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ACA – Obamacare’s Effects on American Expats Living Abroad

After Friday’s Supreme Court announcement on the ACA – Obamacare, there are bundles of questions that now arise affecting US citizens who are outside the USA. This article is for all the Americans traveling or living abroad who have, so … Continue reading

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ACA “Obamacare”: Necessary Change or “Bigger must be Better” ?

Why I changed my mind this weekend,  … or … Is the ACA all it’s cracked-up-to-be:   Is there more-than-meets-the-eye ? Does “Obamacare” actually address the real problems plaguing US healthcare? Reform the failed system by making it even bigger? … Continue reading

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Quick ‘n Easy Conversions etc

Flotsam and jetsam:  Just more shmata, drek or occasionally useful stuff, nu? Trash and treasure really are in the eye of the beholder. What follows is an egocentric (living?) collection of odds and ends. As a science guy, people have … Continue reading

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