Qualifications and Qualities of a Good Scientist

Why Medical Doctors are not Scientists …
Whom should we go to for advice
Whom should we trust

Yucalandia’s content is usually focused on facts, figures, observations and advice on how to best apply them. The attached article is a distinct departure from this approach, and as such I offer the attached article as a series of my personal insights and opinions – as expressed on Linked’in’s burgeoning forums.

Full article at: “Qualifications and Qualities of a Good Scientist – The Article”

One answer to qualities of scientists:
“Love of truth. Hunger for understanding. Patience. Determination. Independence. “

Sounds good, right? But there’s more to this story …

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  1. Cindy says:

    Does anyone have any self-defense advice since we can’t bring any guns into Mexico? As a single woman, I’m concerned with safety. I’m moving to the coast where it’s not yet developed. My nearest neighbor will be miles from me. Is there a way to apply for a permit for arms?

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