Phone Calls To and From and Within Mexico

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Abstract: Dialing and Calling Into and Out of Mexico:
Imagine you are enjoying Merida and want to call a friend here in Mexico or back in the USA or Canada. The prefixes you need to dial depend on *where you are* and *what kind of phone you are using* (land-lines vs. cell phones).   The rules for phone prefixes within Mexico, and from outside Mexico,  are different for land-line vs. cell phones.

Land-Line Phone Calls Within Mexico:
Land-line to local land-line: Dial the seven digit number (i.e. 924-1234) . . .

Read the full article on phoning to and from Mexico at: (or access under Living in Yucatan (see header) )
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  1. Jeff and Debbie says:

    M&M’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! WOW !! What a nice surprise!

    Did a search in Garcia Gineres for you to thank you in person, asking neighbors around the park, to no avail. Did a search on Steven Fry and came across your website – very nice.

    thanks again – Jeff and Debbie in Carranza
    PS – I had an aunt/relative in Fort Collins by the name of Glennie Fry….died a few years back – used to manage the Columbine up Poudre Canyon.

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