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Quintana Roo changes to Eastern Time – Matching NY City, Miami, Boston et al

Jan. 16, 2015 Adjusting our travel plans to Cancun or Q. Roo: Quintana Roo (think Cancun) changes to Eastern Standard Time on Feb. 1, 2015 – so Yucatecans (and others on Central time – Mexico City time) should adjust their … Continue reading

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Amnesty Announced for Foreigners in Mexico Illegally

Jan. 14, 2015 The good attorney Lic. Spencer McMullen has reported some good news for well-behaved non-criminal foreigners who are in Mexico illegally.   Here’s Spencer’s report: New Regularization (Amnesty) Program for people illegally in Mexico In Dec. 2014,  President Peña … Continue reading

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Taking US-Titled Vehicles Out of the USA into Mexico

Jan. 14, 2015;postatt_id=1408; As of March 14, 2013: All American cars imported into Mexico by everyone must be formally exported from the USA, using the CBP export process. This effort was expanded to try to stop car thieves from … Continue reading

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Update on US CBP Requirements for Bringing US-Titled Cars into Mexico

Jan. 12, 2015 Jan. 2015 Update for Rules on US Vehicle/Car Imports into Mexico The US Homeland Security CBP “Officer Program Manager of the Export Control Division” has sent an email to a Yucalandia reader, answering his questions about CBP’s … Continue reading

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IRS Changes 2015 Rules on IRA Rollovers

Jan 1, 2015: A good friend offered this following important US Tax update: “The US IRS (changed) the limit on the number of IRA rollovers on December 08, 2014.   The IRS announced that beginning January 1, 2015, you’ll be limited … Continue reading

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No More Monthly Mexican PEMEX Gasoline Price Increases for 2015

Jan. 2015 Update for 2015 PEMEX Prices The Mexico Daily News has reported that: “The finance secretariat advised in a prepared statement that prices now in effect — the December prices plus 1.9% — would be maintained throughout the year.     … Continue reading

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