Nope, It’s Not Another Blog on “My Life in Mexico”

Yucatán: Bombas, Beisbol, y Beauty
Just kidding… Actually, there’s a bunch of questions rattling around the around the internet that either seem to go unanswered, partially answered, or require winnowing through 5 pages of search results or tons of unrelated posts to find all the necessary tasty bits. This our attempt to change that. To read more, either:

  • Click on links below to see Full Articles;  or
  • Scroll down on the Home Page Nope, It’s Not Just Another Blog on Mexico
    to read short abstracts, in the Posts;  or
  • Put your mouse over the appropriate Category Button in the Black Header, and the Articles will show up as drop down Menus.
  • Completed Articles:
    Getting Stopped by the Mexican Police:
    “Give me my Ticket . . .  Please ”  (“Dame mi multa, por favor.)
    Capital Gains Taxes on Mexican Properties
    Spanish Phrases to Use in an Emergency
    Emergency Numbers for Merida and Yucatan
    Mexican FMMs, FM2s, FM3s: DIY?
    Dengue Fever Information: What to Do?
    A Tale of Three Families: Dengue in Cuba and Mexico
    Dengue Fact Sheet
    Driving in Mexico (cruising?)
    Mexico Driving: What would you do?
    DEET Causes Problems in Humans
    “How to”/Fix-it Tropical Style
    Test Your Toad
    INM’s New Visa Application Procedure
    Mexican Oil: Past, Present, Future
    Prepare Your House for an Extended Absence
    Killer Whale Genetics – Who’s Tastiest?
    Genetic Changes In People with PTSD
    Spanish – English False Cognates
    US – Mexico – China Oil Policies and the Peso
    Salmonella & Parasite Food Contamination in Mexico
    Satellite TV Information

    *                   *                    *                    *
    Somos novios,  Pues, los dos sentimos mutuo amor profundo. …” Somos Novios – Armando Manzanero
    *                    *                    *                    *
    Feel free to copy with proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
    © Steven M. Fry

    Read-on MacDuff . . .

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    5 Responses to Nope, It’s Not Another Blog on “My Life in Mexico”

    1. Jonna says:

      Good start Steve! It’s coming together nicely.

    2. Richard O says:

      Your blog is looking good. Its great to see your typing fingers still work after getting run over by that Chicago style machine!
      Congratulations and best wishes on your new adventure.
      STO LAT


    3. yucalandia says:

      Hey Richard,
      Thanks. Hope you and T are well!
      Sto Lat!

    4. ghewlett8 says:

      First time on a blog. I just changed by Mx migratory status from FM3 to FM2 and your info was excellent and I wanted to say thanks. My first letter to our subdelegado here in San Cristobal, Chiapas, was shot down (too long, wrong words, etc.) so I just copied your sample letter and it was accepted without a blink. All done…thanks again.

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