2019 After-Christmas Returns to Hit New Highs

After-Christmas returns are expected to surpass $90 Billion this year.

… including Amazon mail-order Brides …

Amazon Mail order bride


Hope you’re all ready for the Roaring ’20’s !

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New Yucatec Maya City Unveiled: Kulubá

Dec. 27, 2019
Mexican archaeologists have just recently revealed the remains of a vast Mayan palace, that’s over 1,000 years old.   This big Maya palace is just one part of the ancient city of Kulubá, roughly 100 miles west of Cancún, in Northeast Yucatán.

The Kulubá palace’s form is somewhat unique (see the foto below) …
It’s dimensions:  55 meters long, 15 meters wide, but just 6 meters high.  Overall, the palace consisted of just six big rooms.    The Kulubá palace is one part of a larger complex that also includes two residential rooms, an altar and a large round oven.


The Kulubá palace & the site are somewhat unique, because it bridges 2 Yucatec Maya epochs.   The palace was in use during the Yucatec Mayas late classical period (600 AD – 900 AD), through the terminal classical (850 AD – 1050 AD) between AD850 and AD1050, per award-winning Yucatecan archeologist & lead archeologist director Alfredo Barrera Rubio.

Per Rubio:
We know very little about the architectural characteristics of this region, the north-east of Yucatán. So one of our main objectives, as well as the protection and restoration of cultural heritage, is the study of the architecture of Kulubá.


“… This is just the start of the work. We are only just uncovering one of the largest structures on the site.”   Rubio hopes that as the work continues, Kulubá “will become a natural attraction for visitors to the region.”


Specifically, the Kulubá site lies midway between Tizimin & Kantunkin … off the Tixcancal road.

This link takes you to a map:


Check out the official INAH fotos here:


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Mexican Visa $$ Solvency Requirements for 2020

December 21, 2019
Mexico’s daily minimum wage will be going up Jan. 1, 2020, to $123.22 pesos per day (20% increase).    Because the Mexican Government’s personal monthly income & personal savings requirements for Residente visas are tied directly to the minimum wages,  the SRE’s (Consulates) and INM’s “personal solvency” requirements for foreigners will also automatically rise 20% in January, 2020.

Residente Permanente visa applicants must show a monthly income of 500 times the daily minimum wage =>  $3,243 US dollars ($61,610 MXN pesos) using an exchange rate of $19:1 … That income must be documented by 6 months bank statements. … People who have liquid assets can also qualify by proving an annual average balance of 20,000 times the minimum wage =>  $130,ooo US dollars ($2,464,400 MXN pesos) using an exchange rate of $19:1 for 2020 applicants … documented by 12 months of bank statements.

Residente Temporal visa applicants must now prove a monthly income of 300 times the daily minimum wage => $1,946 US dollars ($36,966 MXN pesos) per month (using an exchange rate of $19:1.   Consulates want 6 months of bank statements. … People who have liquid assets can also qualify by proving an average annual balance of 5,000 times the minimum wage => $32,426 US dollars ($61,6100 MXN pesos) account balance for 2020.

If you want more details on immigrating to Mexico, or visiting Mexico, see our main immigration article at:

~ Current Rules and Procedures for Immigration, Visiting, and Staying in Mexico


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December 14, 2019
Every once in a while, we get fun news~updates from some of the minor (smaller) Maya sites. Consider recent reports offering beautiful insights into the founding & lifestyles of Paso del Macho … Think BOTH Jade & Chocolate.

There’s a fun Archeology.org article out describing fun jade (ritual?) items found under the plaza of Paso del Macho Puuc site, that describes

… an offering made when the settlement was founded between 900 and 800 B.C. It contains some of the earliest evidence of Maya fertility rituals. … (describing)  more than 30 artifacts made of greenstone, including small stones that symbolize maize sprouting from the underworld, represent events in the story of the maize god’s birth. ”

Paso del Macho jade


= = = = = = =
This latest article fits nicely with past fun    chocolate   findings from Paso del Macho, from a separate-but-related article on chocolate found at Paso del Macho:


2,500-year-old Cacao Residue Discovered in the Maya Puuc Region of Yucatán.”

