WHO Studies Show We get NO Significant Immunity to COVID-19

April 27, 2020

” The UN World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that there is currently   no evidence    that people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection. “

When getting an disease .. leaves us with no real immunity … no effective antibodies … then it’s like cutting your finger…

Just because you cut your finger once, does not mean you will ~magically~ never cut your finger again.

Consider how Dengue Virus … keeps re-infecting the same people, over & over & over … for decades…

as the Dengue Virus symptoms get much worse with every new re-infection.

THAT’s TERRIFYING news to us scientists – because it means that there is no “herd immunity” being formed …

and it means that all the people who took risks… and got COVID-19 … can go out across the USA … and get COVID-19 … AGAIN…. and spread it to yet more people

for months … and months … and months… until there are COVID-19 vaccines.

as the US States send people back into the public indoor areas … without effective medical-grade masks.

GET A superb medical grade mask… to protect yourself over the coming 6 – 12 months of continuing COVID-19.


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Map of COVID-19 Cases Around Merida

April 27, 2020

What do you think?

To us,  it looks like a map of who is moving around … and who travels.

COVID Map of Merida

Affluent people in North Merida … and Gringos in the Gulch (Santiago – Santana) … fit the pattern of people traveling being the highest level spreaders …

as they go around without good masks (preferring their stylish masks) … They catch Coronavirus, and then they go out into Oxxo’s, grocery stores, and other indoor places … TALK …

as their talking spews lots of invisible mists of the most-infectious , highest risk invisible fine aerosols that linger inside their stores, banks, and any indoor space that they talk in.

= = = =
The message from this data?

If you are going out… get a good medical-grade mask … that works.

email us at steven.m.fry@gmail.com

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COVID-19 Increased Rates of Death for At-Risk Individuals … (for Elderlies, Diabetics, et al)

April 26, 2020
Consider reality     versus    the claims of  so many non-scientific posters,   non-scientists     falsely insisting    … on FB, social media, and other platforms,  that

 “… COVID-19   is   ~magically~  no worse than  Flu … “

Reality … tells a very different story …

~ There are real   solid   factual reasons that the Govt. wants us to wear masks.
~ There are  real  solid  factual   reasons that some stores are   not   allowing elders over age 60   to enter … instead the stores have young store-employees that the oldster’s lists … and the young people do the grocery shopping … as the seniors    wait   patiently.

Consider  the data … based on actual   death counts …    combined with the person’s age    and  their pre-existing medical conditions (aka “co-morbidity”) …

COVID-19 Pooled probabilities  for Multiple Risk Factors
Between Age 60 – 69 yrs Combined Risk
( X Times Higher)
Comorbidity (% of deaths) Age Factor        (% of deaths)
Cardiovascular Disease 69 X
times higher
10.5 % 3.6 %
Diabetes 53  X
times higher 
7.3 % 3.6 %
Chronic Respiratory Disease 48 X  6.3 % 3.6%
Hypertension 47 X 6.0 % 3.6 %
Cancer 45 X 5.6 % 3.6 %
~ ~ ~ ~
Between Age 70 – 79 yrs
Cardiovascular Disease 88 X 10.5 % 8.0 %
Diabetes 74 X 7.3 % 8.0 %
Chronic Respiratory Disease 69 X 6.3 8.0
Hypertension 68 X 6.0 8.0
Cancer 66 X 5.6 8.0
~ ~ ~ ~
Over Age 80 yrs
Cardiovascular Disease 119 X 10.5 % 14.8 %
Diabetes 105 X 7.3 % 14.8 %
Chronic Respiratory Disease 101 X 6.3 % 14.8 %
Hypertension 100 X 6.0 14.8
Cancer 98 X 5.6 14.8

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Then note:
The CDC has finally, only recently, been reporting in their web pages that    fine respiratory aerosols   … primarily   from talking … are the   “primary cause of COVID-19 transmission” ..

The CDC has also reported that the fine respiratory aerosols from a COVID-19 infected patient,    should prevent  ALL medical personnel & clean-up personnel    from entering the room of a COVID-19 patient … until      the hospital air ventilation air-purification system    has removed ALL the fine aerosols    that remain for hours …     after the patient has been discharged …

medical workers in masks

As CDC politician-doctors are now telling Doctors & Hospitals:
“In general, only essential personnel should enter the room of patients with COVID-19. … in full PPE protection “

After discharge, terminal cleaning (on patient rooms) may be performed by EVS personnel. …. They should ~delay entry~ into the room   ~ until a sufficient time has elapsed for enough air changes ~  (strong ventilation) ~  to remove infectious airborne particles. ~ ”


We need EFFECTIVE useful approaches… NOW…

Note … Cloth masks do NOT work … Home-made cheap masks … and other non-medical masks do NOT work … because they leak over ~100 COVID-coughs ~ worth of the highest risk, most-infectious aerosols… with every breath we inhale.

