Dengue Virus Detected in Yucatan Mosquitoes for 2013

Aug 24, 2013
Fortunately, Dengue Virus infection rates in Yucatan have been very low so far in 2013. This may change based on the latest Dengue Virus surveillance results.

Our local UADY researchers work in concert with Colorado State University and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) to monitor Dengue Virus levels in mosquito populations in various Yucatan cities and in Merida. The Good News: No Dengue Virus has been detected by them in 2013, until this week, as sampled in mosquitoes in areas that have had high rates of Dengue Virus infections in past years.

The Bad News: These researchers just found Dengue Virus Strain 2 (DENV2) in mosquito populations in both Uman and in south Merida (Fracc. San Nicolas del Sur).

This means it’s time to renew our personal efforts at mosquito control, and mosquito breeding site clean-ups, as Dengue starts moving, especially through the Merida and Uman areas.

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2 Responses to Dengue Virus Detected in Yucatan Mosquitoes for 2013

  1. creaghsteve says:

    Steve, no wonder dengue is showing up. Here at the beach, the London fog trucks stopped spraying at the end of the vacation period. So I assume the local population does not count, compared to the visiting Meridanos. At the same time the rains began and the mosquitos have been horrible this year. If anyone was serious about Dengue and thus mosquito control, you would think they would spray AFTER the hatch to eliminate the breeding population. Not just during summer vacations when Mosquito populations were normal. More mosquitos equals more vectors of transmission or am I missing something

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