Proposal to Nationalize Almost Any Vehicle in Mexico

In the ongoing saga of “Nationalizing Almost any Vehicle in Mexico”, here is TioCorp’s latest official reply to requests for help importing vehicles.

Key Details:
~ They want a (non-refundable) prepayment of 50% of up-front money just to start the process.
~ No Inmigrante (FM3) and Residente Temporal permit holders are disqualified from using the Amparo.
~ TioCorp specifically “assume(s) no responsibility for the legality of your vehicle.”
~ The legality of your importation of the vehicle depends solely on the unnamed Customs Broker that Tiocorp chooses to use.
~ TioCorp refuses to release any details on the Amparo, saying:
The information was provided by the import agent who filed suit for the amparo and we do not have access to the court transcripts or other documents. He considers this to be privileged information which provides him with competitive advantage.

Further: TioCorp puts the following disclaimer on every page:
“The legal responsibility to process your application to import your vehicle is that of the Licensed Import Agent based upon the documents and information you have provided. We act as a sales agent only and cannot guarantee the legality of your vehicle once processed. That is the legal responsibility of the Licensed Import Agent and you as the declared legal owner.”

The bolding is my addition.. . .   Continue reading here…

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Read the full Article at:
Proposal to Nationalize Almost Any Vehicle in Mexico

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7 Responses to Proposal to Nationalize Almost Any Vehicle in Mexico

  1. I’ve provided my vehicle details and asked TioCorp for a quote, which has not yet been forthcoming. While we don’t know what 50% is, if it is non-refundable, and lacking in any sort of guarantee, it seems a dubious venture. The broker may think he has “competitive advantage” by retaining all the facts, but two things he doesn’t have are credibility and customers. Maybe the broker is capable, maybe not. That’s 50/50, too. These odds aren’t appealing. ~eric.

    • yucalandia says:

      Still, to shine a ray of hope: I understand the letter to say that the 50% is paid after you get some pre-approval from the border agent?

      If the Customs Broker has a tentative approval from Aduana (based on your VIN etc), with the pre-approval in-hand before you send them cash, maybe it works???

  2. My quote arrived from TioCorp. The price is $1350us. ~eric.

  3. 01ZLO says:

    I just paid Tiocorp the 50% deposit to nationalize a J car. I will keep everyone posted on how it goes.

  4. Mario says:

    Hola 01ZLO!
    Did they said when you will hear the results,positiv or negativ?We are returning to Canada on 19 I’m not sur whether there is enough time to complete the process for our J vehicle!? If anyone knows more about the AMPARO and TioCorp PLEASE let me know,because We do not have much time left!!! Mario

  5. 01ZLO says:

    Hola Mario,
    Apparently they will do the importation in 10 to 14 days. We shall see. Unfortunately, my Residente Permanente visa won’t be ready until May, and they won’t give me the original pedimento until I can give them a copy. So, I won’t be able to take it to motor vehicles and try and plate the car until then. It sounds like you are cutting the time a bit fine, but you could always ask Tiocorp if they can rush it through. Good luck!

    • Mario says:

      Thank you for info. When you have a news let me know. How much did you pay upfront and do you trust them? Mario

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