CURP Information and CURP Helpline

Having issues or questions about CURP ‘s ?   Here’s a useful link.
Pasos a seguir para obtener o corregir tu CURP

Para mayor información comunicarse al Centro de Atención y de Servicios RENAPO al teléfono 01 800 911 11 11 (llamada sin costo).

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5 Responses to CURP Information and CURP Helpline

  1. Kathy Cameron says:

    Thank you for this…. Perfect timing…. Yesterday I went online to obtain an RFC #, I entered my curp (from my residency card) and received a message saying ‘not a valid curp’. My fluent Spanish speaking friend called the office and no one could understand the problem, but did confirm it’s invalid. They gave us an email address of a manager in the office, we’ve sent a message and are ‘waiting’.

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Kathy,
      Can you come back and tell us what happened – how things played out?

      Your circumstance is unique, and I’d love to know what’s up with that,

      • Kathy Cameron says:

        For sure…. Sent email 2 days ago, no response yet. They did say casually on the phone that we may have to go to INM to have it fixed…. Hope not that experience has been a nightmare for me!!!!

      • Kathy Cameron says:

        Returned to INS and they took my residency card and asked me to return a week later and they will fix it. So… To be clear, if your INS issued CURP is invalid….. INS needs to fix it.

  2. Kathy Cameron says:

    Update….. Have had no response from e office. A friend while at the INS office for a completely unrelated matter, explained my problem and was told that there have been many issues with INS issued CURP’s (due to a computer update) and that I have to go back to t he INS office to have it fixed…… Oh joy!!!, I’ll let you know how it goes….

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