New Rules of the Road for Yucatan and Merida

New Transit Law Taking Effect in Yucatan State
Yucatan has just become less interesting place to drive.  Every passenger has to wear a seat belt.   No more small dogs or toddlers in the driver’s laps.   Gotta have at least minimal insurance to operate a car.   No more truck-loads of workers rolling in from the pueblos (at least that’s what the letter of the law says).  No more families of 5 on a motor scooter…

Here’s a link to an English-language summary of the Yucatan Rules of the Road … & their 2011 changes.

Yucatan’s legislature passed a new law in February, 2011, that took effect on June 22, 2011, with a set of rules that are pretty much the same as those commonly found in the US and Canda, and it only takes a mere 288 pages to describe. (Updated 6/28/2011) “Rules of the Road & Traffic Laws for the State of Yucatan” is a pdf file in Spanish for those who want to search for specific items listed in the Yucatan Living article.
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This post is meant as a public service announcement, not as legal advice, and subsequent posts and maybe an article will be updated as understandings and interpretations of the new law develop.    We’re especially interested in how much of the law will be routinely enforced.
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Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
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Read on, MacDuff.

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3 Responses to New Rules of the Road for Yucatan and Merida

  1. Eric Chaffee says:

    I wonder if it also means no more truckloads of policia in a pickup truck? (I’ve always thought those poor guys were being abused. Unsafe! Uncomfortable!)


  2. geneinmexico says:

    No more five on a scooter!? What is Mexico coming to?

    • yucalandia says:

      Foto-ops are disappearing fast, book your next Yuca-trip now.

      Homogenization through materialism, mall culture, and fast food will ultimately rule.

      (Kind of like the EU banning pasta touched by human hands from being sold to others. Italy will never be the same.)

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