Recent Experiences in the Merida INM Office: Tales of the Residente Permanente

March 22, 2013
Notes on 30 minutes at INM Merida yesterday morning for my first INM visit this year (Residente Permanente application) and Day 2 this morning:
1. INM formally accepted my application for Residente Permanente yesterday morning, as a spouse of a Mexicana, residing in Mexico for the previous 2 years on an FM2/Inmigrante permit. They told me: “Congratulations: You will become a permanent resident of Mexico, with no problems.

2. INM agents confirmed that they are approving Residente Permanente applicants who have completed only 2 years on their current FM2/Inmigrante permit, as long as they can show that the applicant had an additional FM2 or FM3 for the 2 previous years, with no breaks during each permit -> for a total of 4 years between the 2 permits. This confirms other reports that some INM offices are allowing Permanent Resident applicants to aggregate years from multiple past INM permits to meet the Requisito of being an official/approved (FM2/FM3) resident of Mexico for the 4 previous years.

3. 30 minutes = 15 minutes in line, 10 minutes talking, 5 minutes waiting as they checked my documents.

4. The INM agent in charge of answering questions confirmed that there are NO RESTRICTIONS on how much time Residente Permanente’s can be outside of Mexico. They just laughed when I told them that some “expert” Mexican immigration lawyers were telling clients and visitors to their websites the fantasy that there is a mythical 6 month limit on how long a Residente Permanente can be outside of Mexico.

How to do it well? …(continue reading here for what happened when I returned for my appointment the next day) …

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Full article can be read at:Recent Experiences in the Merida INM Office: Tales of the Residente Permanente

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Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
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5 Responses to Recent Experiences in the Merida INM Office: Tales of the Residente Permanente

  1. mexicomystic says:

    There’s a saying here… “Nothing ever changes in Mexico…. until it changes”. Waiting in lines in Mexico has been going on forever it seems, I recently became a Mexican citizen, I went to Relations Exterior and they very explained exactly which papers I would need for the process, they were very friendly and helpful. The only glitch in the process was my birth certificate, and marriage certificate. It had to be a certified copy of no less than 2 years old, and the apostillada from the USA caused a problem as they act like everyone is a terrorist in the States these days. Otherwise everything went very smoothly.

    • yucalandia says:

      Good update!

      I’ll be applying for citizenship after my Residente Permanente is issued. After 3 years of deliberations: our State Registrar’s office (Registro Civil) would not accept our 2003 Colorado marriage, and we lost the appeal to the Juridica, (our Colorado wedding certificate was supposedly false – a forgery), so, in a reversal of the Catch 22, I asked the Registro Civil agent what my legal marital status was in Mexico: SINGLE. I asked about my wife’s status: SINGLE. My reply: “Since we are both legally single, we would like to get married for $240 pesos…” They paused, looked puzzled, then shrugged and said: “Claro que si.“… We were wedded for a second time just this past Wednesday – so, we have the current documents for a citizenship application (including my bar-coded, original signature, officially apostilled, embossed, and translated birth certificate).

  2. princesanancy2012 says:

    Wow thank for that info mexicomystic. And to Steve, you are always on top of it.
    Now the only thing left is disposing of the foreign plated vehicle that doesn’t leave town.
    Always something…

  3. Saurabh says:

    Just wanted to share my experience.

    I am asian, but have a mexican son. I entered mexico on a FM3. I applied for “regularazicion pr unidad familiar”. I submitted 6 documents –
    1) the online form
    2)application in spanish saying i need to change o residente permanente
    3)copy of the acta de nacimiento or birth cetificate of my son.
    4) copy of my passport
    5) proof of payment of 1000 p
    6) formato basico and fotos

    This was accepted and 2 months later the online status updated saying i need to present myself at the INM office. When i went there, i was given 2 papers saying i need to meet some official of the INM on the next monday and i need to bring along 2 witnesses.

    Has anyone had this experience ? any idea what they need these 2 people for ?

    • yucalandia says:

      As a new residency applicant, INM can ask that you have 2 Mexican citizens certify that they know you and that you have good character. Usually, we simply submit an affidavit letter from each citizen certifying that they know you, signed by the citizen, along with copies of front and back of their IFE cards.

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