Merida INM Policy for Residente Permanente and Exactly 4 years Completed on FM2/FM3

August 16, 2013
Here’s and update on Merida INM’s policy on FM2/FM3 cards with Refrendo/Prórroga = 3 (completing 4 total years ) changing to Residente Permanente: Merida requires that the FM2/FM3 card holder wait until the first business day after the card expires to apply for changing category to Residente Permanente .

A good friend with excellent Spanish skills confirmed this yesterday and today. Because his current FM2 expires in September, and he needs to fly out not long after the expiration date: He really did much prefer to apply 30 days (or more) before the expiration date, and he also wanted expedited processing to get his card before having to fly out for a NOB family wedding.

No, no, no…. were the answers: You MUST come in only on the first business day after FM2 expiration.

This policy was confirmed by a second visit to INM the today, as he talked with different INM agents on the same issues/questions on 2 different days.

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8 Responses to Merida INM Policy for Residente Permanente and Exactly 4 years Completed on FM2/FM3

  1. Carlos says:

    I don’t know if this applies to your friend, but I will throw it out there anyway. Back in July, we were on a very tight travel schedule with a plane reservation and our visas had not yet arrived. Since our application was already being processed, we were allowed to obtain a “salida y regreso” permission at INM and leave Mexico with that. Then we had to return within 60 days to pick up the new visa. We filled out the salida y regreso form online, and took it to immigration where it could be issued the same day. That was two days before our scheduled departure, and low and behold, our visas had arriived that very day. Very lucky, and sometimes that is the way it works.

  2. Edward Riback says:

    I am in the middle of my visitante permanente quest. I, too, was told to come back after the expiration date. However, I was told, by multiple agents that I had up to six months after the expiration to renew. I was also told to be sure to tell this to immigration at the airport so they could give me the “correct” coding to leave the country.

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Edward,
      What office’s INM agents told you that you have 6 months to CHANGE to Residente Permanente?

      Some offices say that if you do not come in on the first business day after the expiration date of the fourth year, and that if you wait, then they can decide to invalidate your prior 4 years of temporary residency, and force you to start over. I would be very sure that your local office allows you to come in up to 6 months for changing to Residente Permanente. There is a 55 day grace period allowed for people who are outside of Mexico to return to RENEW their Residente Temporal, but even that 55 day being late can reset your four year eligibility “clock” to qualify for Residente Permanente.

      • Edward says:

        I am renewing in Puerto Vallarta. I’ve had an FM3 for about 8 years and am eligible for the permante status. There is no question the INM office gives different answers at different times. I tried to renew within the 30 days expiration period and was told to come back after the expiration date. During all of my discussions with the INM, appearing the first day after the expiration date was never mentioned. I order of inquiry, over my various visits, I heard 6 months, 55 days, 6 months and 6 months. When I left (the first time) I spoke extensively with the INM agent at the airport, wishing to be sure I had the right exit papers. She told me she had no idea, and also heard various/changing time periods. She commented she had heard 6 months was the answer one agent was consistently giving.

        To be safe I returned to Mexico within 55 days. I had no problem reentering the country and in entering the INM agent at the airport voluntarily told me I had 6 months. When I went to the office, no issue was made about it not being the day after the expiration, nor was I asked about being in or out of the country. I submitted my information and started the process.

        May I add a good part of the process. My application got slowed down as the P.V. office is without a manager. After a month I filed the papers to leave for 60 days, being told it would be about another month. When I left the window, the agent told me I was all set. The paper did not look quite right, so I returned to the window and asked again. Again I was told all was in order and I had permission to leave. I went to the airport the next day and was told I did not have the right papers. The airport agent called the local office and I was told to return, even thought I repeatedly commented that in the afternoon the office is closed to the public. When I got there, it was closed as anticipated. However the guard went inside, told them of my situation (e.g. suitcase in hand). Amazingly, they opened the office and give me the needed exit permission (along with a good tongue lashing – which I happily accepted).

      • yucalandia says:

        Hi Edward,
        Congrats on doing it well !
        (except for attempting to leave Mexico ~ without the exit/reentry letter ~ while your application was pending) *grin*

        You wrote: “My application got slowed down as the P.V. office is without a manager.

        Too Funny !

        Our Merida INM office’s “Delegado” also quit/retired when the new rules/Law came on-line – and we too are without a manager.

  3. mazbeach says:

    Boy, things are really different between offices. In Mazatlan INM started out in November demanding expiration before changing, but changed after less than two months. Our experience was going in for our RP within the 30 window prior to expiration to start the process this April. Went back in a couple of weeks for the fingerprints, and our cards were ready for us a week or so after that. All accomplished before we had reached the expiration date on our temporal cards.

    • Jacobo says:

      I did the same thing in Merida in January, two weeks BEFORE the expiration date of my last FM2 and received my RP about a month later.

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