Updates on Temporary Import Permits from Mexico’s Aduana

Sept. 10, 2017

Aduana agents at various US-Mexico border crossings are shifting their stance on whether the US state registration paper is sufficient to get a Temporary Import Permit for US-plated vehicles.  In the past, US state registration paperwork was sufficient, but now many Aduana agents are also requiring that we submit a copy of the vehicle’s title. …  Most recently, the Nuevo Laredo & Columbia Bridge Aduana agents have been refusing to issue TIPs with US starte registration documents, unless the vehicle owner also supplies a copy of the vehicle title.

Further, the fine attorney Lic. Spencer McMullen explains some additional details about additional problems that can occur if you do get your TIP with just registration paperwork:  ….  ” The HUGE issue is that while you can technically get a TIP with the vehicle registration, without the title your car will sit in impound if towed due to improper parking or accident. 

An additional insight to handling the TIP process well:
“… Financed cars should get a US notary certified copy (of the title) with apostille to prepare for this eventuality. ”

So, as Aduana~SAT policies continue to evolve, we can save ourselves some hassles & headaches by following the latest guidance from good experts.

~ As in the past, Aduana officials recognize that Canadians do not get vdhicle titles, so their province’s registration papers are sufficient to get a TIP.

Happy Trails,

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Full details on bringing vehicles into Mexico (Permanent Imports & Temporary Imports) can be found at:

Importing & Driving a Car in Mexico

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17 Responses to Updates on Temporary Import Permits from Mexico’s Aduana

  1. Mary Lou Halbach says:

    When we used to cross with a Texas plated vehicle from 2007 until we bought out car last year here in Mexico, I always provided a copy of the Texas title, and they had asked for it from 2007 on at Colombia bridge. In the last few years, they were getting picky about everything. They were tearing through our cargo trailer and at times asking us to unload it, during our loads to move down here beginning four years ago, even with a very detailed menaje de casa in hand. Twice they claimed our value was too low and we had to pay more impuestos on the total value at the 16% rate. They really don’t have a lot to do there, a lot of the time, so they have the time to do it. We now we cross at Nuevo Laredo and it is much quicker dealing with the authorities. The wait is not so bad going into Mexico if you get to the bridge early, but after the initial rush around 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. on weekdays. The main differences are we have the Mexican plated car and my husband has his Residente Permenante: I am Mexican.

    Maria Luz

  2. Ron Reid says:

    Steve: This as you say, “Updates on Temporary Import Permits from Mexico’s Aduana” Sept 9th 2017 and 10th 2017, Is not new by any means, This is exactly as it was written in the customs manual from 2012. It is the same rules, maybe not enforced very well, but the same rules. Why are we calling it a update in the rules when they were already there? May be a good idea to let people know that, and they won’t be confused as I was when I read it, When I came 2 years ago my Idaho titles does not list the owner, I had to show title because of this, a lot of States don’r designate an owner or lien holder on the registrations, Read the rules as published, What you are claiming as an update has been there all along in the rules…

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Ron,
      The significant update to our understandings is the importance of using a title for a US plated vehicle when getting a TIP, to allow us to recover the vehicle if it is is and accident and is towed~impounded by the police.

      Fortunately, most of us will never encounter this twist, but forewarned is forearmed.

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  4. Patrick Hasburgh says:

    Trying to import 2015 Mini Cooper purchased in Guadalajara to So. California…possible? It is starting to sound like a nightmare.

  5. Sherri Siegel says:

    I’ll be driving my US plated car out of Mx. when the TIP expires in Nov. then back to Mx. after I get a new one. Does it matter if my Ca. car registration is expired? I’ll have the title.

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Sherri,
      At the Mexico-US border, you likely need a current valid registration if they’r paying attention.
      Oddly, I’ve been with 2 different friends who got fresh TIPs on US-plated vehicles with expired tags~registration … but they did it at the Chetumal-Belize border Aduana office. … Down here in Yucatan Peninsula, there’s a ton of gringos with expired US plates (esp in Yucatan state) – so our border crossing can be pretty lax on this.