“Traces of cacao – or chocolate – have been found for the first time in an archeological context in Yucatán; the chemical residues of the seed (usually called “beans”) were found adhered to two fragments of 2,500-year-old Mayan ceramic pottery, recovered from the Paso del Macho archeological site.”

“One of the fragments discovered is a plate, which suggests to scientists that the pre-Hispanic Mayans may have used it for their food as a sauce having a consistency similar to that of mole*.

“The discovery is of relevance to archaeology, because it indicates that the use of cacao may go as far back as 600-500 B.C.,

= = = = = = =
Jade,  mole   and   Chocolate !

Our Puuc Maya knew how live !

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What Actually Happened in the UK Election ?

December 14, 2019

Data driven worlds …

or … Get swept along by the hype?

= = = = = = =
Lots of US Lefties are moaning that the UK election of Boris (with an 86 vote majority) … somehow magically predicts a big Trump win in 2020…

Is that a reasonable conclusion?

The actual UK election results say a resounding …. ” No ” …

= = = = = = =

Why-how did UK-ites lose their minds, electing Boris the Goon with an “86 vote” majority?

When the vast majority of the British public believes that their deep complex problems (of failed-collapsed Empire) should be solved by easy feel-good solutions … (falsely-easy solutions offered by all sides) …

When pretty much all talented leaders leave-the-field (years ago) due to over a decade of intractable messes … leaving only very low-talent options … Who (or what) do they vote “for” ?

… or … Do you vote “against” ?

Notice that it’s the same as the USA where millions of votes “for” Trump… were actually just votes “against” the arrogant more-of-the-same Washington-insider Hillary.

Then notice that UK’s “first past the post” election rules too often guarantee non-democratic results … where Boris (ab)used  the UK Parliamentary system to    steal  an 86 vote majority (56% of Parliament),    with just 43% of the vote …
UK Parliament seats.png

Notice that Tories’ vote share only increased by a paltry 1.2%, even though they LOST over ½ their seats in Scotland – ( getting a WEAK 43% of the total UK vote).

while … Labor votes FELL by 7.8%
… (led by the repulsive, dithering, bland Labour leader Corbin)

The election results were NOT a resounding “YES” to Boris-the-Goon (a paltry 1.5% gain to just 43%) … Instead, they were a rejection of Corbin & Labor’s weakness & confusion.


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Need to Notarize a Document when Abroad?

December 6, 2019

For all the people who don’t have a US Consulate nearby,  or whose Consulate makes them wait 2 – 4 weeks for an appointment … note that there’s now another legitimate option to get US documents notarized while abroad:  the app “Notarize”.

A good US attorney notes that US law dictates that several basic requirements be met for properly Notarizing a document:
~  The Notary must see you during the Notarization, to establish that you are the actual person who signs the document.

~  The Notary almost always has to be licensed in the jurisdiction of the document being Notarized.

Because “Notarize” does this through a video chat, it should be legal in all states since they appeared to be licensed in all states  … because the “Notarize” Notary actually sees you at signing.

“Notarize” is at:  https://www.notarize.com/

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Adventures into Yucatan Plumbing & Electrical (Desafios)

December 4, 2019

For everyone who “has seen it all” …

I just returned from a very peculiar gas-leak job … where electric current was passing along the metal mesh covering on the gas hose to the stove … due to electric current leaking from the copper GAS LINE in the wall – looking for ground – running through the wire mesh covering on the rubber gas hose – getting hot … and ARC-ing .. where the metal touched metal … MELTING through two different gas hoses …

~ Electrical Short ~ Burnt Gas Hose(1)

This is what the 2 day old “new” hose looks like – from the Yucatecan plomero-electricista … “plumber-electrician”‘s installation on Monday.

~ Electrical Short ~ Burnt Gas Hose(2)… because another local Yucatecan electrician-plumber just slapped in a new metal mesh covered hose … that lasted just 2 days before burning through the rubber gas hose … again

Fortunately … they did not make the 10:00 o’clock News.
aka   … no BOOM

Repairs Part 1:     Make & install a high quality poly-hose that does NOT conduct electricity …

Repairs Part 2:     I bonded-the-shite out of all of it (gas pipe, stove & outlet) to 2 different earth grounds – using 2 fresh new copper wires. => Belt & suspenders …  AND a bungee-cord.

Disclaimer: For professionals only … Do not try this at home.

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