US Income Tax Filing Information for Ex-Pats

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Abstract: Since we US Expats are still within the time-frame allowed for filing US tax returns on time for 2 more months (as of today 4/22/2011), Yucalandia will use this article as a continuing guide – with ongoing updates – of possibly useful US Federal Income Tax Information for Ex-Pats.

Re “late” income tax returns:

      We did a little digging on information for US Tax international filers and found:

IRS Publication 54: Requirements for taxpayers living abroad:

… 1) When are U.S. income tax returns due?

      ” . . .

While poking around the Web for further confirmation of the IRS information, we also found this:
The IRS has a new address for overseas filers:

Written taxpayer inquiries should go to . . .

For Ex-Pats Who Need to Send their IRS Filings by Overnight/Rush Delivery Carriers: . . .

. . .As our gentle readers offer more IRS updates, we will be tickled to add them to this article.
. . .
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Read the full article on of the on-going saga of US Tax Info in this article: “US Income Tax Filing Information for Ex-Pats” at: (or access under Living in Yucatan (see header) )
US Income Tax Filing Information for Ex-Pats
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