Aduana (Progreso) Issues New Form Letter for Extending TIP Permit Expiration Dates

Dec. 12, 2018 Update:
Our local Progreso Aduana office has issued a new form letter for extending the expiration date of permits for vehicle’s with TIPs, whose owner is in the process of renewing their Residente Temporal visa.   Context: We have to notify Aduana at least 2 weeks before our TIPs expire, to preserve your $300 – $400 deposit w/Banjercito – because it takes Aduana as much as a week to notify Banjercito of the TIPs new expiration date.   If you don’t notify Aduana in time, Banjercito’s computer automatically confiscates (negates) your deposit on the TIP expiration date (with no relief).

Here’s a copy of the letter:  Progreso Aduana TIP extension form 2018

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