Insuring Mexican Cars for Driving in the US & Canada:

Aug 28, 2013

In our continuing tradition of inviting talented guest authors to explain the details of complex issues that commonly affect people living in Mexico, we invite Mark E. of Patzcuaro to tell us about his recent trip to the USA. Mark had a Mexican-plated car that he needed to use in the USA. Following his bent for typically very-thorough research, Mark explored the common options, and worked out all the kinks that most of us encounter when driving our Mexican car back North of the Border (NOB). Here is Mark’s account – replete with lots of useful tips on how to make the process work very smoothly – avoiding common mistakes:

“Having just concluded a 6 week visit to the US with our Mexican-plated car, I offer this recap of what I learned about car insurance for driving a Mexican car back NOB. A fairly straightforward process led to us carrying a stack of fresh new insurance documents with us on our trip. Since there were no accidents or traffic stops, fortunately I had no opportunity to test the stack of papers.

Key Notes on Insuring Mexican Cars for Driving in the US & Canada:

    • We drive a Mexican vehicle, originally sold new in Mexico. It was not imported from the US and so it does not have a lingering trail of a US-registered VIN info, or US plates.
    • We have liability and collision/theft/physical damage in Mexico with ANA Seguros.
    • The Territory clause of the ANA policy says that collision/theft/physical damage coverages extend to the US and Canada without any time limits. Liability, however, does not extend outside of Mexico for our policy. …continue here.

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You can read the full article at: Insurance News for Mexican Plated Cars Driving in the USA & Canada
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Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
© Steven M. Fry

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3 Responses to Insuring Mexican Cars for Driving in the US & Canada:

  1. Larry Baker says:

    Thank you for a great, clearly written post.

  2. ERIKA says:

    if I’m a resident of USA, and my husband lives in mexico cant cross in to USA but I came to visit and he is telling me take his mexian car in to USA CAN I DO THAT WITH OUT PUTING MY RESIDENT CARD IN JEOPARDY?

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