March 4 Update about Contacting Aduana and Your Ambassador re TIP Cars

March 4, 2013 Update
There is a report out of San Miguel Allende (SMA) that the US “Consul”, Edward Clancy, has spoken with the head of Aduana about the current issues of foreign-plated cars in Mexico owned by Americans using Temporary Import Permits (TIPs).

Personal email received today by Yucalandia directly from Consular Agent Edward Clancy DENIES ever talking with the “head of Aduana”.

Yucalandia readers should IGNORE any reports about:
~ False Report~ If your car was legal before you changed to either the INM Residente Temporal or Residente Permanente cards, then the head of Aduana says that your foreign-plated car and your Aduana TIP are still valid, as long as you have a valid INM permit. ~ False Report~

In the interest of encouraging Aduana to implement a single consistent uniform policy across Mexico, for either cancelling foreign-plated vehicle’s TIP permits,   or to extend the expiration dates of Temporary Import Permits for vehicles,   we (Yucalandia), contacted Ed Clancy (SMA US Consular Agent) to ask about  exactly   what he discussed with the  “head of Aduana”   about the new Residente Temporal and Residente Permanente INM permits and their foreign-plated cars,   (as previously reported on Mexconnect).

We sent the following email to US Consular Agent Clancy:
“An anonymous expat from San Miguel de Allende has been writing on the internet that you personally spoke with the head of Aduana (last week), and the anonymous expat further writes that you are telling people that the head of Aduana (DF) told you that expats with foreign-plated cars who have valid INM visas, are allowed to keep their foreign-plated cars:

Ed Clancy the US consulate rep here in SMA phoned and spoke with head of Aduana. … (The head of Aduana says that) for now if your car was legal before,  it is now (legal) regardless of type of visa.

Did you speak with the head of Aduana (DF)?
Is this what the head of Aduana told you? ”

Here is Consular Agent Clancy’s 2/3/2013 official reply: The sections in blue are particularly interesting.

“Dear Dr. Fry,

I have never spoken with the head of Aduana;
I have only spoken with Aduana officials.  …”

Continue reading here for the Rest of the Story…

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Full Article with contents of the letter can be read at:
March 4 Update about Contacting Aduana and Your Ambassador re TIP Cars

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Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
© Steven M. Fry

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7 Responses to March 4 Update about Contacting Aduana and Your Ambassador re TIP Cars

  1. Ray says:

    so it looks like the temporal visa will still allow vehicles much like the FM3 did and the permanente visa does not much like the FM2 did not unless you were a rentista so I suspect the permanente will end up being the same, if you work as a permanente then you either import your vehicle if it qualifiies or you ship it back to your country of origin

    Thanks for keeping all informed of this ongoing saga.


    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Ray,
      Not really: For now, It depends on where you live in Mexico. Since there are at least 4 different variations in local Aduana policies, with Aduana de PV and Aduana de Progreso having the most harsh and restrictive policies, and Aduana de Queretero is reported by one person to have the most lenient, you really must check with the Aduana office that you will use.

      i.e. Progreso and Puerto Vallarta are rejecting ALL applications for extensions of TIPs, even for Residente Temporal retired people, while Aduana Queretaro’s policy may be to extend the TIPs for pretty much all gringos with the new residency permits.

      The current official policy of Aduana Distrito Federal (Mexico City main office) is that Residente Temporal Rentista (not working in Mexico) permit holders are allowed to extend their Aduana TIP permits on their foreign plated cars.**

      If your local Aduana office is not allowing you to renew with a Residente Temporal, Lic. Karen Villasenor of Aduana in Mexico city says to contact her and they will correct the local Aduana office’s incorrect opinions. Have your contrary Aduana office contact:
      Lic. Karen Villasenor, 01-55-5802-0000 x46889
      Administracion Central — 01-55-5802-2069

      You could also join the chorus of people contacting Aduana DF and our Ambassadors to try to get Aduana DF to issue an single, uniform, official nationwide policy.

  2. Ray says:

    So further to this matter with the issue of Aduana here in Yucatan state, with foreign plated vehicles being deemed “illegal” when you get the new visa it might be prudent for people to exercise caution with respect to their insurance on their vehicle too. I am not a legal expert but thinking through the situation if you are driving a non-legal vehicle here your insurance might end up being invalid also.

    Just a thought.

    • yucalandia says:

      Hey Ray,
      Good point.

      There were some insurance companies in the past who denied claims from gringos who did not maintain valid/current car registrations, so a invalid/expired import permit might be an issue???

  3. Kerry Baker says:

    I couldn’t find a general contact e-mail on your site – I just wanted to say it’s a great site for technical information. Where may I send a private inquiry?

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