Remote Control Rehab

Remote Control Rehab     a cheap and easy solution   to your Big Screen addiction?
Send a surrogate to Betty Ford in your place?
Sorry. . . . “…that dog won’t hunt…”

This rehab is for everyone out there who has a remote with a button or two that are either cranky or don’t work, here’s a solution that has bought at least another 2 years of life for this 16 year old TV remote.

The key problem with a dead or dying button (dying = you really have to mash it really hard or “just so”)   is  that the carbon contact on the underside of the well-used button has worn out.

Since the “Power” ,  “Volume”,  and “Channel Up & Down” get the most usage, they can be the first to go.   If you can turn on the TV with the buttons on the TV,  but you can still change TV channels by entering the Channel Numbers,  then the “Power” button’s carbon contact is worn out.   Occasionally the problem might be pop or food residues inside the remote, but usually it’s a worn-out contact. . . .(cont)

Screwdriver pointing to circuit board

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Remote Control Rehab
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Read-on MacDuff . . .

My apologies to everyone who read this article hoping they could go through re-hab without going to a clinic –

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