Foreigners for Owning Property: Yucatan’s 50 km Exclusion Zone

Feb 11, 2020
For people considering where to buy property, and in what areas of Yucatan State foreigners can buy property  without a Fideicomiso (real estate trust) … Notice that to get outside of Mexico’s 50 km Exclusion Zone limit for our shorelines,  foreigners have to choose sites well south of Merida … all the way down & over to Acanceh … to get out of the 50 km restricted coastal zones.

Continuing East from Acanceh …  Tahmek is just INside the 50 km zone … Kantunil is far enough south to be OUT of the zone … Continuing further east, Tunkás is just outside the zone… … Espita is the next town to the east, outside the zone … and then there’s not much east of Colotmul.

Map of Yucatan
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Next: Notice that Acanceh is about 28 km south of Merida … That means ALL of Merida is inside the 50 km restricted coastal zone (regardless of persistent gringo-rumors).

Valladolid is well outside the Exclusion Zone … about 40 km south of Espita.

Curious about other locals … check out this detailed map:
(when in the site … double click on the map, to make it BIG)

and finally …
The Exclusion Zone, restricting foreigners from owning properties, extends to 100 km at the borders.

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Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
© Steven M. Fry

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