Total Lunar Eclipse, Sunday Jan. 20, 2019

~ Total Lunar Eclipse next Sunday night … Jan 20’th, 2019. ~

… 10:41 PM Full Eclipse Start time  ~ 11:12 PM Peak Full Eclipse  ~ 11:44 PM End of Full Eclipse…

All times are Merida Central Standard Times

~ ‘Complete’  Penumbra  (full light-shadowing) starts at 9:36 pm …
~ FULL ECLIPSE Peaking at 11:12 PM ~
~ ‘Complete’  Penumbra  (full light-shadowing) ends at 12:48 AM Monday morning …

Plus … Check out this fun view … as seen from Merida



Click on the .mp4 link. and scroll the control back-&-forth  to preview what it will look like from Merida. …

 Note … I just found & fixed the busted link to the fun video that lets you scroll back & forth to see how the moon will get dark (shadowed) first from the bottom … later leaving just a sliver of light at the upper left … but the re-illumination of the moon will start at the LOWER LEFT (right next to where the illumination disappeared) … and NOTE the weird re-lighting …  rotating~twisting in a curly-cue around the face of the moon,  then  reversing  back on itself, until the last dark part will be at the bottom of the moon (next to where the re-illumination started) …

That looping~reversing path of the re-illumination is because
1.  The earth is a curved ball … plus
2.  The earth rotates significantly during the slow eclipse … and
3.  The peak of the eclipse happens almost directly at our longitude

jan 20 2019 lunar eclipse path

… The looping re-illumination & shadow-elimination path proves we do not live on a Flat Earth. 😉

Hoping for clear skies !! …. Fun, fun fun …

*       *       *       *

Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution:

YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
© Steven M. Fry


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