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Fideicomisos and IRS FBAR, FinCen, SSFFA Filing Requirements

Jan. 24, 2014: Some fideicomisos have to file, others do not. Yucalandia’s comments sections and various expat forums continue to have questions come up on US citizen’s upcoming responsibilities for 2014 filings of: FBAR FinCen Form 114,  Form 8938 Statement … Continue reading

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Can We Cut US state, local, and federal deficit spending ?

Dec. 5, 2013: Are US taxpayers are paying for more than we suspect? ($861 Billion a year in  Corporate Welfare  &  Welfare for the Wealthy) Direct federal subsidies to corporations:($100 Billion/yr) The Libertarian/Tea Party Cato Institute reports that corporations cost … Continue reading

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Would the $12 an Hour Miminum Wage Benefit or Harm the USA ?

Jan. 18, 2014: Is $12.50 a year too much to pay to bring over 300,000 Walmart employees out of poverty? Should the US Government be paying out over $250 billion in welfare spending on workers, whose employers shift their labor … Continue reading

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Mexican Bank-Issued non-SAT RFC IDs for Foreigners – Potentially a problem.

Jan. 18, 2014: In response to our previous article on SAT’s New 2014 Tax Laws for Mexico that Affect Expats , there are various discussions on expat webforums that raise some really GOOD questions about the “RFC”s that some banks fabricated … Continue reading

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Report of Kidnapping of a US Citizen Traveling the Coast Road outside of Matamoros

Jan. 1, 2014:  Sra. Osmon logged the following narrative into Yucalandia’s Comments: “Submitted on 2013/12/29 at 6:28 pm For anyone considering driving the coast road from Merida to Texas–don’t! Unless you want to run the risk of being abducted at … Continue reading

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