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Insuring Mexican Cars for Driving in the US & Canada:

Aug 28, 2013 In our continuing tradition of inviting talented guest authors to explain the details of complex issues that commonly affect people living in Mexico, we invite Mark E. of Patzcuaro to tell us about his recent trip to … Continue reading

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Have the INM Changes and TIP Car Hassles Put People on Edge?

Aug 25, 2013 From time to time, we are glad to welcome guest author’s and expert’s articles and opinions here on Yucalandia.   In this tradition,  we welcome these observations, originally offered by Richard C. over on a popular Mexican expat … Continue reading

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Dengue Virus Detected in Yucatan Mosquitoes for 2013

Aug 24, 2013 Fortunately, Dengue Virus infection rates in Yucatan have been very low so far in 2013. This may change based on the latest Dengue Virus surveillance results. Our local UADY researchers work in concert with Colorado State University … Continue reading

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Showing Your INM Permit: Mexican Traffic Law Updated

Aug 24, 2013 News from around Mexico:  The old advice about foreigner drivers not having to show their INM documents to police has now officially “expired“, both in INM rules and om various state laws. e.g. Article 50 of the … Continue reading

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FATCA Fallout for US Expats Living Abroad

Aug 19, 2013 According to a recent WSJ article on American Expats:…014772169287210.html    more American expats are considering renouncing US citizenship. “… . In 2004, Congress imposed severe penalties—up to $100,000 or 50% of the account, whichever is greater, per … Continue reading

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Temporary and Permanent Residents Entering Mexico as “Tourists”: Don’t …

August 17, 2013 “IF YOU ARE A TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT RESIDENT (of Mexico): NEVER ENTER (OR EXIT) MEXICO AS A TOURIST” There is a lot of advice given on the internet, especially on web-chat forums, but in the midst of … Continue reading

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Merida INM Policy for Residente Permanente and Exactly 4 years Completed on FM2/FM3

August 16, 2013 Here’s and update on Merida INM’s policy on FM2/FM3 cards with Refrendo/Prórroga = 3 (completing 4 total years ) changing to Residente Permanente: Merida requires that the FM2/FM3 card holder wait until the first business day after … Continue reading

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Permanent Resident’s Right to Work in Mexico

August 13, 2013 There are some local expat webforum postings that include spicy imaginings that Permanent Residents are somehow magically not allowed to work in Mexico. Fortunately, this is a tempest in their teapot: The May 2011 INM Law clearly … Continue reading

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