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Change: Moving to Mexico …. Living in Mexico

July 25, 2013 “Where are your treasures?” We humans love our “ruts” . We get up in the morning,  (shave?),  wash (?),  make coffee,  fire up the computer …. … daily following some unknowingly-programmed but carefully-honed combinations of morning ablutions, … Continue reading

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Big Mistakes People Make with Mexican Lawsuits and the Mexican Police

July 20, 2013 There has been a fun article, created by the well-experienced attorney: Spencer McMullin published on various Mexican expat web-forums and websites – describing the vagaries of Mexican law. We much appreciate Atty. McMullin’s (aka Spencer, or “Intercasa” … Continue reading

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Where are our “Leaders” taking us?

July 15, 2013 Did anyone else out there notice where the Tea Partiers et al in the House have pushed through a new Agriculture Bill that eliminates “Food Stamps”. They took their stand:  No more public money “wasted on feeding … Continue reading

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Gringo Attitudes Regarding TIPs, INM Permits, and Mexico’s Laws

July 5, 2013 There has been an interesting exchange of views, buried in the comments section of our Importing & Driving a Car in Mexico article,  that raises and tracks a number of ongoing issues that gringos face in Mexico.   These … Continue reading

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