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Significant Problems with Egg-Based Flu Vaccine Shots

October 27, 2017 Public Service Announcement: We now know why some flu vaccinations have not been working at all, against the important H3N2 Flu virus. ** By using eggs, the H3N2 subtype mutates a key viral protein to bind … Continue reading

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Most of Mexico Changes Back from Daylight Savings Time

October 27, 2017 It’s time again to turn back the clocks in Mexico, this coming Sunday AM Oct. 29, 2017. The U.S. will wait another week … so TV schedules for people watching the World Series & other USA or … Continue reading

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Peninsular CFE Announces New Lower Residential Energy Costs for Merida, Yucatan

October 17, 2017 The Diario de Yucatan just announced that our “Peninsular” office of CFE has changed Merida & its comisarios from the more expensive Tarifa Zone C, down to the cheaper Tarifa Zone D. Sorry … This does not … Continue reading

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World’s Largest Oil Hedge Is Complete

October 16, 2017 With the MXN Peso breaking $19, we’ve reached a point that the “experts” did not predict until next year, 2018. In another very big bet on a forward-look, the Mexican Government just made the biggest bet ever … Continue reading

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