current operations manual that instructs Aduana on how to handle Temporarily Imported Vehicle Permits is a SAT document, called: SAT Manual de Operación para la Importación Temporal de Vehículos y Motocicletas :

      It is a bit off the mark to say that SAT has nothing to do with Aduana, but your paying of Hacienda taxes/fees etc does have nothing to do with Aduana (as they are brother-sister organizations).

  8. David Porras says:

    Hello. I just received my new Residente Temporal card that replaced my previous FM3.
    However my TIP expired three weeks ago. Can I still apply to Aduana for a TIP extension despite the fact that it has expired?

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi David,
      Since the application letter to register your new expiration date with Aduana DF does not cost anything to file, then I would send the letter. Under the letter of the law, they can turn you down. Under the spirit of the law, they may approve your extension. ~ nothing to lose ~

      Keep a copy in the car along with your Articulo 106 and Articulo 17-17.4, until you hear something from Aduana DF.

  9. Lic. Spencer Richard McMullen says:

    Yes you can notify but put a printout of your immigration history to show you just got your card and applied for the renewal on time so that you did comply and notify within 15 days.

    • yucalandia says:

      Excellent. We have not seen printouts of immigration history. I look forward to going down to our Merida INM office to find out how long they take to provide one.

  10. Miguel says:

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