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Feb. 28 Update on Progreso Aduana’s Take on Foreign-Plated Cars for Residente Temporal Permits

February 28, 2013 Since Nov. 9, 2012, the dramatic legal changes in INM categories have caused uncertainty for some Residente Temporal and Residente Permanente card holders, and created much uncertainty for local Aduana offices who are in charge of renewing … Continue reading

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Update on Aduana Mexico’s Policy on Foreign-Plated Car Permits

March 4, 2013 Update There is a report out of San Miguel Allende (SMA) that the US “Consul”, Edward Clancy,  has spoken with the head of Aduana about the current issues of foreign-plated cars in Mexico owned by Americans using … Continue reading

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Proposal to Nationalize Almost Any Vehicle in Mexico

In the ongoing saga of “Nationalizing Almost any Vehicle in Mexico”, here is TioCorp’s latest official reply to requests for help importing vehicles. Key Details: ~ They want a (non-refundable) prepayment of 50% of up-front money just to start the … Continue reading

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Current Aduana Car Import Rules Made Obsolete by INM’s New Residency Categories

There have been tons of  rumors,   suppositions   and misinformation  flying around on expat forums and expat blogs about what people think are the current Aduana rules for temporarily imported foreign-plated cars,   a.k.a  “TIP” (Temporary Import Permit)  cars. Here at … Continue reading

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Tax Issues for Americans Living and Working in Mexico – A Redux for 2012

Happy Dead Presidents Day ! In honoring the memories of Mssrs. Lincoln, Jackson, Washington et al, it gets one thinking about who they were, how they were portrayed … and   are portrayed on the US currency. Which leads my wandering … Continue reading

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Aduana Proposal to Allow Existing Foreign-Plated “TIP” Cars to be Permanently Imported ?

In the comments on our Importing and Driving a Car in Mexico: A reader, Don Saigle, posted this interesting report based on what he heard at a joint INM / SAT presentation today (2/13/2013): Attended presentation today by INM and … Continue reading

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Temporary Opportunity to Permanently Import a Car Into Mexico

Check out this site for a special temporary program that may help you out with Permanently Importing your vehicle…. Importing During an Amparo . THIS IS A TEMPORARY WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY for 2 border crossings…   Amparos are similar to temporary … Continue reading

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Updated Information on the Higher Liability Limits for Mexican Insurance

Feb. 5, 2013 Update: The underwriters ABA Seguros, ACE Seguros, and GNP Seguros have agreed to honor the new (approximate) $300,000 US Dollars of Liability Limits for Deaths on all currently in-force vehicle policies until expiration, at no additional costs. … Continue reading

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Updated Insurance Auto Coverage Limits for Mexico

The Mexican government made changes to the Labor Law in 2012, which included a clause that increased the government established limits for the value of a human life, in case of accidental death, with the changes taking effect on February … Continue reading

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Residente Permanente and Residente Temporal Immigration Permits for Mexico

Advantages and Disadvantages of Residente Permanente vs. Residente Temporal Immigration Permits for Mexico ~   Residente Permanente offers the ease of a single, one-time application/registration. ~   There is only one payment needed for Residente Permanente vs. 4 years of Temporary Resident … Continue reading

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