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Options for Foreign-Plated “TIP” Car Owners in Mexico, esp for Permanent Residents

March 25, 2013 As we speak, Aduana DF is taking actions to get errant local Aduana offices to change their policies and issue extensions for Temporary Resident gringo’s TIP cars (Permiso de Importación Temporal de vehiculo => Temporary Import Permit … Continue reading

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Recent Experiences in the Merida INM Office: Tales of the Residente Permanente

March 22, 2013 Notes on 30 minutes at INM Merida yesterday morning for my first INM visit this year (Residente Permanente application) and Day 2 this morning: 1. INM formally accepted my application for Residente Permanente yesterday morning, as a … Continue reading

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Comparing Tax Rates and Tax Policies for US Earned Income and Mexican Earned Income

March 17, 2013 When a US citizen one considers moving to Mexico, is there a rational approach to figuring out how to minimize our tax burdens?     Can we possibly structure (adjust or control) how & where we work and where … Continue reading

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TAX TIME 2013 ! ~ Summaries of US Tax Laws Affecting Citzens Living Abroad

March 14, 2013 It’s TAX TIME again… With the reporting deadlines for IRS forms 3520 and 3520-A coming tomorrow,   IRS income tax filings coming on April 15,   and Foreign Financial Account filings due in June… we thought you might … Continue reading

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March 4 Update about Contacting Aduana and Your Ambassador re TIP Cars

March 4, 2013 Update There is a report out of San Miguel Allende (SMA) that the US “Consul”, Edward Clancy, has spoken with the head of Aduana about the current issues of foreign-plated cars in Mexico owned by Americans using … Continue reading

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