Driving in Mexico: Issues & Fun

This Category describes some of the issues with Importing Vehicles, Dealing with the Police, Auto Maintenance & Repairs, City Driving, and Cross Country Driving.


    Cross Country Driving?

– See Dave & Shirley’s excellent site:
Driving Through Mexico



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“Give me my Ticket . . . Please ” (“Dame mi multa, por favor.)

Spanish Phrases to Use in an Emergency

Driving in Mexico (cruising?)

Importing & Driving a Car in Mexico

Mexico Driving: What would you do?

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Special thanks to bbc.uk, it.stlawu.edu, jansochor.com, gallery.photographyreview.com, Tommy Images.com, cars-pictures-cars.net, & travelweekly.co.uk for the terrific fotos & much credit to resourceful Cubanos for keepin’ ’em runnin’!
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2 Responses to Driving in Mexico: Issues & Fun

  1. Stephen Collins says:

    My wife (has fm3) has a California plated vehicle in Yucatan that she no longer wants, nor does she want to drive it to the US. I’ve heard that there is a procedure whereby one can “abandon” the vehicle to the federal government and it will be removed from aduana’s records, allowing for import of another vehicle in the future. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

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