      Getting new registration for California could be a pain. California bills her citizens for registrations for all past~passed time while the Cali-vehicle had expired plates.

      Maybe … better to shift to Texas?? and get Temporary Texax tags (very doubtful)? .. You could get permanent Texas tags to be sure.

      Does anybody reading this know if Mexico’s Aduana accepts temporary Texas tags for expats getting a TIP on their US car?

      Best of luck, and
      Please return to tell us what you experienced,

      • Here’s some follow up: When I was back in Ca. I re-insured my vehicle, which was in Mx., and was easily able to reregister it because when I let the registration expire I listed it as Non-Operational. I did not have to pay any back registration fees for the 4 yrs. it had been expired. Now I have both current reg. and the title.
        One more question: My RT expires Nov. 13 along with my TIP. I plan to drive out of Mx. by Nov. 11 and be at the Mx. Embassy in Phoenix on Nov. 14. Just want to cofirm I’ve got my dates right. Drive out of Mx. before TIP expires and apply for a new RT after my current one expires.
        Thanks so much for your quick responses and all the time you take making sure the rest of us are doin’ it right!

  6. Mexico Guys says:

    There are a considerable number of people being denied permits with 3/4 & 1 ton Pickups & E350 Vans. Including Mike & Teri Church. I have reports of this happening at all Texas crossings. Mike & Teri got across Ok later at Nogales. My advice right now fro those with 3/4 & 1 tons is get your permits on line (I got mine OK for my 1 ton) and then use the Nogales crossing. Our caravan company is pursuing this problem through proper channels. Please do not stir up the hornets nest or the one workaround may also dissapear. Dont expect it to get resolved until next year at the earliest. In the meantime, the aformentioned option appears to be the only workaround. Nogales has a couple of advantages. First you are already well into Mexico and in a free zone by the itme you get your permit and the walk back to your vheicle is long enough, no official is likeley to walk out to look at your door sticker. It also looks liek vehicle permits will now be required for baja. My suspicion is this may all be connected to Trump & NAFTA.

  7. Deb says:

    We are temporary residents in the Yucatan. Our TIP expired. Can we still renew it?

    • yucalandia says:

      Formally, you had a 2 week window to renew your TIP after renewing your Residente Temporal visa. Are you within the 2 week grace period?

      If you are outside the official 2 week TIP renewal window, then Banjercito’s computer automatically confiscated your $$ ($300?) deposit. Still, many Aduana offices are willing to honor Article 106, section 4, of the Ley Aduanero that says that as long as your associated INM visa did not expire & is continuing to be valid, then the associated TIP continues to be valid => which means you can still renew the TIP by submitting an official letter requesting that Aduana extend your current TIP’s expiration date to match the expiration date of the associated INM Residency visa.

      The details can be found here:
      https://yucalandia.com/driving-in-mexico-issues-fun/importing-driving-a-car-in-mexico/#Example Letter Notifying Aduana of changes-in or renewals-to your INM Visa


      https://yucalandia.com/driving-in-mexico-issues-fun/importing-driving-a-car-in-mexico/#Official list of documents for notifying Aduana of your new/changed INM visa information

      from our main article on Importing & Driving Cars in Mexico

      Travel Safe,

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Where do we order our TIP online? Can we also obtain our tourist card online?

  9. JC Couch says:

    We are Cdns with permanent resident cards for Mexico. (Went through FM3 etc to this) We have a vehicle in Mx but are driving down with a van. Husband is handicapped and uses a scooter/motorized wheelchair that has a lift to pick up and move it inside the van. Nogales will not allow us to enter Mx because we all ready have small standard car reg in Mx. How can we get a temp permit for the van for his ease of use?

  10. Mark says:

    Anyone know of a lawyer in Cancun that can help obtain a Returno Seguro letter?

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