Income Tax Liabilities in Mexico

Full Article at: “Income Tax Liabilities in Mexico” Expats’ tax liabilities for work performed in Mexico comes up over and over on forums across the web. The situation becomes even more interesting if they live here full-time, doing on-line work for a non-Mexican company, and receive their pay in foreign (non-Mexican) accounts. This ball was most recently kicked-around at length on a Mexconnect thread.

At first glance there appears to be a conundrum between: Hacienda’s policy that worldwide income must be reported by expats whose principal place of activity is Mexico and INMs policy for (not?) giving visas to expats work online and live in Mexico, who do not work for Mexican employers and receive their pay outside of Mexico.

Here’s one more perspective on the issue: …

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Full text of article can be read at: “Income Tax Liabilities in Mexico”

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