We & our loved ones need superb medical-grade masks now… with N99 to N100 filtering protection …

For details email me at steven.m.fry@gmail.com

= = = =

Read the latest CDC information here, about how the CDC is finally instructing Doctors & Hospitals that the COVID-19 problem is from the highest-risk, Highly-infectious fine aerosols from COVID-19 infected people … innocently talking… just 5 minutes with a medical-grade mask indoors.

Infecting the air in the entire room… for 4 – 5 hrs … with the nastiest form of COVID-19 aerosols, that are ONLY STOPPED by N99 & N100 rated filter materials…

Medical workers making a measurement= = = =
Read what the CDC is quietly saying to Doctors & Hospitals, hidden deep in the CDC webpages:




The CDC politician-doctors have finally, just now … COMPLETELY REVERSED themselves from their 3 months of nearly useless handwashing & “no mask” & “Social Distance” failed-advice…

CDC politician-doctors are now telling Doctors & Hospitals:
“In general, only essential personnel should enter the room of patients with COVID-19. … in full PPE protection ”

After discharge, terminal cleaning (on patient rooms) may be performed by EVS personnel. …. They should ~delay entry~ into the room    ~ until a sufficient time has elapsed for enough air changes  ~  (by strong hospital ventilation systems) ~  to remove infectious airborne particles. ~

~ ~ ~ ~

We need EFFECTIVE useful approaches… NOW…

Cloth masks do NOT work … Home-made cheap masks… and other non-medical masks do NOT work … because they leak over ~100 COVID-coughs ~ worth of the highest risk, most-infectious aerosols… with every breath we inhale. 

We & our loved ones need superb  proven    medical-grade   masks now… with N100 or N99 level filtering protection … that is 168X times safer-better than N95’s … in a comfortable mask that is hand-washable up to 70 times….

Email me at   steven.m.fry@gmail.com   … to get superb medical-grade masks
… for just $4 – $12 per each …

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Merida: Some Periferico Exits Closed for COVID-19

Here’s a map of the entrances/exits on Periferico that are open (blue) … or closed (red)

No photo description available.

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Just 1 (2 or 3) Person per Car in Yucatan** – and Other New COVID-19 Measures

April 23, 2020

Public Service Announcement:

My Yucatecan wife explains that the local Yucatan news programs announced last night that: … For typical people, ONLY one person per car will be allowed to travel on Yucatan’s roads due to the COVID-19 problems …

and … All people in cars must wear face masks …

pink car

The news described exemptions for Uber drivers + 1 passenger … and for “essential personnel” … and for a driver taking someone to the hospital, doctor, or medical treatment.

Uber driver +plus passenger = allowed

Taxi driver +plus passenger = allowed

Professional DRIVER with Chauffer’s License +plus passenger = allowed.

ALL OF THE ABOVE… +plus patient-passenger +Plus one companion … = allowed…

and … Ordinary driver  … +plus patient-passenger … headed to some medical activity = allowed.

Then note… ALL must have on masks, when in the car … and ALL passengers must ride in the BACK-seat…

= = = =
Plus …

More details from the Yucatan Governors speech last night:
~ In the case of taking a person to the doctor, that sick passenger must sit in the back seat.
~ No others allowed in the car but the driver & person going for medical concerns.
~ Uber type drivers are allowed only one passenger but MAY take two passengers … if one is going for medical care.
~ Wearing Masks in vehicles is mandatory.
There can be fines & jail time for non-compliance.
~ People without masks may not enter essential businesses. (this has already been happening the past 2 days in Merida).
~ If businesses are caught with people inside with no masks, they may be fined and closed.

~ The government will be adding more police retenes (check-points) throughout the state … to check on compliance with the new sanctions.

All of the various new limitations (including the # of people in the car)  STARTS FRIDAY (tomorrow) April 24, 2020 …


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CFE’s COVID19 Emergency Electricity Rate Changes

April 19, 2020

Per an April 17’th CFE & Federal Govt. of Mexico announcement:

Se estima necesario que durante el período que se mantenga vigente la declaratoria de emergencia sanitaria por causa de fuerza mayor genera por el virus SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19), no se considere el consumo de energía eléctrica realizado por los usuarios del servicio doméstico […] así como permitir la permanencia de dichos usuarios en una tarifa de bajo consumo (1, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E y 1F)”, establece el Acuerdo.

During this period of the declared National health emergency …  because of the force majeure conditions, caused by the SARS-CoV2 virus (COVID-19) …  Domestic home-owner electricity high consumption (DAC) usages will not be “charged”  for their excessively high (DAC) consumptions.  […] There will also be a “stay”  (stoppage)   – holding-maintenance-stabilization  of high-energy user’s rates,  keeping them in the low consumption rate categories (1, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D , 1E and 1F)”, per the formal Agreement between CFE and the Gobierno de Mexico.

Con ello, los usuarios domésticos no pasarán a la tarifa de Servicio Doméstico de Alto Consumo (DAC) aunque rebasen el límite de consumo mínimo, es decir, que durante el periodo indicado, se les se les continuarán aplicando las tarifas 1, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E y 1F, según corresponda.

This will prevent domestic users from going to the Domestic High Consumption Service (DAC) rate even if they exceed the minimum consumption limit, i.e. that during the period indicated, they will continue to be subject to rates 1, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E and 1F, as applicable. “

“El acuerdo especificó que durante el periodo “no se podrán realizar reclasificaciones a la tarifa DAC a los usuarios de servicio doméstico de energía eléctrica”.

La CFE no cobrará más a usuarios que excedan su consumo de luz durante el aislamiento por COVID-19

Through the agreement published in the evening version of the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) determined that the measure will be effective between March 30, 2020 and up to seven calendar days after end the coronavirus emergency. “

= = = = = =
In simple language: Mary Maas explains (from FB):
“The notice is for the entire country (published in the official record), and is in effect from March 30 until six days after the emergency state is lifted. It says that CFE will not reclassify users who are in the domestic use tarifs 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, and 1E ( which inclues Yucatan) from their domestic tariff to the domestic high consumption (DAC) tarif based on their usage during the emergency.”

Yet one more time … Mary Maas’s good addition  …   ~ ROCKS THE HOUSE ~

¡ Mil Gracias !

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Don’t Mark Your Calendars … Don’t Look to the Heavens …. You won’t see a truly Occult Event …

April 18, 2020

SATURDAY … in the park …

MAY 16 … 2020

Mark your calendars for a really fun event … to  enjoy … as millions of people will be out looking into  sky..    trying to see … ~this~ … faux News … imagined image.

Fun hoaxers are claiming that on May 16, 2020 … Venus, Jupiter and a crescent Moon will   ~ magically~   align and look like a smiling face looking down on us,  it’s supposed to be a “quite a rare astronomical phenomenon”   … and that it’s even hoak-ily called an occultation .

Can you say …  “Fake News” ?

Why?  …. Venus, Jupiter and the Moon will be in entirely different parts of the night sky on May 16, 2020.

= = = =
The worst lies are embroidered with lots of details … to suck people in.
It did not happen in 2008 … nor is it an occultation.   (Occultations are defined as when one celestial object is hidden by another.)

REAL Occultations
   are a fun kind of celestial event … like when the moon is positioned between Earth and Venus –   with Jupiter lurking in the background …

If it does happen at some point…
you might see  one eye being  …  more twinkly …   than the other.**
= = = =
Real Science…

** ~ Why   could  ~ “one eye   be    more twinkly    than the other ~  ???

It’s due to regular    “wavy” … rhythmic … partial-thermal lensing effects    in our sky’s atmosphere,   ( not due to the inherently-random “turbulence” that Lucy’s & Physicists incorrectly insist on ) …

Instead …. Think   wavy    rhythmic    atmospheric air molecules,    dancing,     waving … between you & far-off dim Jupiter.

Yes … Physicists & other theoretical    Know-it All’s … love parrot the old saw:

Only stars twinkle …

= = = =

Lucy bossing people
Just like Lucy …  older brothers… and older sisters …  & physicists …
abusing   their perpetually-younger brothers   … like Linus  …

= = = =
All the   Lucy’s   of the world …  love to   ~proudly ~ announce:
“Planets do not twinkle … ”

and  then,   they opine …

… THAT’s how you can tell the difference between a planet and a star …

= = = =
But just like   bossy-Lucy   …   insisting that everybody   must believe    what she imagines …

Instead …
In the real world …  (versus  artificial  Physics-land ) …
People who actually look at the sky,

…. Know     that some planets    twinkle   

despite what years of Know-It-Alls  have told us about “Stars twinkle … Planets don’t

= = = =


Why look for Jupiter “winking” at us … on May 16’th  ??

When   Jupiter   & Saturn    lie lower in our skies … nearer the horizon …      rhythmic partial-thermal lensing   (NOT random-turbulence)  … rhythmic partial-lensing   from rising warm air   in our atmosphere … briefly   deflects   (re-directs)    the dim light rays from Jupiter & Saturn     off to other angles    …  for the person next to you see …

Heat rippling over asphalt road
Rhythmic partial thermal lensing (due to rising heated air)   moving the light beams

…  is  exactly  the same as watching the “heat waves”  ripple in the air … above a hot asphalt road …   that bends & distorts … and ripples what we see ….

So  yes,     Charlie Brown …
It is sometimes  best    to ignore     the loud-bossy  Lucy’s  of the world …

because what think you see … might actually be real …

regardless of what Lucy is telling you.

…  Because  rhythmic    partial-thermal-lensing    … by hot rising air …

… doesn’t even need a hot-asphalt road …    to create a little wonder & mystery …

heat riplling bridge

and yes … Linus …

That   “twinkling”  effect     from warm air    rhythmically  gyrating  the light we see    is not       the random, swirling  “turbulence” that Physicists, Engineers & other Lucy’s  insist on    …

Instead,  there are many kinds of  various real wold events….    that real scientists enjoy … including    rhythmic  partial-thermal lensing ….   and         twinkly   PLANETS   !!

Dr.  Steven M. Fry
Ph.D.  Spectroscopy …   aka    The Science of Light … 

Read on, MacDuff …

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